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 mess is mine
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may 10 - not dropping anything, just struggin'. replies coming by the weekend.
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Aug 1 2016, 10:37 AM
one last time
hiii. pls take these plots that died + made me sad. dark, triggers, smut, angst, it's all good, but i won't do pregnancy. love y'all. my cracklist is here. if you let me play against your chris hemsworth, jamie dornan, lee pace, or jason momoa, you get cookies.

one: hamilton x maria reynolds inspired. your michael b. jordan x my freya mavor.

two: he (diego barrueco, up to be changed) is a witch who puts protective runes under his tattoos. she (my kaya scodelario) is a woman getting her first tattoo. unbeknownst to her, her mother was a powerful witch with many enemies. his runes don't go as planned, to say the least, and they're drawn into a fight neither of them signed up for.

three muse A is the leader of a small handful of rebellious humans; the world has been taken over by Incubi. muse B is the king (or queen) of the Incubi and they want muse A brought to them personally so they can break them down into their very own little pet. only thing is, muse A proves to be more stubborn than muse B expected.

four: your milo ventimiglia is a mob boss. my kaya scodelario is a spitfire journalist who sees something she shouldn't and is brought to her. rather than kill her, he decides to make her his own. (bdsm/smut/abuse/dubcon. it'll be great)

five soulmates: frat boys who try to play the same “you’re her, you’re finally her” every night. girl squads who roll their eyes. frat boys who really meet the one on the floor of a dance party and feel their heart slam against their ribs and say “you’re her, you’re finally her,” and the terrible realization they’ll never be able to convince her.

six tangled-inspired. your (open face), my caitlin stasey - she was kidnapped and held captive by a man who told her lies about saving her from a worldwide disease. he actually wants to marry her and ascend to the throne. then a rogue thief comes across her tower and she realizes her life has been a lie.

seven based on the au 'somehow i'm always the one who picks your holds at the library so i've started leaving notes in your books'. your tyler hoechlin x my freya mavor. she checks out some bdsm-y books, mostly normal ones tho - and he begins offering recommendations & leaving notes. eventually they meet & he offers to make her fantasies reality.

eight yr michael fassbender x my emilia clarke- he's an exceptionally rich man on a technologically advanced planet, she's a mechanic captured from a dust planet and sold as a slave to him.

nine my kaya scodelario - ironically named noel - is a grinch. your character - originally emma stone - loves all things christmas. when the two coworkers get together for the first time and noel sees christmas thrown up all over your character's abode, she's a bit thrown. face suggestions: matthew gray gubler, chris pratt, alicia vikander

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