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what's your damage, cori?
feb. 8 i have two exams next week and i forgot how to do math sooooo i will be spending a good portion of my time studying, but i'm going to try to have a reply to everyone i owe by sunday. :D
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    ❅   Quote   ❅     ❅     ❅   Oct 3 2017, 11:15 PM
hey everyone! as promised, we are rolling out a new awards system as suggested by one of our lovely members! as hinted at in the announcement, you may notice an extra box in your profile. and that is for awards! you get awards for different things around the site, threads with different themes, participating in events, and more! you can find the list of awards below.

as this is a new thing, old skins will not have a place for awards to be displayed. so you will only see awards starting with this skin and moving forward. this is meant to be fun, but we'll just lay out a few ground rules to start!
- you may claim awards in the "around the site" category at any time as long as they are in the active boards and not in the archives;
- in order to claim any thread or comm for an award, both members in the thread must have posted at least one reply since oct. 4, 2017 at 12 am EST;
- you may claim awards in the "threads" category so long as they 1) are a thread (comms do not count), 2) are in the active boards and not in the archives, 3) they are five pages long;
- you may claim each award only once. so, for example, you get the "thread to 10 pages" award for one thread that gets to 10 pages. you don't get the award for every thread you get;
- you may claim more than one award for one thread. i.e. if you have a baby plot with lgbt+ characters set in south america, you may claim the baby award, lgbt+ award, and thread in south america award. you can also claim awards that overlap. so if you have a trans character, you can get the trans flag and the lgbt+ flag;
- you may claim certain awards if only part of the thread fits. for example, for a "thread set in the circus," you may claim this award if your characters go to the circus. the entire plot does not need to be set in the circus. but please try to link us to the specific part of the thread where the event in question takes place; - if you have any other questions, please just let us know!
if you have any suggestions, we invite you to share them on tumblr! simply tag us with "cosl awards" or submit an anon to throw in your ideas. however, please note that there will be no awards for mature topics. (so none for things like smut, incest, drugs, etc.)

around the site
posting a crackship -
posting a tracker -
posting a request -
posting a new game -
posting a code resource thread -
purchasing a personal board -
purchasing a joint board -
joining a group plot -
using an actor face -
using a musician face -
using a model face -
using an athlete face -
using a wrestling face -
using a kpop face -
getting 10,000 posts -
member for 1 year -
turning in 1,000,000 points -

threads (must be at least 5+ pages)
thread with a baby -
thread with exes -
thread with platonic family members -
thread set outside your home country -
thread set in north america -
thread set in south america -
thread set in europe -
thread set in asia -
thread set in oceania -
thread with lgbt+ characters -
thread with a trans character -
thread with a pet -
thread with supernatural elements -
thread with fantasy elements -
thread with pirates -
thread with characters go to new country -
thread with a doctor/medical professionals -
thread with a cop/law enforcement -
thread with sports -
thread with royalty -
thread within a fandom -
thread set in harry potter verse -
thread set at the olympics -
thread set in past -
thread set in future -
thread set in the circus -
thread set on a farm -
thread set in an amusement park -
thread set in a theatre -
thread set in hollywood/with celebs -
thread set during christmas -
thread set during hanukkah -
thread set during ramadan -
thread set during halloween -
thread set during another holiday -
thread set on someone's birthday -
thread set in college -
thread involving autoracing -
thread with a music theme -
thread with a wedding theme -
getting a comm to 10 pages -
getting a comm to 50 pages -
getting a comm to 100 pages -
getting a thread to 10 pages -
getting a thread to 50 pages -
getting a thread to 100 pages -

fall festival event -
haunted house event -

to claim an award, just use this form!

[post][b]award claiming:[/b] [B]proof:[/b] please link us to a specific point if necessary  [/post]




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