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 high school reunion, group plotter

bristol james, twenty-seven, artist, a. tipton

blurb comings soon

nov 1st // nothing important to report. i'm lazy and tired like always. i work 12 hour shifts and wrangle heathen kids in the meantime. i'm slow with posting, but they'll all get done soon enough.
please no: tbh most stuff is fine with me, just talk to me about it beforehand
25 • she/her • cst
kennedy james
26 broadway actress artist/thespians

# maternal #kind
# outgoing # total sweetheart

  • this darling girl is the middle of the james siblings - kennedy. she is a broadway actress, staring in multiple musicals and plays since she left immediately after graduation. there were a lot of factors, but one thing that kenny needed was to get away. she couldn't handle any more of the drama from her personal life and needed a reason to get away. she was casted as wendla bergmann - the lead female in spring awakening - and she still sees that as her biggest accomplishment.

  • when she was twelve, her baby sister maisie passed away on a family vacation. it hit kennedy hard, she felt responsible as she didn't go on the boat. she is an excellent swimmer, and she feels like she let her sister down. her whole family is now slightly afraid of water due to the incident. the brunette secluded into herself until she found the musicals in high school - but she was always a little rebellious. her high school boyfriend would have been classified as a stoner if someone made him i would love you and when she found out she was pregnant junior year, their world came crashing down. kenny had big dreams of broadway and he wanted the baby. they ended up putting their little girl up for adoption because neither of them could take care of a child.

  • the loss of both her baby and her sister still weigh heavily on kennedy, but she takes that pain and puts it into her art. spring awakening was her breakout role, and she is currently staring as elphaba in wicked. so when she was told about the reunion she didn't want to go - she is terrified of running into her ex boyfriend as things did not end well for them.

  • the brunette is currently single, mostly because she still holds a candle for the ex, and because of her work schedule. her art will always come first, but she is lonely. she wants someone to share her life with and she just wished it was him.

  • as far as friends/enemies go - there would be a few of both. kennedy is bubbly, happy and genuinely a sweetheart. she has moments were she shuts everyone out but she tries not to do that anymore. and enemies i would love to have a few of those too. i do have discord so hit me up.

  • i'm a single mom who works full time guys - bare with me! i promise i am going to reply to everything! ********************************************************************

    ( update dec 10 )

    hey everyone - i am working on the replies i owe - i'm also working on updating my tracker so if you don't see something somewhere on there let me know. i'm not dropping anything just forgetful. <3

    please no: meh. ask first
    28 • she/her • eastern
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