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cassie palvin.

cassie     31 years old     she / her
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Jul 27 2016, 05:26 PM         Quote        
when you're done with a topic, just post here with a link to let us know that we should move it to the dead and disgusting! thank youuuu <3. p.s. you don't need to sort them into comms/threads/etc. multi-moderation takes care of that. c:

NOTE: when posting multiple threads to be archived, please put a line break after every five links to make it easier for us to keep track of. DO NOT MAKE MULTIPLE POSTS.

august 15: taking on things but limiting myself so i do not get overwhelmed.
TRIGGERS     cancer
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olivia benson.

olivia     23 years old     she/her
mariah carey
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08.19.17 fucked up my already injured foot again (read: i'm a hot mess) so i'm in a lot of pain. additionally, my fiance deploys in a month so i'm spending a lot of time with him. i'm gonna be a bit more selective for the next month.
TRIGGERS     extreme domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse. idk if im not uncomfortable i'll let you know.
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welcome to aerli's dungeon

Aerli     23 years old     she/her
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August: 22nd

Please give me WWE things! Whether it's their faces or WWE itself. I'd like our plots to last as well. Dropping plots that I or the other writer aren't interested in.

TRIGGERS     Animal abuse, played out child abuse (mention is fine).
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please keep the cbox pg 13!