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Notes from phi (like "fee")
5/21: i'm fully back but feeling a little overwhelmed, so i might be slow even with stuff i'm really into. please love me anyway!

❝ please don't tell anyone this, but i just want to be happy. ❞
age: 22
pronouns: she/hers
timezone: PST
contact: phidonaldson(#1079)
mature threads: yes
member group: dory
posts: 1495
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the faves
i'll write all gender pairings, but sometimes mxm is harder and less musey for me.

W: ABBY LEE KERSHAW!, ALLISON WILLIAMS!!, ARIANA GRANDE!, annie q, bridget saterlee, brit marling, bryden jenkins, CAROLINE TRENTINI!, CAROLINE WINBERG!, cora emmanuel*, dua lipa, EDITA VILKEVICIUTE!!, ellen page, elliot sailors, emily blunt, erika linder, ERIN HEATHERTON, GWENYTH PALTROW!, HAILEE LAUTENBACH!, im jinah, janelle monáe, JESSICA STAM, JOAN SMALLS!, joanna brady, jourdan dunn, JULIA STEGNER!, karlie kloss, kathryn prescott, karen fukuhara, karla souza, kate moennig, kilo kish, lauren cohan, lee ji-eun (IU), LILY DONALDSON!!, lydia hearst*, muriel beal*, neelam gill, phoebe tonkin, poojar mor!, poppy delevingne, poppy drayton, sandrine holt, SKYE FERRERIA!, stana katic, STEPH ROSE BERTRAM!, zoe elyse, zoe kravitz, ZOSIA MAMET!!

M: adam brody!, adam driver, andrew garfield, ADRIEN SAHORES!, armie hammer, andre hamann, andre holland, avan jorgia, christopher abbott**, daniel sharman, diego barrueco** (esp for mxm), diego luna, DESMOND HARRINGTON (ESP BALD)!, eddie redmayne!, elijah wood, francisco lachowski, george newbern, harry styles, heath ledger, jacob artist, james newman*, jamie dornan, jason ralph, JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT!, liam payne!, lucas till, matthew rhys!, nico tortorella, rami malek!, REECE KING!, tony goldwyn, wang hao (the model though, not the table tennis player...), wayne wilcox

NB: george hard, ruby rose
the hell nos
5sos, aubrey plaza, bella hadid, disney (e.g. miley and selena), evan rachel wood, glee (e.g. chris colfer and darren criss), jennifer lawrence, jena malone, jonases, kat denning, natalie dormer, shay mitchell, sophie turner
the triggers
triggers: played out suicide attempts. reservations about: played out incest, non-con, dubcon, prison stuff, other ~bad~ things that could be unreasonably romanticized. i am interested in emotional abuse dynamics but want to talk about it ahead of time. not really interested in: daddy/mommy kink, unplanned pregnancy.