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alias: ree
age: 22
pronouns: she + her
custom codes in progress (as of 20/02) » not currently open for requests if you request a custom code from me (you can buy them for points in the points thread), please note that it will likely take around a week for me to complete it. if it has been over a week and i have not either messaged you with an update or tagged you in a post with your code, please feel free to send me a friendly pm to ask for an update!
timezone: pacific
mature: yes
contact: aim + skype + discord
member group: stitch
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Nov 7 2016, 01:15 AM
i'm all in

i'd love some myoa comms to get things going, and if they lead to rf threads down the line, i'm super down for that. i prefer using poc faces (including kpop), though you can find a more complete list of faces i'll play or play against on my crackship list.

i'm limiting comm requests to 3 per person and please let me know what kind of pairing you would like. i love queer pairings of all kinds, including trans and nb pairings so please feel free to let me know if you'd like a plot like that! i'll play any gender, but if you're going to request all mxf be forewarned that we will be switching off who plays what

to be honest, if you're going to put "no kpop" in your faces as just a blanket ban on anyone that looks like they might be kpop related please don't waste my time or your time by posting here. similarly, if you're going to ask for no poc, just don't bother. at all.

i do not feel comfortable rping plots that involve huge age gaps, rape, abuse, assault, pedophilia, or incest. i will not rp with anyone who is under the age of 18.

my no-go faces are basically band faces, (including but not limited to 5sos, 1d, little mix, fifth harmony, ariana grande, zayn, jbiebs, selena gomez, demi lovato, taylor swift), karlie kloss, gigi hadid, nicola peltz, ali larter, benedict cumberbatch, tom hiddleston, jonathan rhys meyers, eliza taylor, jared padalecki, any of the kardashian-jenners, ian somerhalder, paul wesley, nina dobrev, lea michele, chris colfer, vanessa hudgens, julianne hough, any deceased faces or underaged faces

[post][b]how many:[/b] max 3 per person [b]pairing type:[/b] mxf / mxm / fxf / nb [b]smut:[/b] yes / no [b]no go:[/b] faces and / or triggers [b]anything else:[/b] any extra info?[/post]
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