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 + higher, comms tbh
alias: ro
age: 23
pronouns: she/her
04.27 if i do no replies, just know ily and i'm just drowning in homework
timezone: gmt -3
mature: yes
contact: discord + pm
member group: mulan
status: Online
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Aug 27 2016, 08:49 PM
body gold
i was kinda putting off making this req, but i suck, so here i am. for school & personal reasons, i will be limiting this to 2/person because i just don't plan on going overboard with this and then feeling guilty when i can't reply right away. for now i will also only be doing comms, just because i don't want to go absolutely crazy starting threads and i'll do basically everything, fxm, fxf & mxm in no particular order. as far as faces go, i'm really into models and i will probably do anything with models tbh. to be fair, i kinda always check people's preferred faces so i don't use someone they don't like so i could go with anyone. also, nonbinary & trans characters are always a+ with me.

under no circumstances will i do anything related to dub-con or non-con, honestly, if it gets too dark i will probably be like nOPE NOPE. and please, please don't use taylor hill, barbara palvin, sara sampaio or kendall jenner on me because i will lay down on the ground and cry.

tbh i don't have anything else to say, just lmk what you want and i'll start it and that's it.

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