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 ❥ breathe me, one liners / comms [ mxf, fxf and mxf ]
alias: cassie
age: 31
pronouns: she / her
april 23: i am back. i am still pretty busy at work so limiting to two per person unless i say otherwise.
timezone: central
mature: yes
contact: pm me
member group: the little mermaid
status: Offline
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Dec 15 2016, 03:52 PM
breathe me
about the rper
hi i'm cassie. i'm thirty, married to the love of my life james and living in tennessee. i work at a grocery store and am currently waiting to find out about a second job. i prefer one liners and comms since they are easier and because i typically take on a lot of plots because i have absolutely no self control. as far as no go faces, the only one i have is chris colfer and that is because he reminds me of my ex roommmate. my only trigger is cancer so please avoid any plots that have to do with that.
about the request
as i said in the previous section, i basically have time mostly for comms and one liners at the moment. with that said, i am kind of looking for some more things! right now i am craving lots of angsty, smutty things and also there are a few faces that i am really into playing at the moment so if anyone will give me ships where i get to play them, i will basically love you forever. i prefer playing girls but can play guys as well.. i am mostly looking for mxf and fxf ships with the occasional mxm. if you do want me to play a male for you in a mxf ship, i am going to ask that you play one for me as well.

faces i am absolutely loving playing right now: selena gomez, perrie edwards, camila cabello, barbara palvin, nicola peltz

bolded means a favorite of mine. ( !!! ) means someone that i really like to play against.

ali larter, ashley benson, ashley moore, barbara palvin, camila cabello, candice accola, elsa hosk, emily didonato, freya mavor, frida gustavvson, gintia lapina, halsey, hattie watson, jessica lowndes, karlie kloss, kathryn prescott, kelly eden, kristen bell, lauren jauregui, lucy hale, magdalena zalejska, martha hunt, nadine leopold, nastassia lindes, nicki minaj, nicola peltz, nina nesbitt, olivia o'brien, perrie edwards, rachel hilbert, selena gomez, shenae grimes, stella maxwell, taylor marie hill, taylor momsen, taylor swift, troian bellisario
adam brody, alex arnold, andrew taggart, andy biersack, ash stymest, bradley walden, charlie puth ( !!! ), chance the rapper, childish gambino, cody christian ( !!! ), colton haynes, david beckham, diego barrueco ( !!! ), dougie poynter, drake, ed sheeran, frank ocean, jack o'connell, jack falahee, jai courtney ( !!! ), jason momoa, jon bernthal, josh beech, josh dun, justin bieber, justin timberlake ( !!! ), kendrick lamar, kyle gallner, luke mitchell, machine gun kelly ( !!! ), matt hitt, matthew daddario, max irons, miles garber, miles teller, milo ventimiglia, nick bateman, nico tortorella, ricki hall, rj king, ryan reynolds, shawn mendes ( !!! ), tom hardy ( !!! ), tyler joseph ( !!! )
affairs, age gaps, angst, arranged marriages, babysitter x parent, bets, blackmail, boss x employees, breakups, catfishing, celebrity x fan, class gaps, client x escort, codependency, college, daddy x lg/princess, dom/sub dynamics, drunken vegas marriage, enemies with benefits, experimenting, experienced x inexperienced, fake relationships, forbidden relationships, friends with benefits, exes, high school sweethearts, long distance relationships, nanny x parent, online relationships, pregnancy, polygamy, song inspired plots, stripper x boss, student x teacher, sugar daddy x sugar baby, toxic relationships -- you can always suggest other stuff though because i am usually down for most things.
© kristen
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