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 all i know is this, tracker v1
dana levi
g. gadot + z. malik
dana is a teacher and follows the rules when it comes to doing her job, but that's until a certain student catches her attention and doesn't know how to control herself.
hazel isaac
a. excharopoulos + j. kinnaman
hazel never wanted to make things difficult with her stepfather, but a kiss causes their relationship to change. they try their best to step on eggshells around each other, but the tension between them becomes unbearable for them to stand.
wyatt johanna
c. hunnam + a. debnam-carey
the soon to be divorceé and father wyatt finds himself head over heels for his son's babysitter. one kiss lead to months later with them being together and wyatt being the happiest man on earth.
jade colton
z. coleman +a. taylor-johnson
jade couldn't stand his stepbrother or more like she couldn't stand the fact of being attracted to him. after admitting their feelings, things have become hot and heavy between the stepsiblings and their significant parent oblivous to it all.
shane tessa
j. bernthal + m. robbie
shane always had feelings for his brother's fianceé, not knowing she felt the same way until she showed up to his place one night, telling him what he wanted to hear. they can't keep their hands to themselves and shane wants her all to himself.
skye scott
l. hale + j. courtney
skye's never let herself be open to another man until she felt scott. they decided to take it to another level of dom & sub, which opened another level of intimacy for the young woman with her boyfriend.
alex carmen
c. pine + b. hadid
alex got into this relationship, not knowing what to expect, but the man has fell in love with the young woman, ready to take their relationship to the next step with three little words. the only thing is: carmen found out he's in fact married.
mia luke
a. debnam-carey + t. egerton
the young couple has found out they're going to be parents. mia is truly skeptical and doesn't think she's ready to bring a human being into this world.
rafe nadia
i. elba + z. kravitz
the ceo and his assistant have themselves a little fling when the doors are closed, but the dynamics changed when nadia muttered the word "daddy."
boyd thea
c. pratt + c. bennett
boyd and thea decided to pull themselves away from her parents' anniversary and have some fun. the only catch? boyd is married to thea's sister and he's falling for the other woman.
blake jonas
j. chung + s. fernandez
the couple has hit a snag in the bedroom, but when jonas finds blake watching porn, they decided to speak about their problem and working on getting their spark back.
eli maya
a. jogia +z. deutch
the two friends decided they are more than they let on and finally decided to go on their first date, hoping for more to come.
delaney jonas
s. mitchell + j. momoa
delaney made a mistake of breaking everything off with her longtime lover, jonas. she decided to make things right, not wanting to lose him again.
logan sierra
a. driver + t. bellisario
logan & sierra met way before the man ended up marrying sierra's best friend, but things changed when sierra kissed logan, making him realizing how he really felt about the other woman.
nick melanie
t. posey + n. peltz
the doting boyfriend finds out about his girlfriend has a secret. she's a stripper which the young man wants her to quit, but she doesn't see it happening any time soon.
selena garrett
m. mitchell + s. stan
selena has known garrett all her life and basically owes him her life for saving hers. now older, she works with garrett and developed feelings for him. so has he for her.
ana nancy
e. watson + m. robbie
ana has started a relationship with her brother's fianceé nancy. the two are falling hard for one another, but they need to figure out what to do before nancy ends up walking down the aisle with the wrong person.
levi jillian
b. mckenzie + e. rossum
they are the co-parents to their son milo after their relationship failed. while trying to take care of him, they're trying to keep their feelings at bay, not wanting another failure waiting in the wings.
jessi jeremy
e. rachel wood + c. evans
the former exes finally run into each other in the most awkward way: his police precinct raided the stripclub she works at.
eric abby
m. ruffalo + m. benoist
eric's daughter's best friend is staying at their home for the holidays. she arrived sooner than expected, leaving him and abby alone in the house.
jason aria
d. van acker + l. hale
after aria finds out that ezra chose nicole, she shows up on alison's doorstep for a visit.
vee kev
s. hampton + s. howey
when svetlana decides to adopt their twins as her own, vee couldn't be happier with the relationship, but kev couldn't show the same enthusiasm.
amina stephen
t. thompson + mark ruffalo
the couple is finally bringing their first child in the world together, but they have to bring their own children in agreement to having a new baby coming to the house.
joi duncan
e. olsen + m. ruffalo
the former exes are back together to take care of their best friends' daughter. they have to try and be co-parents without killing each other.
nolan erin
m. ventimiglia + mandy moore
childhood friends meet up for the holidays, only to deal with harboring feelings between each other.
amelia bradley
r. negga + m. ventimiglia
amelia & bradley have a complicated relationship. a slight infidelity causes the couple the fight and amelia to leave, but she caught in a snowstorm, leaving her to stay with the man unfortunately.
brett addison
m. ruffalo + j. lawrence
the couple are dealing with no luck of getting pregnant for a second time. brett wants them to stop trying for awhile but doesn't want to give up hope.
mateo jana
s. yeun + l. cohan
the couple triyng to make their way out the door for mateo parents'anniversary but having to take care of their baby boy in the process.
[nov. 2] : hoping for more things when I post new things.
please no: nothing tbh. lay it on me
20ish • she/her • PST
ezra anika
b. affleck + gigi hadid
ezra always wanted the respect of his stepdaughter, but as time went on, he gets a little bit more than that. whenever the man needs a release, he knows where to go.
drew heather
j. kinnaman +r. hilbert
a date night that turned into a night of passion. but the woman he's with is his stepdaughter and he's enjoying every single moment of it. hoping it won't be the last.
luca denise
r. rose + d. melison
a couple taking their relationship to the next level. experimenting with a few toys next level. luca has opened something up in her girlfriend and knowing it isn't going back.
brent chase
a. taylor-johnson + j. edelman
frat bros with benefits. the two came their lust for another a secret, but how long can they keep it a secret when it becomes more?
gage jackson
t. holland + r. downey jr.
gage finally meeting his girlfriend's father for the first time, but the first time becomes a first for everything for the young man and the father.
callie jimmy
a. ren + j. kinnaman
callie is ready to get married as she tries on wedding dresses, but her stepbrother has a different agenda and wanting the young woman for himself.
milena drew
r. huntington-whiteley +t. hiddleston
the married couple who is open about everything when it comes to their sex lives, while one of them are. milena is still coming out of her comfort zone, but it's not easy.
margo ricky
z. coleman + a. jogia
margo knows that ricky is off limits since he's her roommate's boyfriend, but one moment of mistaken identity can change everything.

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[nov. 2] : hoping for more things when I post new things.
please no: nothing tbh. lay it on me
20ish • she/her • PST
quinn ansel
z. coleman + t. holland
best friends since the diaper days, quinn & ansel are now college students, living it up in the nyc. they're like bros, but what happens when you start having feelings for one another and not knowing how to react? only time will tell.
bodhi goldie
z. malik + g. hadid
high school sweethearts, only for them to fall apart when bodhi goes off to la to start his life, but four years later, bodhi has made a name for himself and coming home to visit. seeing goldie for the first time brings back old memories, but goldie has a secret, a daughter. the other secret: it's bodhi.
[nov. 2] : hoping for more things when I post new things.
please no: nothing tbh. lay it on me
20ish • she/her • PST
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