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i'm cassie fucking fitch
Notes from cassie
march 29th: we finally hired someone (yay!!!!) and i am training her this week. next week she will start working on doing her paper which will give me less work. however, at this time i am kind of not really doing much roleplay wise on the site. i am coming on and doing my staff work and taking on coding requests. sooo not taking on any new plots!
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the faves
i have favorite faces to use that also have pre-developed characters tied in with them: barbara palvin, selena gomez, perrie edwards, hattie watson, nicola peltz, colton haynes, magdalena zalejska, camila cabello, lucy hale, freya mavor, kathryn prescott.

other favorite faces: ryan reynolds, jai courtney, ricki hall, shawn mendes, cody christian, ashley benson, alex arnold, nina nesbitt, ed sheeran, childish gambino, tom hardy, troian bellisario and more.
the hell nos
chris colfer and judah from judah & the lions. the only reason judah is on the list is because he went to high school with my husband and they were somewhat friends and i just don't feel like my husband would be comfortable with that. other than that everyone else is free game.
the triggers