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happy holidays!love the cosl staff
welcome to cosl! we are a five-year-old, free-for-all, multiple verses roleplay. register with a username in lowercase that has your alias in it, and make sure you read all the topics in the important forum before continuing. if you need help, contact a staff member and we'll be happy to help you!
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Jul 31 2016, 11:51 PM
member groups
caramel macchiato: 0-149
hot chocolate: 150-299
coffee: 300-599
herbal tea: 600-999
espresso: 1,000-2,499
peppermint hot chocolate: 2,500-5,499
peppermint mocha: 5,500-9,999
cinnamon dolce latte: 10,000-24,999
chai tea: 25,000-49,999
irish coffee: 50,000+
cappucino: mod
caramel hot chocolate: admin
caramel apple spiced: head admin
player update
january 16th: i should be able to get mostly caught up tomorrow (hopefully). i am finally getting adjusted to my new job and am working less at my other one so i won't be as drained as i have been. still prefer comms and one liners at the moment though.
age: 30
pronouns: she / her
timezone: central
contact: pm me
mature: yes
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i'm cassie fucking fitchcaramel apple spice // Online
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