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 twd cast x anyone, mxm and fxm
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replies will be slow until june 12th because i have a bachelor thesis to write + i have five exams i need to study for.
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Dec 16 2016, 01:36 PM
the walking dead cast
i am incredibly sad i have to wait until february until new episodes of the walking dead air so i thought i'd make this request to make my life a little better. my favorites out of the cast are norman reedus, emily kinney and jeffrey dean morgan, but i am willing to use any person that is/was part of the cast. we can play them against each other or against other people. plotwise, i'm down for anything since i have no triggers. only mxm and fxm please. <3

some plot ideas:
apocalypse. holiday plots. smut. pregnancy. affairs. divorce. poor x rich. junkies. stalker. vegas wedding. stockholm syndrome. models. celebrities. virgin x experienced. eating disorder. cancer/disease. cult,.self-harm. suicide. alcohol abuse. drug abuse. abusive relationship. pimp x prostitute. client x prostitute. stripper x client. murder. hostages. kidnapping. incest. twincest. blackmail. master x slave. age gaps. physical disabilities. mental disabilities. miscarriages. possessive relationships. stalker. amish community. vampire x human. bdsm. killers. therapist x client. rehab patients. make your own adventure. band member x band member. hairdresser x band member. girlfriend/boyfriend x band member. media finds out band member used to be stripper/prostitute. bodyguard x band member. closeted x open. transgender/genderqueer.

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