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this forum is one of the most important on cosl. inside this forum, we shall house all the rules and requirements that every member is required to uphold. again, please review these rules from time to time because failure to abide by them can lead to serious consequences such as: suspensions and being banned. once you’ve registered and brushed up on your cosl etiquette, feel free to explore the site and become part of our ever-expanding community of writers.
6 0 Jul 31 2016, 11:51 PM
In: member groups
By: i'm cassie fucking fitch
updates are essential on a site like come on skinny love. anytime special news arises and announcements develop, the staff will do their best to make sure every member has access to this information. from lovely skin changes to new edits to the rules, we will post them here. in terms of old news, you can click here.
Subforums: old announcements

2 18 Yesterday at 11:04 am
In: announcement 002
By: i'm cassie fucking fitch
help forum
do you have a question? maybe a concern that needs to be addressed? this is the one forum where we can address any issues and make certain things run smooth. in addition – this forum can be utilized to archive old threads and move them to the graveyard. staff members can also move threads back in this forum and to make things easier, please break the links up in increments of five. also in this forum we can settle name changes, address skin issues, and complete other mod actions. if you’re not comfortable addressing issues here, please feel free to message staff.
5 276 10 minutes ago
In: graveyarding
By: jason todd

   real life
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this is the second biggest continent in the world, and, also known as the americas, includes north america, central america and south america. in this subforum, you can find cities both from north america and south america regardless of whether they are part of the united states or not.
Subforums: boston, chicago, las vegas, los angeles, new york city, rio de janeiro, toronto, elsewhere america

1355 14849 3 minutes ago
In: feel like a young god.
By: alex the rapper.

Subforums: bangkok, dubai, hong kong, mumbai, seoul, shanghai, tokyo, elsewhere asia

21 131 Today at 09:15 am
In: + young forever
By: harley quinn

Subforums: berlin, ibiza, london, madrid, paris, rome, elsewhere europe

130 1442 40 minutes ago
In: ♤ choking on your alibi
By: becca vikander

Subforums: big city, medium city, small town

662 4184 34 minutes ago
In: + all my friends are wasted
By: becca vikander

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harry potter

Subforums: hogwarts, hogsmeade, wizarding london, elsewhere

105 1508 Today at 02:16 pm
In: i can't lose
By: what's your damage, carly?
books, movies or tv shows

Subforums: crossovers, books, comics, movies, tv shows, video games

118 1273 Today at 02:14 pm
In: great white hope
By: mads dresden

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Subforums: big city, medium city, small town

153 1400 Today at 10:01 am
In: take your life
By: ciel ackerman

Subforums: forest, plains, mountain, other

74 354 Today at 12:45 pm
In: reckless
By: mads dresden

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rest of the world

10 63 Yesterday at 09:59 am
In: Unite the Kingdoms
By: magick merrick
time warp

Subforums: past, future

37 1674 Today at 02:08 pm
In: hurts so good
By: kate is no one.

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forum games
forum games! everyone seems to love them and we adore them because it promotes writers to get creative, mingle with other members, and provides a way to blow off some steam. Have fun in this forum and don’t take anything too seriously! we just want to have a fun cosl and want sure all members feel included in their own personal adventures here.
102 12212 6 minutes ago
In: what time is it?
By: the amanda panda show
general chat
this forum is the general discussion forum. that pretty much means any topic of conversation can be posted here and we encourage this to create that sense of community between all writers. please feel free to talk about your favorite shows share favorite youtube videos, and talk about things that don’t seem to fit in any other topic of conversation. in addition: here are some of the sub forums you’ll find on cosl: code testing, requests and resources, and absence notices.
Subforums: absences, staff search/site ads

9 17 Today at 10:41 am
In: college town staff search
By: mrs. kel gansey
this forum should be self-explanatory! when things reach their expiration date, they’ll be moved into this forum and sorted out accordingly. if something is archived by accident and a thread wasn’t finished, please take the steps to get items moved back by using the topic moderation. in addition – if a post is done and you need it moved into this forum, please go ahead and post in the graveyard section and we’ll archive these items.
Subforums: completed rp threads, completed comms, dead requests, dead crackships, dead trackers, dead coding, misc dead, dead advertisements

817 26445 Today at 03:45 am
In: car crash hearts
By: clarke jenner, 5ever!
do you have a new site that you want to advertise? well then you’ve come to the right area to market your latest creation! Please read over the advertising rules before posting in this forum. once your add has been accepted, it will be sorted into the correct forum appropriately. If you have a site that has been open for six months or more, you can affiliate with us! Just make certain to check and read the affiliate rules! heck yes to new sites!
Subforums: member advertising, guest advertising

43 1 Yesterday at 05:46 am
In: fever breaks
By: polly, pls

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