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 born to kill., natural born killers inspired.

loony lulu

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May 12 2017, 11:02 AM         Quote        
inspired by the movie natural born killers

muse a has been sexually and verbally abused by her father for as long as she can remember. her mother does little to protect her from her father’s actions as she complains about the fact that he doesn’t touch her anymore. she despises the two of them, only caring for her innocent little brother. her father is controlling, he scolds her for wearing revealing clothing and stops her from enjoying life as a young adult. it seems like there is no escape from her situation, until she meets muse b.

muse b is a butcher, used to being covered in blood and used to the goriness of the job. he occasionally delivers meat to muse a’s family, but the two have never met before. one day, he arrives and muse a opens the door without anyone else noticing, all dressed up to go to a concert. their attraction to each other is obvious from the start and that night, she escapes from her father’s filthy hands and spends time with muse b. they slowly fall in love with each other through secret meetings, their relationship cut short when her father threatens to kill muse b if he shows up again. muse b decides to help muse a escape from her family, but does not tell her an exact date.

out of the blue, muse b shows up one night, ready to kill muse a’s family and take her with him. together, they murder her father and her mother in the most cruel ways possible. it’s clear that they enjoy doing this, only leaving muse a’s little brother behind to tell the tale of what they have done.

this is just the start of a killing spree that’s irresponsibly covered by the media. television makes them famous, large masses of people claiming that they would love to be killed by muse a and muse b. their good looks and eccentric style attract the audience, even if they don’t agree with what they’re doing.

note: this is a very violent, m-rated plot. it’s obvious that it will be filled with murder, sex and drugs, so if you aren’t into that, then this is not the plot for you. i would like to play muse a, but i would be willing to do this plot a second time as muse b. if you haven’t watched the movie and have questions about the plot, feel free to ask! we don’t have to stick to the movie’s plot and we don’t have to mantain the 1990’s setting it has. i really want this to be a long-term plot with threads ranging from 250-400 words or more if we feel like it. if you don’t like any of the faces i list down below, feel free to suggest another and i will tell you if i like it! my discord is loonylulu#8825.

muse a – elle fanning, emma roberts, emma stone, freya mavor, natalia dyer, nicola peltz, tuppence middleton.

muse b – aaron taylor-johnson, brendon urie, boyd holbrook, evan peters, ezra miller, keegan allen, sebastian stan.

[ august 17th ] – i have a bit of free time & i miss writing! i can't take on a ton of plots, but i'm down for a few c:
TRIGGERS     incest, written out abuse & rape.
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May 12 2017, 11:34 AM         Quote        
omg lulu whyyyy
august 8th replies will mostly be done at the weekend <3
TRIGGERS     i have no triggers ok c:
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