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Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 17 2016, 06:50 PM
fiona was trying to be a better shop girl. she really was. after a rough initial month, she had sufficiently mastered the art of small talk with the extravagant women who visited her counter. they liked when she complimented their outfits and perfume, and thus, she had gotten comfortable behind her counter. but today, mrs. howard had decided to throw her to the wolves. one of their best sales girls had called in ill, and fi had been thrust onto the floor without her counter for protection.

biting down on her bottom lip, she watched, paralyzed, as the other girls bustled around the floor juggling the desires of multiple customers with ease. meanwhile, all she wanted to do was run back to their musty break room and hide for the rest of her shift. eyes catching on a newcomer to the section, she didn't let herself think too long before she made her way over to him. "can i help ya find anything?" she asked politely, fidgeting and smoothing out an invisible wrinkle in her dress. why he was roaming the hosiery department, she didn't know, but it wasn't her place to ask. the customer was always right and all that. "i'm fiona," she added quickly once she realized she hadn't introduced herself - the first thing one did when meeting a new customer. she really missed her counter.

kate is no one.

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 18 2016, 04:08 PM
he'd saved his meager earnings for weeks just to buy something for his mother for her birthday. while leone knew she'd scold him for spending money on her, on something she didn't necessarily need, he knew secretly she'd be pleased and treasure whatever it was her eldest son chose to spend his money on. the problem was deciding what he was going to buy for her. unfortunately, when spending much of his life without money to spend on anything other than necessities, he was left wondering what to even buy someone. he felt out of place the moment he stepped into the store. he pulled his cap off, toying with it in his hands as he was more aware of the patches in his jacket and the fact his pants were perhaps an inch shorter than they should have been. these were the things his mother would point out the money was better spent on.

leone would just need to find her something she could put to some use, so perhaps wandering the hosiery department wasn't the greatest starting point. but he only need to find his way to some other part of the shop. he startled a little when a young woman approached him and his instant thought was that perhaps she was suspicious of him. honestly, he was surprised he hadn't been booted from the store as soon as he stepped foot inside. was it typical for shop girls to introduce themselves? he didn't know. were they also always so pretty? maybe. who wouldn't want to buy something from a pretty girl. should he introduce himself? it seemed odd. "i'm looking for something for my mamma, for her birthday. i've never really been able to by her anything before."

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 18 2016, 05:00 PM
he was buying something for his mother. fiona had to bite her lip and force herself not to start tearing up at that simple comment. he would think she had gone out of her mind if she just started tearing up at the mention of his mother. not to mention, mrs. howard would be furious if she cried a second time this week. but she couldn't help the fact that her heart ached when anyone so much as mentioned family. she missed her mam. yes, she knew she had come to america for a better life and all that, but she was so terribly lonely without her ma, da, and mattie. the girls at the boarding house were kind, but they couldn't replace her sister.

shaking off the crestfallen look that had overtaken her features, fi forced her best smile as she channeled her energy away from distracting thoughts and towards this nice boy's needs. "your mam? well, you probably don't want anything in this department," she admitted, thinking aloud as the wheels in her mind turned. if it were her ma, she would be over the moon with a simple bouquet of flowers, but he seemed determined to purchase something fancier. "all the women i've helped talk about gloves being a must have. as well as handbags. one woman said that they're everywhere in europe, but i guess they hadn't made their way home yet," she continued, too deep in thought to realize that she may be rambling and boring him.

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 19 2016, 08:20 AM
maybe he was mistaken, but he thought the girl's face had fallen the moment he mentioned the reason he was there. he shifted uncomfortably, worried that she might begin to cry, and he wasn't sure what it was about entirely, but then she seemed to get a hold of herself, putting on a dazzling smile that he thought seemed a bit forced. but maybe he only thought that because of the look that had passed over her face before that.

he glanced around the hosiery department again, nodding as she said he probably didn't want anything from there. he definitely agree with that, as it might seem strange to give his mother a gift of pantyhose, even though she would get use out of them. but would his mother like gloves or a handbag? gloves, perhaps, would be well suited as the weather cooled. she might enjoy having that warmth when she walked to the store for their necessities. he let her finish her rambling before he hesitantly smiled, "i would like to get her something practical, that she'd use often. she's sure to yell at me either way, but if it's at least something she'll use, she can't be too upset i spent money on her."

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 19 2016, 09:52 AM
she liked him. he wasn't rude or pushy like most of the women she helped. in the past month, fiona had noticed there was something about women with money that made them generally rude people. she had long grown used to feeling like she was being looked down upon, but it was still nice to help someone who genuinely seemed interested in her advice. many of her fellow co-workers would likely look down upon him given his worn clothing, but that just meant he was a hard worker. now if only she could find him the perfect present for his mother. it was a lot of pressure, especially if this was the first time he had enough saved to spend on her.

"no, no, no, we will find something she will love," fi was quick to promise earnestly before grabbing his hand and zig zagging through the store toward the glove section. gloves seemed like the most practical item that came to mind as the air started to cool. realizing her impropriety in grabbing his hand and practically dragging him across the store, she dropped his hand as a blush lit up her cheeks once they stood in front of a counter brimming with fine leather gloves. "she will treasure anything you give her," she said in an attempt to sweep her faux pas under the rug. "i tried those fur-lined ones on yesterday, and it felt like i was wearing a cloud."

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 19 2016, 11:04 AM
leone was more than a little surprised as her hand closed around his and they were zig zagging through the store quickly to a more appropriate section for a gift. he didn't think this was typical behavior for one of these shop girls, but he didn't mind it. what man would have an issue with a pretty girl leading him by the hand? so he followed her without complaint, despite feeling like he was being dragged. he couldn't help but laugh as she seemed to realize what she'd been doing and a blush colored her cheeks. he didn't say anything about it, so as not to embarrass her further, and instead focused on the gloves laid out on the counter. he touched their soft leather, frowning slightly as he considered them. "i don't know that i can afford the fur-lined," he said after trying to discreetly look at the price tag. what if he couldn't afford any of them? he felt a hot flush on his neck, embarrassment at the idea of showing up here and then being unable to yet afford a single thing here for his mother. it'd felt like enough, but then, he never went into these fancy department stores, so he'd been unaware of the prices he might find. perhaps he should have stuck with the little family shops of little italy.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 19 2016, 11:57 AM
shoot, she hadn't even been thinking of the price. with the fancy women, money was never an issue. they seemed to prefer the more expensive items over what they viewed at "cheap." mrs. howard had long since driven home that she should always recommend the most expensive item to a shopper before exploring more inexpensive options. she never would have been able to afford the fur-lined gloves with her wages. "on second thought, i don't think gloves are the right gift," she said right as she noticed the man (she couldn't remember his name, but he never smiled) behind the glove counter begin to give her friend a slow, unappreciative once over. "gloves are very last season. you don't want to waste your money on them," she explained, looping her arm through his (that was acceptable, right?) as she started back toward the center of the store. "what about a scarf? beautiful and practical!"

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 19 2016, 12:52 PM
he fiddled with his cap in his hands a little more energetically as he felt the eyes of the man behind the counter on him. if she had not been with him, he thought he probably would have been kicked out by now. at least by this man in particular. even with her accompanying him, he was still surprised her employer hadn't put an end to it. but he was sure he could afford something in this store, even with only a couple of dollars tucked into his pants pocket. he felt she was saving him from his embarrassment as she changed her tune and said gloves weren't the right gift at all. he didn't think he believed they were last season, whatever that meant. especially when he saw plenty of fine ladies wearing gloves, or holding them with their handbags as they shopped. but he didn't argue it as she led him toward the center of the store. he quickly brightened at the mention of scarves, and he smiled, "yes, a scarf would suit her well," he agreed.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 19 2016, 02:53 PM
fiona didn't want to jinx it, but she was starting to think she may have a future as a shopping assistant. yes, she hadn't found him the perfect gift yet, but she was doing a fine job of showing him around the store and exploring his options. he was by far the easiest customer she had worked with in her brief time in america, and also by far the handsomest boy she had ever seen. if she could help him, then certainly she could help the rude women. while she didn't plan on being a shop girl for the rest of her life, she wouldn't complain about the higher wages that the girls on the floor received. "does your ma have dark hair like you?" she asked as she lead the way, arm in arm, toward to brightly colored scarves across the way. "i saw a lovely blue scarf just the other day. i think it may even be on sale."

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 19 2016, 03:42 PM
it still felt strange, walking arm in arm with this shop girl. was this the typical way they treated customers? as if they were close friends? he supposed that it might work in selling; it gave the sense that they knew exactly what the customer needed. he was feeling fairly confident now that he would be leaving the shop with a present his mother would love, even if she cuffed him on the ear for wasting money on her. "it's not so dark anymore," he responded, though he didn't think that would make any difference. what did he know, though? women might be particular about that sort of thing, though he didn't think his mother had been particular about fashion at any point in her life. she was too practical. "she would like blue," he agreed, his eyes falling on the scarves displayed. and it'd be even better if it were on sale. an added bonus detail he could say to his mother. mamma, it was on sale.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 19 2016, 04:25 PM
nodding as he explained that her hair wasn't as dark anymore, she pursed her lips as her eyes ran over the assortment of scarves. who knew there were so many shades of blue in the world. her eye caught on a brilliant orange option, but she quickly ruled that one out as not practical enough. blue went with everything after all. "this one!" she announced happily, releasing his arm to grab the beautiful silky scarf. draping the scarf around his neck, she couldn't help but grin at the ridiculous visual. "if you look anything like your mother, then it will look wonderful on her," she declared, before taking a peek at the price tag. one fifty. a steep price for a fancy piece of fabric, but significantly cheaper than the gloves. "if you use my twenty-five cent discount, then it will only be one dollar and twenty-five cents," she said, keeping her voice low. she wasn't supposed to use her discount on strangers, but she never used it herself so what was the harm?

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 19 2016, 06:06 PM
he still felt slightly overwhelmed as he looked at all the scarf options. there were so many, and he was worrying too much about how his mother would react. the worst she could do was tell him to return it, but he didn't think she'd go that far. she wore scarves. there wouldn't be an issue. he was relieved, then, when his trusty shop girl grabbed up a scarf and draped it around his neck. he smiled down at her, fingering the smooth fabric carefully, though almost afraid to touch it. he too peeked at the price tag. it would leave him with just a small amount left. money he could also give his mother to buy whatever she deemed necessary. he looked up at her quickly, surprised at her whispered offer. "i don't want you to get into any trouble," he said immediately. nothing that would get her fired.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 19 2016, 07:34 PM
"no, it's fine. i can't afford anything, so i'll never use it myself," she assured him confidently as she pulled the scarf from around his neck and started carefully folding it. one day she would save enough, and she would send her mother a pair of fur-lined gloves and a scarf. ma would think she was crazy for spending so much, but she would treasure the american made presents. what if she saw her again? what if she went the rest of her life never seeing her family? fiona bit down on her lip once again as she fought a new wave of homesickness now that she was no longer distracted with finding him the perfect gift. "you should pick up flowers for her as well," she recommended, her bottom lip beginning to quiver at the thought that she may never buy flowers for her mam again. "a- and you should give her a hug, because i bet she loves you d-dearly."

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 21 2016, 03:32 PM
if she was certain that it wouldn't hurt her job any, there was no way leone could refuse a further discount to save even more money. his mother would be thrilled, though he'd leave out that it'd been the shop girl's discount that had made the scarf so cheap. he'd instead brag and tell her that her son was just a very thrifty shopper. she'd perhaps laugh and still cuff him, but at least she might be a bit more open to the idea of the gift.

and then... she truly was about to cry wasn't she? leone shifted uncomfortably as she told him he should pick up his mother some flowers, and it was as she said this that he saw the quiver of her lip. he'd never been good with crying. when his little sisters cried, he'd usually swing them about to get them laughing, but that wasn't appropriate in this situation. especially when he thought she was crying over her own mother. he reached out, hesitantly touching her arm, "you miss your own mother?" he asked her, too uncomfortable to ask if the woman was still alive.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 21 2016, 04:12 PM
no. she was not going to cry, because mrs. howard would be furious. she would never be allowed to work the floor again and would never get a higher wage, and then she would never be able to save enough for her nursing courses. but then he was comforting her, because he was a nice boy, and she was pulling her handkerchief from her pocket and dabbing furiously as her eyes as they filled with tears. "i write every day, but i haven't received any letters from home. why does the mail take so long? the ocean isn't that big. it's been over a month," she babbled as a few stray tears tracked down her cheeks. she knew she was causing a scene (she could feel the eyes on her), but she just wanted to be sad for a moment. sometimes it was hard to be cheery all the time.

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 22 2016, 04:48 PM
leone glanced around them, though no one of importance seemed to notice the shop girl and her tears, which he supposed was probably a relief to her. he doubted her employer would like her crying around the customers. if he'd been anyone else, any of the other customers she dealt with, things might not have ended well for her. he was sure any of them might have complained about their shop girl breaking down into tears, but he didn't plan on saying a word to anyone. he nodded as she spoke, relieved then that her mother was not dead. the mail was just too slow. he'd been too young when his parents came here, so he didn't remember the journey by ship, but he knew it had taken some time. his mother liked to talk about what it'd been like, especially as she'd been preegnant at the time. she liked telling his younger brother how difficult he'd been, even while still in the womb. "well, you have to consider how long it takes to get here. but your letter has to get to them first, as well," he pointed out gently. "i'm sure in just a few more days you'll have your letter from them." he hoped he was being comforting, as he wasn't entirely sure what to say. "so you came here alone?"

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 22 2016, 05:30 PM
he was a saint. truly a godsend. she was going to tell father abraham to pray for him this sunday, and she didn't know his name, but she was sure god would easily be able to pick him out because of his saintliness and all. "i know, ms. johnson keeps telling me to be patient, but i want to know they're okay," she replied, sniffling as she dabbed her eyes once more. she was going to pull herself together now. she'd had her moment, but now she needed to pull herself together and get this saintly man his discount. "yes, my da arranged it all. said he wanted me to live the american dream," she explained, laughing sadly as she remembered the night he jumped about the kitchen exclaiming about her life in america. "i-i'm sorry. i didn't mean to ruin your visit," fi apologized, tucking her handkerchief back into her pocket once she was certain the wave of sorrow had passed (at least until tonight).

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 23 2016, 03:16 PM
he couldn't imagine what it was like to move to a new place knowing nothing about it and knowing no one. things must not have been well back home, for her father to have sent her here. perhaps she sent money home? would they join her eventually? or would she return to them? there were a lot of questions on his mind, but he wasn't sure it was appropriate to ask them, even if she had been the one to start crying in front of him. and maybe it was better not to ask, anyway, because the last thing leone wanted was for her to get worked up again. he shook his head quickly, though, when she apologized for ruining his visit. "no, no. you haven't ruined anything," he assured her, offering a smile. he realized that now maybe he could introduce himself. she'd shared something with him; it only seemed appropriate. he stuck out his hand then, "i'm leone, by the way," he hesitated before continuing, perhaps getting a bit ahead of himself, but his mother had always said he was too charming for his own good. "i like to consider myself a bit of an expert in the city, so if you ever need someone to show you around to new places..."

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 23 2016, 04:23 PM
thank goodness, she hadn't thoroughly embarrassed him with her outburst. being the saint he was, fi had a feeling he wouldn't have admitted if she truly ruined his trip, but she appreciated his kindness nonetheless. "leone," she repeated with a broad grin, enjoying the feel of his name on her lips. it was a truly lovely name. grabbing his hand, she shook his hand as she continued, "thank you for being such a kind, lovely gentleman, leone." how could she be expected to help her rude rich women after helping leone? it was difficult to go back to toxic personalities after helping someone truly appreciative. then he started going on about how he was a city expect, and fi had to stop herself from bouncing in pure excitement. "oh, i would love that! the girls at the boardinghouse aren't eager to show me about, and i worry about getting myself lost if i explore on my own," she explained quickly, her face having lost any residual sadness at the idea of exploring the city with someone who was an expert on the city.

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 23 2016, 07:20 PM
his name sounded different from her, with her accent. he liked it. leone smiled at her as she shook his hand. "my mom would be thrilled to hear it," he told her. she'd raised him to be a gentleman, after all. she expected all her boys to be respectful. kind. though, leone was perhaps not always well-behaved. he'd been in numerous fights. usually after being called a wop by some ignorant kids when he'd walk to school. he was actually surprised when she so quickly agreed to his offer. "the girls at the boardinghouse probably haven't explored much either," he commented. he hesitated, shifting his hat in his hands some more. "when do you get time off work?"

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 23 2016, 07:46 PM
had she been too quick in accepting his offer to show her around town? should she have been more skeptical? ms. johnson was vehemently against all italians and frequently warned all her boarders about "those wretched souls," but ms. johnson didn't like anyone. and leone had been nothing but kind and understanding toward her. he was a gentleman. her instincts just knew he was. "oh no, sally has been everywhere. she always tells us all the incredible places she goes to on dates," she insisted, envious of the girl's fearlessness and ability to attract any man within twenty feet. that was one talent fi had never mastered. she got caught up in her head and tangled in her nerves, which ultimately led to a lot of nervous rambling. "i work most days, but i'm off monday and saturday morning?" she replied, her statement trailing off into a question as she realized he had a busy life himself. "i'm sure you're busy though. i don't want to be an inconvenience," fi added quickly, giving him an easy out just in case.

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 24 2016, 07:33 PM
her eagerness was pleasing, as part of leone worried that her kindness was entirely part of her job, but now he thought she was an entirely genuine and kind person. a young woman in a new country alone. his mother would have a fit over her if she were to hear her story, and perhaps mother her until fi decided she'd had too much of it. he smiled a little as she talked about this sally girl, who clearly enjoyed making girls feel envious, without offering to take the other girls out anywhere. obviously that would ruin her importance if the other girls were aware of all the excitement. "well, after you've been around the city with me, you'll have plenty to tell the girls. maybe you'll even have better stories than sally," he told her with a laugh. he wasn't sure what else girls talked about, but he thought he might be a subject of conversation, which he definitely didn't mind. he considered the options she laid out for him. monday and then saturday morning. it didn't leave much, but he decided he could work around monday, if he worked a few extra shifts to have the day free. "we'll do a monday then. next monday?"

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 25 2016, 04:07 PM
"oh, well, sally's stories usually center on her snogging her boyfriend of the moment. w-we don't have to-- i mean, we can just do fun things," she explained, a blush lighting up her pale skin as she quickly turned her attention to his mother's beautiful blue scarf. despite the momentary embarrassment, she couldn't hide the large grin that had taken up residence on her features. she was finally going to see the city, and she wouldn't have to worry about getting lost, because she would have leone by her side. this day truly couldn't get any better. "monday, yes! i cannot wait," she agreed, clearly eager to start exploring with her new handsome friend. this would take her mind off of her lack of correspondence with her family back home as she had something to look forward to. "let's get you checked out. i'll take you to maria; she won't mind about the discount." looping her arm through his once more, she started toward the check out counters with a renewed pep in her step.

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 25 2016, 07:27 PM
he couldn't help the sudden laugh that burst from him when she said sally only spoke about snogging her boyfriend... and then she quickly stammered through more words to make sure he didn't think that they needed to do any snogging. he wasn't exactly familiar with the term, but he could make a guess to its meaning. "snogging isn't fun?" he asked her, teasing, because he enjoyed the way her face turned red. he wondered if she'd ever actually kissed a boy. not that it mattered. not that he should care. sure, she was a pretty girl, but he didn't have any ulterior motive in offering to show her around the city. "monday it is. should i meet you here?" he asked her, as he was taken by the arm again to go by the blue scarf for his mother. he was glad she seemed bubbly now, the sadness having evaporated.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 25 2016, 07:58 PM
oh goodness, he wanted to know about snogging? she was fairly certain he was just trying to tease another blush out of her, and he was one hundred percent succeeding as she shifted a bit nervously. "i- i mean, i'm sure it is fun, but i don't want you to think i'm pressuring you or- or expecting anything from you," fi said quickly, her cheeks still heated as she stumbled through her explanation. she made it sound like she was some snog-crazed harlot who would throw herself at him as soon as possible. which was not true! she was not that kind of girl. not that she didn't find him handsome (he was very handsome with his smile and warm eyes), but again, she didn't want him to worry about her... throwing herself at him and whatnot. "yes, this works for me as long as it isn't too far out of the way for you." she really didn't want to be an inconvenience. he was one of her first outside friends here; she didn't want to risk losing his friendship so soon.

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 25 2016, 09:24 PM
there it came again, the nervous rambling along with a flush to her cheeks, that had leone grinning and trying not to laugh too much as he was told that she wasn't trying to snog him or anything. snog wasn't exactly a very appealing word. it definitely didn't sound as pleasant as the actual act was. but he left it alone now, not wanting to fluster her too much, and besides, they needed to focus on when and where they'd be meeting. "no, it's not too bad." it was more than a few blocks, sure, but he didn't mind walking. "monday morning? i want to give us plenty of time, so perhaps around ten?"

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 26 2016, 05:42 AM
she liked his laugh. it wasn't too loud and booming to be frightening, but it was one of those laughs that you knew you had earned when it came around. she wanted to make him laugh more, but she was fairly certain mrs. howard was already planning on scolding her for devoting so much time on a boy with worn clothing who only purchased a scarf. "ten is good, because i can bring you breakfast!" she agreed, giving his arm an excited squeeze as they navigated around a portly woman bossing around the flustered shop girl helping her. "i'll come back to help, clarice," she assured her co-worker quietly as they passed.

turning a corner, she surveyed the checkout counter for one of the friendly girls before leading leone up to the counter. "hi, lorelai! this is my cousin, leone. he's buying a present for my auntie's birthday, and i promised he could use my discount," she lied with a smile as she slide the carefully folded scarf over to the woman to package up for him. "monday at ten. i'll bring breakfast, and we'll explore," she summarized as she dropped his arm (it was a nice, strong arm) and grinned over at him. monday couldn't come soon enough.

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 26 2016, 08:37 AM
"you don't need to do that," he said immediately, as she said she could bring breakfast. he didn't want her to go to the trouble, and he certainly didn't want her to feel she needed to spend any amount of money on him. he glanced at the poor girl helping a rather demanding woman, and he imagined that was what a majority of the clients here were like. from his own experiences, those with money usually expected those around them to read their minds or have magic to get things done in seconds.

he let himself be guided through the store, now to the checkout counter where he was introduced to lorelai. he gave her a smile, though he didn't think he could have ever passed as fi's cousin. but he went along with it. he turned his attention back to the girl beside him, "monday at ten," he confirmed, "thank you for your help."

as expected, his mother wasn't entirely thrilled with the gift, or that was how she made it appear, but she still began to wear the scarf daily, and leone had seen her stroking the soft material shortly after he'd given it to her (though she hadn't realized he'd been watching her). the days to follow passed slowly, perhaps because he was looking forward to monday. it couldn't come soon enough, and when the day finally came, he'd already planned out the day. they had a lot they needed to accomplish. he stood outside the store a bit early, his hands in his pockets, cap on his head, as he waited for her.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 27 2016, 08:19 PM
"hush, leone, and accept my offer of breakfast," fi scolded lightly. she made decent money after all, and she would spend it on him if she wanted to. she was a strong, independent woman living the american dream, and if her dream included baking him a coffee cake, then so be it. "you are most welcome. tell your mother happy birthday and give her a tight squeeze," she replied after lorelai had rung him up and given him her staff discount. it felt good to help someone else. especially when that someone else was a handsome gentleman.

why did monday have to be so far off? it felt like ages as her days fell back into the familiar pattern of waking, working, crying herself to sleep and repeating it all the next day. but then the letters came. three lengthy, beautiful letters from her mam, da and mattie. they were all doing well, which she fully expected, but they missed her dearly. fi had sobbed reading mattie's letter when her sister revealed that she was expecting a little one with her husband in six months. she was going to be an aunt! once she received the letters, the rest of the week rushed by in a blur of relieved excitement. she may not be able to hug her family, but she knew everything would be all right now.

carefully balancing the paper bag containing a few large slices of homemade coffee cake in her arm, fiona rushed down the street to work. but instead of her basic black frock uniform, she was dressed in a worn gray wool skirt and a bright blue blouse. unfortunately, she was running late, because the coffee cake had taken longer than expected. "leone!" she called out, waving her free hand once she caught sight of him from afar. sliding to a halt in front of him, she greeted him with a broad smile as she offered him the cake-filled bag. "i made irish coffee cake. i brought extra in case you wanted to bring some home for your ma."

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 29 2016, 05:20 AM
more than a few people gave leone lingering looks as he hovered around outside the store, waiting for fiona to arrive. maybe he shouldn't have shown up so early. no one approached him though to ask what business he had standing around there. he thought about taking a walk around the block, after glancing at the time. she was late... or maybe she wouldn't show up at all. but finally, he heard his name. he looked up quickly, smiling when he saw fiona hurrying toward him, not wearing what he'd last seen her in. though he supposed that made sense, considering she wasn't working today. he lifted his hand to acknowledge he'd heard her before he started to make his way toward her as well. he was a little worried she'd trip and fall flat with how fast she was hurrying toward him. he took the bag, peeking inside. "have you already had some? we could walk to central park and share some, if you'd like."

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 29 2016, 05:36 AM
"i may have sampled some to make sure it wasn't poisoned," she admitted, unable to shake her grin. he probably thought she had gone a bit crazy with all her smiling... maybe she should reign it in? even if she tried though, she would start thinking of how excited and how thankful she was for leone, and then she would be right back to where she started. "but we should go to central park and eat more." she would grab his arm and start leading the way (as was her way), but she wasn't entirely certain where central park was... she knew it was between a lot of skyscrapers, but that's about it. sense of direction had never really been her strong suit. "oh, you need to tell me about your ma's birthday! did she love the scarf? she wasn't too upset with you, right?"

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 29 2016, 01:20 PM
"oh, well... a good thing to know. that it's not poisoned," he said with a little laugh, looking down at the bag again. it was sort of a weird thing for her to say, but he didn't comment on it. he was too distracted by the big smile on her face anyway. she just seemed thrilled to be there, which was nice. it wasn't as if she was forcing herself to spend time with him because she'd been too nice to turn down his offer. then she was agreeing to central park and taking his arm. she clearly liked leading. she'd done it to him all over the store, but obviously he was going to have to take over at some point. he had to assume she knew where central park was, since she started to lead the way, and for now, she was heading in the right direction. "she won't admit to it, but she does love the scarf. she's been wearing it every day since, though maybe she wants to make sure she gets my moneys worth out of it." she'd called him foolish of course, but he thought it'd been in an entirely affectionate way.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 29 2016, 02:18 PM
"don't worry, i- i was joking," she said quickly at his look of confusion, lest he think she might actually attempt to poison him. did people even poison one another any more? it seemed a tad archaic. fi couldn't help but laugh at leone's admission his mother wore her scarf every day now. she was pleased that he had gotten something practical that his mother could use every day, but also a gift that she would have never purchased on her own. "she probably didn't want to show how much she loved it, because surely your siblings' presents paled in comparison," she commented as they strolled arm in arm down the street. "how many siblings do you have?" fi paused at the corner of the next main crossroad, a frown momentarily interrupting her joy as she realized she had no clue if she was even going the correct direction. "i don't actually know where i'm going," she admitted, hoping he could point her in the right direction.

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 29 2016, 03:25 PM
"i know," he said, just as quickly, because he didn't want her thinking he believe she'd actually try to poison him or anything. no, he certainly didn't believe that. but it wasn't exactly something anyone had joked about with him before. maybe it was something from back home for her... or maybe the italians he knew just weren't as humorous. he smiled a little, "well, my siblings aren't old enough yet to be making enough money. my parents are keeping them in school." they'd insisted he stay in school for as long as possible, too, until he was finally able to help with the income of the household. "my sisters made her a cake, though." she'd had no issue thanking and praising them, and he knew despite how hard she'd been on him, she truly did appreciate the scarf. "i have three sisters and a brother. all younger than i am." he paused with her, glancing at her out of the corner of his eye, seeing the hesitation and the small frown that for the moment interrupted her previously bright expression. then he laughed as she admitted she had no idea where she was going. "you did have me fooled for a moment. you were going the right way," he told her, now leading her across the street, continuing on. "just another eight blocks or so."

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 29 2016, 06:03 PM
"so you're the impressive older brother that they look up to then?" fi questioned in a gentle, teasing tone as she smiled over at him. she still didn't know what he did for a living, but she could tell he was one of those people who were successful at whatever they put their mind to. he just had that look about him. "and what do you do? if you say you're actually a world-renowned baker, then i might have to take back my coffee cake." she wanted to know everything about him. where he currently worked; what he wanted in life. everything. blushing as leone said she'd had him fooled in terms of knowing where she was going, she offered him a nod and a bashful smile. "me mam always says i can be overly self-confident at times." and then he was leading the way, and her smile slipped easily back into place as they moved through the bustling city. "i think i might be falling in love with this city," she admitted quietly, earnestly as if the possibility were some major, earth shattering news.

Posted by: kate is no one. Sep 29 2016, 07:19 PM
he laughed, shrugging, "i guess maybe they look up to me... my brother, at least. my sisters probably wish i would go away most of the time." he liked to tease them more than they liked. most of the time they were screaming at him, which meant his mother would end up screaming at him to stop messing with them. but wasn't that what big brothers were supposed to do? "don't worry, i can't cook a single thing," he assured her. he was banned from the kitchen; at least while food was being prepared. "i don't do anything special... i do construction." it was what a lot of italians went into. he enjoyed it well enough; he hoped that one day he'd be able to construct one of those skyscrapers. "my parents own a grocery in little italy." maybe one day he would own it, but for now it made more sense for him to branch out and bring in income elsewhere.

"i don't think being overly confident is an issue... it's not going to get you into any trouble right now, at least." he was there to make sure they didn't get lost. after a moment he took hold of her hand instead, making it easier to walk one behind the other when necessary. her hand fit so perfectly in hisown... he tried not to think about it too much. he smiled as she said she was falling in love with the city. "it's easy to do..." of course, he'd basically grown up here, so he'd come to love it easily. "where did you live before? were you in a city?"

Posted by: emily in technicolor Sep 29 2016, 08:19 PM
fi couldn't help but chuckle as he described what sounded like a tumultuous relationship with his siblings. no doubt his sisters weren't always pleased with their older brother, but she was sure they would adore him once they were older. unless he was one of those overly protective brothers... in which case, they likely wouldn't warm up to him until they had found the man of their dreams that leone couldn't scare off. "construction? is that dangerous? i mean, aren't you ever frightened something might fall from the sky and hit you?" okay, maybe that wasn't a common occurrence, but what if he was one of those men who hung from rafters? was that even safe? she didn't want him to get hurt! "a grocery? will you give me the address? i would love to visit," fi said earnestly, excited by the idea of exploring little italy. sally said italians made some of the best food.

she liked that he approved of her confidence. even if it was false confidence. glancing up at leone as he grabbed her hand, she couldn't stop the grin that took over her features as she gave his hand a quick squeeze. she liked him. a lot. "outside of cork in a little town. we lived in a cozy cabin on the coast. i like the docks here. reminds me of home, but not nearly as breathtaking."

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"i suppose it is dangerous... i don't really think about that," he responded, shrugging. the last thing he need to be thinking about while balancing at some height was how dangerous it actually was. he never forgot to be careful, but constantly worrying about it was probably more dangerous. "i'd like to work on one of the skyscrapers some day," he told her, motioning toward one in progress. being that high was more exhilerating than frightening. if he'd been afraid he probably would have looked for a job elsewhere. though, he wasn't sure what else he'd do.

"sure, i can even take you there, maybe." if they had time. he wasn't sure how long they'd spend looking at other things, and he really didn't want his mother to get the wrong idea if he brought a girl around. she'd start thinking he was courting this girl, who he still barely knew, and maybe even thinking about marriage. his mother would get ahead of herself, for sure.

he weaved them through a crowd before they were walking side by side again and he could actually respond to what she'd said. "i've never been outside of the city. sometime i think i'd like to go back to italy. just to visit. i don't really remember it," he commented. this was home to him, though part of him was still very much connected to italy.

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"are you one of those thrill seekers? my ma always warned me about them," fi teased, although she was genuinely curious. in addition to his job sounding terrifying, it was also brave to scale those heights and create a permanent building. leone was building new york! "one day i'll be able to brag about knowing someone who built a skyscraper." despite the danger (in her eyes), she respected his passion. he had big dreams for himself. "maybe one day you'll build a hospital, and i'll work there." it didn't hurt to dream, right?

fiona nodded eagerly at his offer to take him by his parents' store, but a quiet voice in the back of her head reminded her that she didn't want to give anyone the wrong impression. meeting his parents when her own were so far away sounded overwhelming. what if they thought she was trying to take advantage of their son in some way? what if they disliked the irish as much as ms. johnson loathed the italians? laughing as they weaved through a crowd, she glanced over at leone when he admitted he'd never left the city. sure, everything one needed existed in the city, but america seemed so impossibly big. how had he not explored further? "leone, you need to see more of america!" she scolded, before quickly adding, "although i imagine italy is beautiful. do you have a lot of family back there?"

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he laughed, glancing at her as she teased him, "i suppose you could say that i am. it takes very specific men that'll climb that high," he commented. risking falling to an almost certain death once they got so high. leone didn't let it affect him; he went about on those tall buildings like he might as well have been on solid ground. it was a good thing his mother never actually saw him working or she'd give herself a heart attack. or tie him to a chair at home so he could never return to the job. he looked at her curiously as she mentioned a hospital. "is that what you want to do? work in a hospital?" it was definitely different from working as a shopgirl, and if that was her dream, he did hope she would pursue it and not let anything stop her. his mother would probably call her silly; point out she should just find a nice young man to marry and settle down as a wife. and maybe look pointedly at leone in the process. maybe he wouldn't take her to his family's shop just yet.

he thought his mother would like her, perhaps too much, despite the fact she was irish. though, obviously, leone marrying a nice italian girl would be preferable. but that was a bit much to think about right now. he and fiona weren't even involved. he was simply showing her around the city. he laughed again, "i don't have the time to see more of america," he pointed out. he did have to work after all, and maybe a part of him didn't see what the rest of america had to offer him. after all, he lived in new york city. "oh, lots of family. we italians have big families. my mother had eight brothers and sisters and my father, ten." that meant lots and lots of aunts and uncles, cousins, second cousins... on and on, all in italy, except for a few that had moved to america as ell.

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"oh, yes," she admitted shyly at his question about working in a hospital. "i want to be a nurse, but i don't have enough saved for classes yet." her dad was one of the only people she'd ever told about her desire to be a nurse. it was part of the reason he was so adamant about her immigrating to america. her mother and sister were of the mind that a woman's place was in the home raising a family, but fi had always crazed more than that. certainly a woman could have a family and pursue a passion, right? not that she was planning on starting a family any time soon. no one was even courting her, and she was perfectly fine with that. despite sally's constant reminders that she didn't have a man.

"you do have time! why are you wasting it with me? you should be riding a train up the coast," she shot back, a playful smile lifting the corner of her lips as she dodged a particularly dour-looking man in a suit. even after more than a month in new york, fi was still shocked by the amount of people who were crammed into the city. when she'd first arrived, it was overwhelming. she'd never seen this many people in her entire life! it wasn't nearly as overwhelming now, but every once in a while she craved a space to hideaway from the world. eyes widening as leone described his huge family, she attempted to come to a stop on the sidewalk but was promptly plowed into by a large woman. "how do you keep all of their names straight?!" she exclaimed. "i can't even imagine what family gatherings would be like," she continued, still stunned. it sounded like his entire family could have singlehandedly repopulated ireland after the famine!

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he should have expected that she'd have some goal in what she wanted to do with her life, rather than just be a shopgirl. from the little time he'd spent with her thus far, leone got the idea that fiona was the sort of girl with big dreams that wanted to do far more with her life than raise some children and take care of a husband. he could certainly admire it, and he'd even encourage it. she could have easily been a wife and mother in ireland, without moving half a world away from her family. it only made sense she'd want to do more. though there was always the issue of money. he hoped she would be able to save enough.

"money is also an issue," he pointed out, smiling a little. his mother had been upset enough about him wasting money on a scarf for her. but if he were to spend his money on train tickets, even he would see it as a waste. that was money better spent on his family than on himself. he was fine remaining here in new york city, and maybe someday he would have enough of his own money saved up it wouldn't seem like such a waste to travel somewhere.

he kept a tight hold on her hand, throwing a look after the man that bumped into her. though, that was the way of the city, that didn't mean he'd take kindly to anyone bumping into her. but he tried to encourage her along at a pace that the bustling citizens kept. "oh, i can't keep all of them straight, for sure. at least, the more distantly related," he responded. he tried, but since he hadn't seen any of them since he was little, it was rather hopeless. he didn't know much what family gatherings were like either, but it might have been something like his neighborhood, when people would get together as apartments of italians tended to see each other as family. the community aspect carried over from italy... or so he was told.

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"sometimes i like to imagine what life would be like if i didn't have to worry about money," fi sighed in response to leone's comment. when it came down to it, money was always an issue, wasn't it? what would life be like if she had been born into money? life would be easier that's for sure but would she have been happy? it wasn't always the most fun, but she liked the feeling of earning everything she had. it was rewarding. but if she were rich, then she could travel the world from the luxury of a first class cabin. she would also like to purchase her parents a new cottage that didn't have a leaky roof, but if her family were rich, then they probably wouldn't be living in a home with a leaky roof anyways.

"walking in this city can be awfully exhausting," she commented as she caught back up to leone, her grip on his hand tightening to ensure she didn't risk losing him. "you italians are everywhere. do you ever have a moment alone?" she asked, genuinely curious. sure, there were plenty of irish in brooklyn, but she still hadn't found anyone who felt like a second family. from what she'd heard about the italians, they treated everyone like they were family. it sounded nice but overwhelming at the same time. "i know your ma may not have approved of your frivolous spending, but i'm glad i met you," she told him earnestly before her eyes caught sight of a massive green park stretching ahead of them a few short city blocks away. "is that it? it's bloody massive!"

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the world certainly would have been an easier place for people like them if money were not an issue. it was hard to imagine what he would be doing if he didn't need to worry about having money to care for a family. instead, he had to worry about such things. he had to worry about a future where he would be married and have children, who he would need to care for and make sure they were able to at least have a new pair of shoes every year. he didn't mind so much, if he didn't have money, as long as he was as happy as his parents had always seemed to be.

he laughed as she said walking in the city was exhausting. he could see that, with the pace set by many of the people that had grown up here. anyone that had some place to be and several blocsk to cover by a certain time. it made for many people hurrying and rushing about. he glanced toward her, "i don't, no. i share a room with my brother." their small apartment didn't offer any place to be alone. "if i want to be alone, i leave for awhile." he'd roam the city. it was how he'd become so familiar with where everything was, while his mother probably wouldn't be able to find her way around outside of little italy.

"i'm glad i met you, too," he told her with a smile. he wasn't sure why he'd felt so instantly connected to her. maybe it was just the way she had about her. the moment she'd approached him, she'd seemed like she was already a friend. like she was already familiar with him. he looked out at central park, grinning, "that's it," he told her, hurrying across the street as the light turned and soon they were in the green haven amongst all the buildings.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Oct 3 2016, 07:33 PM
new york was so different from home. everyone was always rushing about here, and they were more often than not fairly rude about getting to wherever they needed to go as quickly as possible. it was one of the reasons fiona had hesitated to venture off and explore on her own. she didn't desire getting trampled. being with leone helped though. with those broad shoulders and callused hands, no one could push him around. she had even noticed in their walk so far that a few people even stepped out of the way for him. okay, a few of those people had been women who were pausing to gaze at him longingly, but they made way for him nonetheless. but the fact that he rarely enjoyed a moment to himself? she couldn't imagine that. "but even if you leave, you're constantly surrounded by these people," she commented, gesturing at the bustling crowd around them. this whole no privacy issue was something she continued to struggle with.

eyes lighting up as they crossed the street to the park (was park the right word for this place? she couldn't even see to the end of it!), she pulled her hand from his once their feet hit the grass. "it's so beautiful," she breathed, before skipping off a few steps and spinning in three or four circles, her skirt fanning out around her, before dizzily stumbling back to him. "where is your favorite place to sit? you need to try the coffee cake."

Posted by: kate is no one. Oct 4 2016, 07:24 PM
leone was so used to the bustle and rush, he hardly took much notice of it or the people around them. he hardly even noticed the rude way people got about, unless they were rude directly to fiona. and he certainly didn't notice any women looking at him. he was oblivious, though fiona's presence might have been some part of the fact he didn't notice. he glanced around as she spoke, nodding. he could see what she meant. he really was never alone. but he was so used to it, and he wasn't the sort of person that needed, or even craved, a lot of alone time. "there's the park, though. you can find some peace there," he told her, smiling a little. everything seemed to slow there. people weren't in such a rush. it wasn't so crowded. it was easy to imagine some peace and alone time could be found there. he put his free hand in his pocket as he followed her, smiling as she spun, her skirt twirling about her. for a moment he just forgot everything, as he stared at her. "oh, yes, the coffee cake." he'd nearly forgotten he still held it. he led her then to a large rock, and he helped her to climb up on top of it before he sat with her, opening the bag with the coffee cake. "it smells great," he told her before he took his first bite. "tastes even better," he added around a mouthful.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Oct 4 2016, 07:39 PM
"i love it here, leone," she said earnestly, still a bit breathless from her twirls. following after him toward a large rock, her head was practically rolling about on her neck as she rushed to take everything in. this park was truly magical. it seemed to stretch out in front of them as far as the eye could see, and yet there were buildings all around them. it was like a slice of peace in the midst of the madness of the city. she loved it already. one day she wanted to live right off this park and visit it every day.

beaming over at leone as he helped her (who knew there were rocks in new york!), she scrambled up the well worn face of the rock and perched at the edge, her feet dangling over the edge as she surveyed the park before them. this really was the best day. turning to watch him as he first tasted her coffee cake, she couldn't resist clapping as he announced that it was tasty. "i stole some of ms. johnson's whiskey for the recipe," she admitted with a sheepish smile. "i'll tell my mum you approve," she added with a laugh before her eyes widened as she realized she hadn't shared her biggest news with him yet. "i heard from them! i'm going to be an auntie!"

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"good, i thought you might." it wasn't exactly a stretch to think she would like it; anyone would enjoy it here, so he wasn't surprised. but he settled there on the rock with her, watching her take it all on while he started in on the coffee cake she'd brought. it really was delicious. he wasn't sure what he'd been expecting when she said what it was. and now she told him there was whiskey in it. it didn't exactly fit the name, coffee cake. "perhaps it should be called whiskey cake, then," he commented, smiling a little. it wasn't anything he'd had before, but it wasn't exactly strange, either. and new york could be full of strange things that came from all over the world. he grinned around a mouthful as she told him she'd heard from her family, "see, i knew you'd get the letter soon. do you think you'll go back to visit, once your niece or nephew it born?" or maybe she'd go back permanently... he found he didn't like that idea very much.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Oct 6 2016, 09:31 AM
"it's irish coffee cake. i come from a long line of drinkers, so of course, we have to put whiskey in all our recipes," she explained with a laugh at the confusion she noted in his eyes. "what are italians known for?" she asked curiously. truthfully, she didn't know much about italians. she liked leone's accent, but she was fairly certain it was more new yorker than anything. ms. johnson was her primary source for information on other cultures, but she disliked most people so fi wasn't exactly trusting of her opinion. she was fairly certain they ate a lot of noodles... was it called pasta?

"i know, i know, you are so very wise," she teased, bumping against his shoulder. stealing a corner of the coffee cake for herself, she chewed thoughtfully as she considered his question about going back to visit. of course she wanted to see her family again, but the journey was so long and expensive. her sister wasn't due until april, but who knew what would happen in between then and now? "i want to visit, but if i'm in classes by then, i can't just leave for a month," she replied, the harsh reality that she might not see her family for years reigning in her previous excitement.

Posted by: kate is no one. Oct 6 2016, 06:21 PM
leone gave a snort of laughter as she emphasized it was irish coffee cake. "ah, yes, i forget the irish are big drinkers." that was one of many insults thrown their way. drunken, good for nothings. not that italians couldn't enjoy a bit of drinking, but leone's mother never let anyone in the family have anything but a bit of wine with dinner. not that leone hadn't drank more than that in secret, when he slipped out some nights. which was quite an accomplishment, considering how small their apartment was.

"oh, um... cannolis, maybe?" he suggested. if they were sticking with pastries and baked goods. pasta was the obvious suggestion, though, but surely she knew that. maybe he shouldn't assume anything. it wasn't as if he knew much about the irish other than the insults he heard thrown around.

he watched her consider his question, and he could understand that it might be a hard thing to decide on. if she visited home, she might never want to come back, especially if she didn't have any real reason to return. except if she had started her nursing classes. that would make it difficult, obviously. "perhaps they can come to visit you," he offered, as some ray of hope.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Oct 6 2016, 06:57 PM
"i'm not much for drinking though," she was quick to explain, not wanting him to think she was some closet drunkard. "my grandmother though? she could drink even my father under the table. it was astonishing and frightening all at once." of course, most of the drinking was done at social events, but it seemed like her village had found countless reasons to drink in celebration. even the smallest accomplishment or achievement was celebrated with a pint at the pub, and once one person was celebrating? everyone else was quick to celebrate in support. that camaraderie was one of the things she missed most living in new york. "ca-nno-lis?" she said slowly, carefully as she tested the foreign word out. "what are they?" one of the best things about new york had to be the new things she learned everyday.

she couldn't help but smile in appreciation of his optimistic mindset about her family coming to visit. she didn't bother telling him that they would never be able to afford the trip and that her mother hated driving to the next town over. she would never agree to sailing across an ocean for an extended visit. instead, she allowed herself to dream of what it might be like if they came to visit. "my sister, mattie, would love new york. she always said our town was too small, but now she's married to the pharmacist, so she'll never leave. but maybe one day she'll send my niece or nephew to stay with me!" it never hurt to dream.

Posted by: kate is no one. Oct 7 2016, 07:18 PM
it was hard for leone to imagine any woman drinking so much... especially an older woman. but again, they were irish. their blood probably ran with it. though, fiona had quickly assured him she wasn't much of a drinker herself. he didn't assume all irish were drunkards; he tried not to assume anything about anyone, but it was hard to get past the few things he knew about other cultures he encountered here. he encountered most while at work, since the rest of his time was usually spent around other italians.

he tried not to laugh as she slowly pronounced cannolis. it did sound amusing with her accent. "pastries. it's like a crispy shell filled with a creamy filling. i'll have to bring some to you sometime..." he realized late that he was already inviting himself to see her again. definitely getting ahead of himself a bit.

as she spoke about her sister, he listened, smiling a little. "a pharmacist would do well here," he commented, "they like people with an education coming over. i bet he wouldn't have any trouble getting a job."

Posted by: emily in technicolor Oct 11 2016, 06:19 PM
"a crispy shell... with cream?" she repeated after him once again, a skeptical note edging into her voice as she tried to imagine the dessert. "i definitely need to try it, but it's only fair you bring it for me since i made you coffee cake," she added with an easy smile, the idea that she was assuming they would see each other again not even crossing her mind. he was her friend after all. her source to all of the amazing sights new york city had to offer. so of course they would be seeing one another again. and of course food would be involved, because fi was fast deciding that it was their thing. their way of bridging the cultural differences and whatnot.

"oh no, conor isn't the adventurous sort. mattie is, but he's never talked favorably about america. thinks i'm abandoning my homeland and family," she explained with a dramatic eye roll to emphasize the fact that his criticism didn't hurt... that much. she wasn't abandoning her country; she was chasing a new life with more opportunities for her future. yes, she may be a lowly shop girl now, but that was temporary. only until she got her feet under her. "what's your favorite pastime?" she asked in a rather obvious attempt to steer the conversation away from the fact that she had abandoned her family more or less in the move.

Posted by: kate is no one. Oct 12 2016, 04:45 PM
leone wasn't sure how else to describe it, or even what to compare it to. a crispy shell filled with cream was as accurate as he could get, and he could tell she wasn't entirely sure what to think about it. "all right, it's only fair," he agreed with a laugh. at least she seemed open tot he idea of seeing him again. though, that could always change as the day progressed. she might decide she didn't like him so much after all. so far, the only time they'd interacted before this point was when he'd bought his mother a scarf, with her assistance.

he frowned as she talked about conor and what he'd said. she didn't seem too hurt by the words, but it had to have some affect on her. especially in those moments she was really missing her family. no matter what, america had opportunities for everyone. even if those opportunities might not be what people dreamed of. he didn't say anything on the subject, taking her hint of a topic change to talk about something else. "um..." well, that was a question he'd never heard before. he wasn't sure if there was really any specific answer he could give her. he worked, then came home and helped around the shop or with his siblings. there wasn't much free time. but there were those rare occasions. "if i have free time, i usually go out with some friends. we'll find somewhere to go. somewhere with music, dancing. or we'll play baseball." that was one thing that had grown on him quickly as he grew up in this new country.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Oct 13 2016, 05:20 PM
fi bit back an awkward laugh as she watched leone struggle with her question on pastimes. was it an odd question to ask? certainly he did other things outside of working and spending time with his family, right? he'd visited the department store after all! but that wasn't exactly a favorite pastime... he did seem like a family man though, so maybe that really did occupy all his time. fi was about to cut in and tell him never mind, but then he was answering and relieving her (albeit over blown) stress over the question. "you dance?" she asked excitedly, giving him a once over as if she would innately know that he was a good dancer by studying him. "you look like you would be a good dancer," she declared with a decisive nod as she grabbed another corner of coffee cake. "i'm a terrible dancer, but i love it," she admitted with a unashamed grin before popping the new piece of cake in her mouth.

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of course she latched onto the fact he mentioned he went dancing sometimes. his friends had dragged him out once, and he hadn't been all that enthusiastic about it. but it'd only taken one pretty girl leading him out to dance for him to decide it was something he could happily do more often. eventually he found he actually quite enjoyed dancing. he wasn't horrible; at least, he didn't tread on any toes when he did it. "i don't think i'm that good," he told her, not wanting her to think he was a great dancer by any means. she looked like she should be a good dancer, but she said otherwise. still, he thought she looked like she should be graceful. "well... maybe i can take you out dancing sometime," he suggested. he was feeling emboldened by the fact she'd already seemed willing to the idea of seeing him another time after today.

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"as long as you're good at twirling then i'll be impressed," fi assured him with a grin after swallowing her latest bite of coffee cake. i mean, why else did people dance if not to be twirled? sure, moving to the beat of the music was fun and all, but there was something truly exhilarating about being spun around the dance floor. "oh!" she exclaimed in surprise at his offer to take her out dancing sometime. she felt her cheeks heat up as she bit back an elated grin at the fact that he wanted to take her dancing. she didn't want to seem too eager after all. plus there was the fact that sally would insist he had just asked her out on a proper date, which only added to her nervous excitement. "yes, i would love that!" she was quick to say after a moment's pause, because life was too short to play coy. "you have to twirl me though," she added with a cheeky grin.

Posted by: kate is no one. Oct 20 2016, 02:27 PM
"i think i can manage twirling," he laughed, looking at her. twirling was nothing. he was sure any person could twirl a girl about. the girls he'd danced with before always seemed to enjoy it, and clearly fiona would be no different. he hoped he wasn't moving things along too fast by suggesting he take her out dancing, but then, it was just dancing. it wasn't a huge deal or anything. he didn't think she'd turn him down, but he was still relieved when she didn't. "all right, i can definitely agree to twirl," he assured her, looking amused. "now you just need to tell me what nights you're free and where i should pick you up." and by pick up, he meant he'd walk to her place and take her out, then walk her home that night as well.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Oct 27 2016, 06:07 AM
"if you can handle twirling, then you're definitely a keeper," she teased with a gentle bump against his shoulder. grinning as he insisted that he could handle twirling her, she couldn't help but laugh at his amused expression over her twirling obsession. no, not obsession. passion for twirling. it was very clearly the best part of dancing. but maybe he didn't understand that, because he had never been properly twirled... she would have to remedy that for sure. "i have to help close tuesday and thursdays, but i'm usually free any other night," she answered before rushing to add, "but whatever works best for you. i don't want to be an inconvenience." it seemed like he was offering to do all these fun things with her and show her around town, but she had nothing to give him in return. in fact, she'd actually taken away from him considering she sold him a scarf for his ma. suffice it to say, she didn't want him thinking she was a burden. although he had just asked her on a date! so that had to be a positive sign. "you can walk me home today, and i'll show you where the boardinghouse is." because she still wasn't entirely certain of the address. she just knew how to get from there and back to work. "what other amazing places are on our tour today?"

Posted by: kate is no one. Oct 27 2016, 06:24 PM
"how about friday night, then?" he suggested. that was usually when most people went out to the dance halls. there would be plenty of people, which he thought would make it more exciting for fiona, with it being her first time out dancing. and perhaps her first night out, period, since coming to the city. he couldn't recall if she said she'd been out with the other girls she lived in the boarding house with or not. his friends would be quite jealous when they realized he was bringing along a girl, while they'd have to find partners once they were there. not that it was hard. there were usually plenty of girls to choose from. he nodded as she said he could walk her home, which would give him the opportunity to see where it was she lived and where he would pick her up friday night. he didn't think it'd be hard for him to find his way back, since he felt he knew the city like the back of his hand at this point. he considered her question, leaning back, "well, i don't want to drag you all over," he said slowly. it'd either involve a lot of walking or subway rides, and he didn't want to have her paying just to see the city. "there's still plenty to see here. we can walk by the museums..."

Posted by: emily in technicolor Oct 28 2016, 12:23 PM
"friday would be lovely," fi agreed, practically humming with excitement for their next excursion. sally would be positively green with envy over the fact that fi's new friend had taken her to central park and out dancing all in the same week. not that she cared if sally were jealous, but it was a nice little dose of revenge for how reluctant the other girl was to show them around town. even if fiona wasn't particularly talented at dancing, she still loved the energy at dance halls, but she still hadn't been to one in america. thank goodness for leone. "but i want you to show me all over. i wore my comfortable shoes," she insisted, swinging her sensible short heel-clad feet out in front of her for emphasis. she couldn't quite comprehend how massive the city was and maybe it wasn't realistic to believe they could see it all in a day, but now that she had a guide, she didn't want to settle for only seeing central park. "there are museums nearby?" she asked, perking up. museums sounded new and interesting and exciting.

Posted by: kate is no one. Oct 31 2016, 07:46 PM
"friday then," he responded, smiling at her. as they continued their day he'd think about when the best time to pick her up would be. he had to make sure most of his evening was clear, which was something he should consider before suggesting they go dancing that friday. whatever the case, he'd make it work. he certainly wouldn't back out of the plans now, though. leone laughed as she showed him her comfortable shoes. they didn't exactly look like comfortable shoes to him, but perhaps to a woman those were sensible pieces of footwear for walking all over the city. "still, we could have plenty of opportunities in the future to see more. besides, if i show you everything now, you won't have any need to see me again," he teased before pushing himself up to his feet, reaching to help her back down onto the grass. "there are. there's the art museum and natural history museum."

Posted by: emily in technicolor Oct 31 2016, 08:34 PM
fiona started to nod reluctantly at leone's comment that they would have plenty of opportunities in the future to explore, but her understanding nod was interrupted as a blush lit up her cheeks when he started on about her having a need to see him again. clearly he underestimated how much she enjoyed his company; she would find a reason for him to continue to show her about. he wouldn't get rid of her that easily. "i think you underestimate me, sir," she replied with a smile as she took his offered hand and managed to hop back down to the grass without making a fool of herself. "there maybe another sale on scarves. or maybe i would require a companion for my first central park picnic. i'm quite certain we could find a reason to see each other again," she added, giving his hand a squeeze before busying herself with brushing off the back of her skirt. fi paused to consider the museum options. honestly she wasn't entirely certain what a natural science museum entailed. was it a bunch of dead animals and plants lying about? no, thanks. "ma would go mad if she heard i passed up a trip by the art museum. can we just take a peek?"

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leone still looked pretty amused, "well, i guess you should keep making plans for us after friday, then." he realized they needed to figure out a good method of communication. he supposed there was always writing, and he wasn't sure whether the boarding house she was staying in had a phone she was allowed to use and give out the number for. honestly, he didn't really like the idea of calling and being uncertain as to whether she'd be the one to pick up. he could suck it up, though, if he found himself spending a lot more time with her. he made sure she was steady on the ground before releasing her hand. "we can take more than a peek. there's no cost, so we can go right in and look around," he told her before he started to lead her in the direction. "you and your mother enjoy art?" he wouldn't say he found it all that interesting, but he could usually enjoy the rooms that showed items from older civilizations. the natural history museum was his preference.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Nov 7 2016, 07:01 AM
"be careful what you wish for," she joked, although she was immensely pleased to note that he seemed to like the idea of seeing her again. it was amazing how quickly her mood turned from homesick and lonely to excited and eager. all because leone had offered to show her the city. okay, and because she'd finally started receiving letters, but leone was helping her feel like she belonged in new york city. people still bumped into her on the street, because she hadn't yet mastered the art of fast walking, but regardless, she was still feeling more like a resident and less like a temporary visitor. "there's no cost? are all museums like that?" she asked him as they set off in a new direction through the park. she would have to start visiting more museums! she was going to be a worldly woman. "ma and mattie are the art lovers, but i wanted to purchase a postcard for 'em. i enjoy the colors, but i usually lose interest fairly quick," she admitted. her mother and sister could spend hours wandering through the art museum in the city, but fiona had always been ready to go after wandering through the rooms that contained the impressionist paintings. "what's your favorite museum?" it only seemed fair that they explore his favorite museum too, right?

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it was unfortunate her family would never be able to experience the art museum with her. he still couldn't imagine what it was like to be in this city, completely alone. it was hard to imagine especially when he was almost constantly surrounded by family. there was no time for himself, except the times he remained out on weekends or after work. "some of the museums, not all," he responded. he didn't go to the ones that cost money. the others could easily occupy hours of time. it might be fun for her to see the art museum, and then she could pick out a postcard to send home to her family. "i like the natural history museum," he told her with a little smile. "i like seeing the dinosaur skeletons..."

Posted by: emily in technicolor Nov 12 2016, 01:13 PM
fiona had always heard that there were countless things to do in the city, but she was slowly learning that the sheer amount of things to do seemed unfathomable. from free (free!) museums to a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city, there weren't enough hours in the day to do it all, but she desperately wanted to do it all. patience was a real pain sometimes. "oi! dinosaurs? you didn't mention dinosaurs, leone!" fi exclaimed, her eyes wide with shock and amazement. art certainly couldn't hold a candle to dinosaurs! but she knew her ma and mattie would adore a postcard. heaving a sigh, she inexplicably found herself close to tears as the sheer amount of possibilities began to overwhelm her. "i feel like i need to see and experience everything, but there's so much," she complained, equally frustrated with herself for allowing any bit of frustration ruin her lovely day with leone.

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leone couldn't stop from laughing at her clear excitement over dinosaurs. "wow, if i'd known i'd get this reaction i would have mentioned them immediately," he replied. maybe he'd just assumed she'd realize the natural history museum would have fossils and dinosaur skeletons, but then, she'd probably never been to a museum like that before. now she just seemed a little overwhelmed by it all. "we might be able to go to both museums today. maybe not see everything in both of them, but we can at least get your postcards from the art museum, then go see the dinosaurs," he suggested. "then there are always other days to see the rest another time." they didn't need to cover it all today. not when they'd already talked about seeing each other other days beyond that day.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Nov 16 2016, 07:01 PM
"i thought natural history meant a museum filled with dried flowers and plants," fi explained. although now that he had mentioned dinosaurs, it made sense that animals would be included in a natural museum... "what sort of dinosaurs? are they terrifying?" she'd only ever heard about dinosaurs. she'd seen some fossils at the local museum growing up, but she had never even imagined she would one day have the opportunity to see a skeleton in person. that fact just fed the overwhelming feeling inside, because what else didn't she know was possible? it was equal parts exciting and terrifying. nodding along as leone formulated a logical plan, she tried to focus on the fact that time was on their side. "i don't want to let them down is all. they'll never see all this, so i need to do everything and write them about it," she explained in a rush, desperate to voice her concerns aloud so they'd stop eating her up on the inside. "so you can't get tired of me before we see experience everything," she warned, a hint of humor finding its way back into her tone.

Posted by: kate is no one. Nov 24 2016, 06:36 AM
he paused as she told him what she thought a museum of natural history would have. he could agree that didn't sound overly appealing. "i'm sure they have stuff like that too, but we don't need to look at it," he responded with a little laugh. he honestly hadn't paid any attention to whether they had plants on display. he typically focused on the dinosaurs or halls of stuffed animals from places he'd never been. "i don't know. all sorts," he told her, smiling again. there was no way he'd remember their specific names. they were too complicated. "they aren't very terrifying as a bunch of bones, but they definitely would have been." it was hard for him to imagine that such creature once dominated the planet. there ws really no reason to try to cram everything into one day. at least, leone planned to see her again. they could make this a frequent thing. he could go to that museum over and over, but there was plenty else that fiona might want to see. he laughed, nodding, "all right, i'll try not to." he led her to the art museum first. "what do you want to see?"

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life was good. great, actually. the girls at the boardinghouse were fast becoming some of her closest friends, and while ms. johnson was hellbent on trying to fix her up with a nice irish boy, the older woman was warming up to the idea of an italian stealing her heart. speaking of italians, fiona estimated that she and leone had walked across well over half of the city by now. they had even ridden the subway once after she'd earned her first commission bonus. honestly, the subway had been both a thrilling but frightening experience. she'd loved how fast they had traveled from one side of the city to the other, but she'd clung to leone's arm as the subway rattled through a handful of turns. all in all, new york was fast beginning to feel like home, and fi was happy. truly, genuinely happy.

today was much like every other friday. the store was practically filled to the brim with customers thanks to pay day, and fi had already helped a handful of women locate the handbags of their dreams. she was about to head back to the break room for her lunch break when the man had approached her. he wasn't the sort they usually saw around the handbag section, but she tried to resist judging anyone until she'd spoken to them. after all, leone hadn't been a typical customer, but his money spent just as well. unfortunately, it seemed like this particular man was more interested in watching her bend over to pick up another bag he'd "accidentally" dropped than he was in picking out a purse for his sister. "maybe your sister would be more interested in a new coat? a few beautiful fur coats just went on sale," she was in the midst of suggesting before the man's arm slipped around her waist and pulled her close. "how 'bout i take you out? my sister's always wanted me to find a nice girl, ya know," the man suggested, his breath hot on her face as she shook her head and struggled to free herself from him grip.

Posted by: kate is no one. Jan 8 2017, 02:33 PM
it became a weekly thing, to take fiona out into the city. to show her what was now her home, to make her more familiar with it, comfortable with it. he hoped she reached the point that it truly was home for her. sometimes he enjoyed challenging her, asking her which way to this or that street, just to see how well her internal map was developing. he wanted to know that, if she was lost, she would be able to find her way on her own, without relying on someone that might be untrustworthy.

his friends had become amused by his attachment to this irish girl, especially when (in their opinion, at least) there were plenty of pretty italian girls he could be focusing on instead. but they enjoyed teasing him, and he thought they could understand why he liked her so much. and yet, they'd yet to label their relationship, whatever it was. he was worried about pushing her too much, and he was worried about bringing her to meet his family, which he would have to do sooner rather than later, if they decided they were going steady. his mother would smack him over the head if she realized he had a girl and he had waited too long to bring her around.

today was not their usual day, but he knew she was working, and he also knew she might be able to take off for an hour for lunch. the last thing he expected to see when he showed up at the store was fi with a guy's arm around her waist. he very nearly turned to walk away, but it was clear she was uncomfortable, that she was struggling to free herself. that sent a little shock of anger through him. "i don't think she's interested in what you're selling," he told the guy, grabbing his shoulder to pull him away. the man gave leone a once over before laughing, "not sure it's any of your business, you stupid wop," he replied. leone's fists clenched at his sides, trying his hardest not to just punch the guy. "it's my business when it's my girlfriend you're talking to."

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this wasn't normal. she'd heard stories about pushy male customers who were more interested in the shop girl than actually purchasing anything, but it wasn't a situation fi expected to find herself in. unfortunately, she'd never gotten a concrete answer on how one handles a situation like that. if it was a wealthy gentleman who frequented the shop regularly, they were expected to direct the attention away from themselves. if it was an unknown customer, they were only advised to not cause a scene. neither option was particularly helpful when she was tugged close by a complete stranger. even though fiona still wasn't sure where her relationship with leone was headed, she would never be interested in that man's advances. why, he'd probably invite her out and then force her to pay for their date!

"n- no thank you. i have plans," fi was in the midst of explaining in the hopes of escaping the man's hold when leone (god bless him) appeared from seemingly nowhere. unfortunately, the stranger's reaction to being confronted was to tighten his grip on her waist and proceed to call leone cruel names. she'd finally managed to slip from the man's grip when leone announced (to what felt like entire store!) that she was his girl. a surprised look flashed across her features as her heart practically burst from her chest in happiness, but she was quick to school her features as she turned on the now-frazzled customer. "please see your way out, sir," she demanded, arms crossed tightly in front of her as the rude man backed away with his hands raised and muttering something about "stupid immigrants" as he turned on his heel.

heart still racing from the unfortunate situation and the sudden declaration of her boyfriend, fiona didn't turn to face leone until she was satisfied that her customer had seen his way out. at least out of her line of sight. "leone?" she started, fidgeting nervously with her hands as she turned to face him. "were you serious? about me being your girl?" what if he was just trying to be polite in order to get rid of the man? what if he wasn't truly interested in going steady with her?

Posted by: kate is no one. Jan 8 2017, 05:17 PM
if they'd been on the street, leone probably would have been on the guy. he would have taken a swing the moment wop left his mouth. but they weren't in the street, they were in the department store fiona worked in. he had the sense still to know that would not end well for fiona's job here; she'd likely end up fired. luckily, the man seemed to back down the moment he heard that fiona was taken, and by the young man confronting him. they were stupid immigrants, but that clearly hadn't bothered him while he was putting his hands on fiona. he watched the guy turn and leave, his fists slowly unclenching as his body relaxed, muscles less tense.

his gaze shifted to fi quickly when she spoke, and he started to get just as fidgety as she was and he ran a hand through his hair. "i uh..." yeah, great use of words there, very eloquent. "if you're not opposed to it?" he replied, a little sheepishly. it'd seemed the best thing to say at the time, to get the guy to back off, and he realized maybe he'd been considering her his girlfriend for awhile now.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Jan 8 2017, 08:38 PM
fiona had never been more ready for a lunch break than she was after dealing with that man. she was a little hurt none of the other girls had stepped in before leone came, but she understood that the top priority seemed to be never cause a scene. fi thought they had handled the situation as well as could be expected (leone hadn't socked him or thrown him through a purse display), but there were lingering nerves that filled her mind with paranoid thoughts of everyone staring and caused her cheeks to heat up in residual embarrassment. of course, once leone began to answer her question, her cheeks were flushing for an entirely different reason. "you're quite the romantic," she teased with a nervous laugh before throwing all propriety out the window and launching herself at him, arms wrapping around his neck in a tight embrace. "i would like nothing but to be your girl," fi exclaimed as the unexpected excitement washed away any lingering worries. her ma was going to be over the moon when she heard the news!

Posted by: kate is no one. Jan 8 2017, 09:18 PM
well, this wasn't quite the way leone would have wanted this to go. he certainly could have come up with some romantic way eventually to ask about making them official. clearly fiona noticed. he laughed a nervous laugh as well, "ah, yeah, i would have liked a better way to do that," he told her, but he supposed this perhaps suited them. their whole relationship was based on what he would call spur of the moment. he was startled, laughed as she threw herself at him and he wrapped his arms tight around her, lifting her briefly off the ground before setting her back down again. if they weren't in the middle of that department store, he might have kissed her. but he was acutely aware of where they were and the people around them. "you know, my mamma will be wanting to meet you."

Posted by: emily in technicolor Jan 9 2017, 07:25 AM
maybe it wasn't a romantic picnic atop their rock in central park or in front of the towering tyrannosaurus rex at the museum, but fi didn't require an elaborate display of affection from leone to know that he cared about her. they probably should have had an actual conversation about what they meant to one another a while back, but she hadn't wanted to risk ruining what they had. what if leone truly had just seen her as a friend? she would have ruined their easy friendship by letting him know she wanted more.

laughing as he lifted her, she pressed a quick kiss to his cheek and put a few feet of space between them before she kissed him full on the lips. glancing around them, her cheeks were quick to flush when she noted a few onlookers watching their display. it wasn't every day a fine boy like leone asked her to go steady; she was allowed to be excited. fiona's gaze was quick to snap back to his as he brought up meeting his ma. "but i was hoping to learn more italian before i meet her! ciao and grazie aren't enough. how will i introduce myself?" he loved his ma so she was an important woman to impress. not to mention all his siblings and his pa. his family meant the world to him. she wanted to leave a good impression on them.

Posted by: kate is no one. Jan 9 2017, 07:33 PM
leone happily accepted her kiss, though didn't prolong it as he might have liked to. but they were still at the department store, and he wouldn't be the cause of her losing her job. the attention they were getting already made him a bit nervous. but no manager had approached fiona to have a word with her or anything like that, so he hough things might be just fine. he laughed at her sudden worry about meeting his mother. "she knows enough english. she'll be pleased enough if you can say just a few simplet hings. even just ciao and grazie," he told her. his mother wasn't entirely fluent, but she'd learned enough while her children learned. he thought she'd quite like fiona, even if she wasn't italian.

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"okay... if you say so. i just want them to like me is all," she murmured, biting down on her bottom lip as she glanced around the store. it had definitely quieted down following the lunch rush, and she knew her time with leone was likely limited given that he had to get back to building skyscrapers. "let's go to lunch. my treat since you surprised me! i forgot to tell you that i sold this beautiful red purse and got another commission check," she proclaimed with a proud smile. maybe it wasn't what was expected, but fi enjoyed paying every now and again. they both worked just as hard for their paychecks, so why should she expect leone to always treat her? yes, she was focused on saving enough for her nursing courses, but one meal every once in a while wouldn't hurt. "give me a moment to check in with mrs. howard," she added, slipping her hand in his as she moved towards the back offices.

Posted by: kate is no one. Jan 10 2017, 06:24 AM
"they'll like you," leone replied, with confidence, though he did have some small worry that they wouldn't like that she wasn't italian. that she was irish... but surely the fact that she was kind, that he clearly was fond of her, would win them over even if they had any doubts. he pulled aface as she declared they should go to lunch, that it'd be her treat. "but i came here to surprise you, to buy lunch for you," he told her, though he knew he was fighting a losing battle. she didn't like it when he tried to spend money on her, while trying not to let her contribute in the slightest. but if she was his girl, he felt he should be the one taking care of her, paying for their meals and anything else they did. he already had grand plans to taking her to a carnival coming into the city, but he'd have to hold off on telling her so that when he took her to it, she might not be prepared with any money to spend. he followed her as she took his hand, "perhaps i should wait outside?" he suggested, not sure if he should be joining her back in the offices to speak with her boss.

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a pleased smile and a soft flush to her cheeks was quick to follow leone's insistence that his family would like her. considering how much they meant to him, it was a comforting assurance. she wasn't italian, but she hoped they would appreciate that she was trying to learn as much as she could about their culture. in addition to the usual nervousness that came along with meeting a boy's family for the first time, there was a particular excitement as well. while the city had started to feel more like her home, she missed having a family nearby. she missed being surrounded by people who loved one another unconditionally. "but you got me that hot dog and pretzel last time we went to the park, so it's my turn," she insisted, but because she didn't want him to think she didn't appreciate how thoughtful he was, she was quick to add, "you can buy me a slice of carrot cake! the diner next door has the absolute best carrot cake." see, a compromise.

fi was about to assure him that it would be fine as they approached the offices, but she instinctively dropped her hold on leone as mrs. howard's ominous "miss flynn, a moment" cut through the background noise of the department store. "okay, i- i'll meet you out front," she said before hurrying into mrs. howard's office.

Posted by: kate is no one. Jan 11 2017, 06:22 AM
leone's mouth tightened as she pointed out that he'd bought her a hot dog and pretzel the last time they'd gone out, so obviously it was her turn to buy things. he wanted to remind her that she was saving to become a nurse, but then she'd likely remind him that he was helping to support his family. it'd be an endless cycle, and likely one that she would win. his mother had made it quite clear to him, from a young age, that women were always right. he wasn't sure how much he believed that, but he did believe that women always thought they were right. as fiona sought a compromise, he smiled a little, "all right, i'll buy you carrot cake, then..."

he would have ended up insisting that he stay behind, and he felt his instincts had been correct when mrs. howard's rather ominous tone rose to greet them.. and fiona quite promptly released his hand. "all right.." he said slowly, a little worried. surely the woman could not be angry about leone's intervention, or that fiona had refused to flirt and give that customer the time of day. he hesistated a moment before walking away to stand out front the department store and wait for fiona.

Posted by: emily in technicolor Jan 11 2017, 12:41 PM
fi wasn't in mrs. howard's office long. it was only ten minutes or so before she was shoving her way through the front doors. a scowl marring her features, she was quick to find leone among the bustling crowd before marching over to him. "he complained to mrs. howard!" she seethed, hands clenched in fists by her side as she began pacing in front of him. the arsehole had complained about her! "said i was rude and impolite and implied that i was soliciting him," she added, eyes sparkling as she fought back tears of frustration. fi wanted nothing more than to hunt that moron down and give him a piece of her mind. if he ever came back to the store, she certainly wouldn't hold back. in fact, she would turn everyone in the store against him! "that lying arse ruined a completely wonderful day!"

Posted by: kate is no one. Jan 11 2017, 07:51 PM
he could tell that things had not gone well the moment he saw fi's face as she approached him. her words had his own hands clenching into fists. perhaps he should have punched the guy; he might have been too embarrassed to go running to fiona's boss. there was certainly no way he'd lie and say a woman had given him a black eye or a broken nose. if he saw that man again, though... he'd give him one or both of those reminders. "i'll talk to her," he offered immediately, "i'll tell her what truly happened." though, fiona hadn't told him what her punishment for the man's words. he paused, reaching out to take her hand, giving it a slight squeeze. "you haven't been fired, have you?"

Posted by: emily in technicolor Jan 12 2017, 07:21 AM
fiona had never been a vindictive person. in a fight or flight situation, she generally ran away as quickly as possible. avoiding confrontations were one of her specialties, but in this case? she was ready to start swinging at the man alongside leone. she was so worked up about the entire situation that she didn't stop pacing until leone took her hand in his. stumbling to a halt, fi was quick to shake her head once his question registered. "no, no. mrs. howard believed me when i insisted he was the rude one," she replied quickly, not wanting him to worry about her potentially losing her job. "although... she scolded me for flirting with my boyfriend, but i said that was only because you saved me, and it wouldn't happen again." she would just have to flirt with her boyfriend right outside the store during her breaks or when he was searching for presents. if he was shopping, then she was definitely allowed to flirt with him, right? it made sense to her at least.

Posted by: kate is no one. Jan 12 2017, 03:53 PM
leone had worried about the sort of woman that this mrs. howard was, if she would call fiona to her office over this incident with that man. he thought surely she'd been scolded, told that the customer was always to be respected. that a customer was always right. he wasn't sure what he would have done if mrs. howard had believed the man over her own employee. he would have felt slightly guilty, feeling he was some cause of her losing her job, but at the same time, there would have been no way he could stand back and let her be harrassed. he'd thought the worst when fiona had come storming out. it was a relief to hear it was the exact opposite. he smiled slightly as she told him she was scolded for flirting with her boyfriend. "unless, of course, i have to save you again," he replied. he squeezed her hand, pulling her closer to him. "shall we go get your carrot cake?"

Posted by: emily in technicolor Jan 12 2017, 05:29 PM
fiona hadn't been fired, and she'd only received a minor slap on the wrist for "canoodling" with leone on the shop floor, so she should be happy right? except she wasn't. thankful that mrs. howard had believed her story, yes, but not happy about the situation. that man had been a lying arsehole who deserved nothing more than to have dirt rubbed into his eyes! unfortunately, she'd likely never run into him ever again, so worrying about it was mostly a moot point. "you can save me any day. you're my own personal prince charming," fi replied, a grin sneaking in to displace her bitter mood as he tugged her closer. "i might need to eat some of your cake too since i've had a shite morning," she warned before stretching up on her toes to press a quick kiss to his lips (they were outside now, so she was allowed!) before laughing and beginning to pull him towards the diner.

Posted by: kate is no one. Jan 14 2017, 03:15 PM
leone wasn't going to let some idiot ruin his day, and he hoped that fiona felt the same, so he did his best to distract her. he could tell from her somewhat sour expression that her mind was still on that man, but the moment he mentionedthe cake and drew her in closer, that look was replaced with a smile. "i can probably allow for that; your day's been much tougher than mine," he agreed. he'd worked some that morning before hurrying over here to enjoy lunch with her. the rest of his day was free. he just wished hers was the same. he kissed her back, lingering a moment before they made their way to the diner. "do you want to just eat lunch here as well?"

Posted by: emily in technicolor Jan 15 2017, 05:50 PM
fi had a boyfriend. a real life american boyfriend. she was now even closer to living the american dream! she'd mentioned leone in passing in her letters back home, and her family had been thrilled to read about her sight seeing city expert. she would have to write immediately tonight and tell them that they were going steady now. mattie would be over the moon. "i probably shouldn't be away for long, but the onion rings here are incredible, and i think you'll like it," she said, giving his hand a squeeze of her own as she pushed through the doors into the small, but homey diner. fiona was beginning to develop a dangerous obsession with fried food. she was quickly learning that frying any food automatically made it ten times more delicious. "were you serious about your ma liking me?" she questioned, leading him towards two empty seats at the counter.

Posted by: kate is no one. Jan 18 2017, 01:27 PM
leone laughed softly as she said the onion rings were incredible. "well, i guess i'd better have some, then," he replied. his mother would look on in horror, as she believed that leone should stay loyal to italian foods. but he always pointed out that they lived in america. they needed to enjoy all the foods that the other cultures brought here. she'd always just shake her head, but smile, clearly pleased that her son was such a true american. he led fiona to a table and sat down, pulling a menu open in front of him. onions rings. a burger. he thought that was probably as american as anyone could get. he looked up at fi, smiling, "'course i was serious. she's going to love you; or just the fact she might think she's that much closer to a daughter-in-law and grandchildren..."

Posted by: emily in technicolor Feb 11 2017, 10:54 AM
settling into the booth across from leone, fi grabbed her menu and started flipping through it despite already knowing what she wanted. a fully loaded hot dog with a side of onion rings. she wasn't entirely sure what all was actually on the hot dog, but tony, the cook, had told her it was from chicago. it was messy and delicious, and she couldn't stop ordering it. despite moving to a completely new continent, she was ultimately a creature of habit. glancing up as leone assured her his mother would approve of her, she was quick to glance back down once he added the bit about their future. biting down on her lower lip to hold back a pleased grin as her cheeks flushed (because that had to mean he was thinking about their future), fi shot him another quick glance before pretending to study her menu. "what about you? have you thought about... those things as well?" okay, it wasn't exactly a subtle line of questioning, but he was the one who brought it up.

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