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 color of my blood, mxm, mxf, fxf comms
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february 7, 2017: i want to take on a few more things so you should check out my requests. c:
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Jul 31 2016, 09:18 PM
comms & comms
gonna attempt to keep this short! my job keeps me too busy for new threads, but i have too many faces i love and want to use, so comms are my answer! my favorites are mxm and mxf but i also like fxf. though if i get overwhelmed with fxf, i'll stop taking those on. (if i tag you but haven't labeled them mxf, mxm, or fxf feel free to make them whichever you want!) i'm basically okay with anything but incest and i won't do rape/abuse between our characters. i don't really have any other triggers and smut is cool, but lmk if you have other triggers. for faces, pretty much anything but kpop only because i don't really know who they are. i love a lot of people and use a lot of people as you can probs tell from my crackship. if there are any you don't like, just let me know. and if i use someone you don't like, tell me. i'll give you as many as you ask for or as many as i feel like giving. so just let me know if you want mxm, mxf, or fxf and if there's anything specific you'd like!
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