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 color of my blood, mxm, mxf, fxf comms

what's your damage, cori?

cori     24 years old     she/her
pm for discord
backstreet boys
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Jul 31 2016, 09:18 PM         Quote        
comms & comms
gonna attempt to keep this short! my job keeps me too busy for new threads, but i have too many faces i love and want to use, so comms are my answer! my favorites are mxm and mxf but i also like fxf. though if i get overwhelmed with fxf, i'll stop taking those on. (if i tag you but haven't labeled them mxf, mxm, or fxf feel free to make them whichever you want!) i'm basically okay with anything but incest and i won't do rape/abuse between our characters. i don't really have any other triggers and smut is cool, but lmk if you have other triggers. for faces, pretty much anything but kpop only because i don't really know who they are. i love a lot of people and use a lot of people as you can probs tell from my crackship. if there are any you don't like, just let me know. and if i use someone you don't like, tell me. i'll give you as many as you ask for or as many as i feel like giving. so just let me know if you want mxm, mxf, or fxf and if there's anything specific you'd like!
september 24: i want mxm things. and i want comms. <3 i'm shit at starting threads but i promise i'm much better at replying.
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     incest, rape. happy to play 100 guys for you unless you never play guys.
yes to 18+ threads

izzy hamilton

izzy     <18 years old     she/her
just pm c:
mariah carey
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Aug 1 2016, 12:50 AM         Quote        
maybe just one mxm and one mxf? c:
04/08: sorry for the delays! got a lot of schoolwork this week, but i'll get everything i owe up tomorrow and over the weekend. if i haven't replied to something in a couple of days but i've replied to other things, i might have forgotten to track it, so please message me!
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     n/a, but no incest please c:
no to 18+ threads


norah     21 years old     she/her
bellzlovesyou - skype dewmeafavor95 - aim
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Aug 1 2016, 12:54 AM         Quote        
u should give me all the mxf comms, dude. <3
03/05/17 - i'm back! and i want all the smutty drama. also suicide girls are A+++++++
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santa tori ~

tori     23 years old     she/her
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Aug 1 2016, 01:32 AM         Quote        
2 mxm comms would be awesome, ty ~
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     rape, graphic abuse, and i'm not a fan of cheating/adultery plots either.
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5 seconds of jessica

jessica     22 years old     she/her
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Aug 1 2016, 02:22 AM         Quote        
can't have a cosl board without carly and jessica comms that go on for ages so give me so mxm please (((:
starting over completely. pm me if you wanna keep something.
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     rape/abuse/terminal illness
yes to 18+ threads

caleigh .

caleigh     twenty-two years old     she/hers
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Aug 3 2016, 04:21 AM         Quote        
a mix of mxf and mxm comms?
10.6.16 - *cry emoji* so it's been midterms and nonstop projects/ papers so i'm a little slow. but after this week i'll get back into the swing of things i swear.
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     child/parent, brother/sister incest
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mads     22 years old     they/them
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Aug 3 2016, 07:42 AM         Quote        
hmu w/ as many mxm comms as u want :)
its summer!!!! pls give me all mxm
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     i don't do self-harm plots, but everything else is fine
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jaime spears !

jaime     25 years old     she/her
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Aug 3 2016, 11:20 AM         Quote        
2 mxf and 2 mxm pls!
10/1 - this past week was my last full week at work and now i'll be working only weekends. so that kept me pretty busy. then i got sick and had no motivation to do anything. but i'm feeling better and will be doing all replies that i owe today and tomorrow.
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kate is no one.

kate     27 years old     she/her
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Aug 3 2016, 01:59 PM         Quote        
c: as if you aren't doing enough for us.
a mxf and mxm.
(or 2 mxf with an mxm. i'll let you play a girl in one ;p)
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asia is a certified g

asia     20 years old     she/her/hers
telegram & discord
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Aug 3 2016, 02:13 PM         Quote        
some mxm and mxf , plzz?
☮ [SEPT. 11TH] ☮ school started and it kicked my ass right off the bat. so i'm trying to play catch up now (with the stuff that isn't dead tbh)
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     none. i love triggers tbh
yes to 18+ threads

coral grimes

cora     24 years old     she + her + hers
aim @ coralgrimesbitch
boyz ii men
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Aug 3 2016, 03:05 PM         Quote        
    as many mxf and fxf comms as your precious heart desires xoxo
♡ { SEPTEMBER SIXTH ] ♡ i've been shit and went mia from cosl for a little bit but i'm gonna work on updating my tracker and replying to threads! i'll probably send out interest pms before i reply to anything to make sure you're still interested xoxo
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     i just don't dig incest??
ask first to 18+ threads

you're lazy, brady.

brady     23 years old     he/him
discord: brady#3707
atlantic (gmt-4)
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Aug 3 2016, 06:40 PM         Quote        
hi can i has lots pls

surprise me xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
« ˟ 09.17.17 ˟ » i'm slowly getting around to replying to everyone, my apologies for the long wait! i'm using a randomizer to decide the order i reply to the threads, so if i reply to someone faster than you, it's not intentional!

« ˟ BEFORE YOU PLOT WITH ME ˟ » please be aware that i am the sort of person that puts my job before anything, and my social life second. rp is a hobby for me, and therefore replies can take time. if you want someone who replies fast, i am not the partner for you.

TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     i live for triggers. i won't do age gap plots unless it's mxf, i play the male, and the woman is older tho. also won’t do nothing yathing involvong cheating. soz not soz.
yes to 18+ threads

samurai jack

jack     22 years old     he/him
pm for discord
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Aug 4 2016, 06:18 AM         Quote        
2 mxm comma pls http://i.imgbox.com/ZIOyo3wn.png
( 23/7/17 ) ― i poofed, i'm semi back now tho??
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     rape, gore, idiocy
yes to 18+ threads

princess sarah

sarah     26 years old     she/her/hers
pm please!
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Aug 4 2016, 02:45 PM         Quote        
if you aren't already totally bogged down with these, could i get as many mxf comms as you'd like? (sidenote: i kind of tend to epic fail at playing guys. but i mayyyybe could swing it with a comm if you're super duper feeling a female. but, yeah. typically it's just a painful sight to see me try.)
september 1st -- so, it's been nearly a year since i was here last--but i couldn't stay away forever! i'm in the process of revamping things, but i deffos want all the things. (i am busy with the new kiddos this school year, though, and they leave me super tired, so i'm mainly looking for comms and rfs.)
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effy in neverland

effy     19 years old     she/her
pm 4 aim/skype
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Aug 5 2016, 03:14 PM         Quote        
gimme as many mxm stuff as u want pls
august 8th - replies and starters are coming tomorrow pls be patient with me
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