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natalia buzolic
Notes from nutella
[ may 12th ] i'm done with school for the semester so i'm settling back in here.
age: 23
pronouns: she/her
timezone: est
contact: pm for discord
mature threads: ask first
member group: buzz lightyear
posts: 6140
points: 56960
status: Online
the faves
danielle campbell, nathaniel buzolic, claire holt, cody christian, emeraude toubia, daniel sharman, lucy hale, dylan sprayberry, phoebe tonkin, tyler posey, matthew daddario, perrie edwards, liam payne, jesy nelson, chris wood, leigh-anne pinnock, jack falahee and jade thirlwall. tbh i'll probably be okay with a face as long as they're not on my no go list.
the hell nos
kylie jenner & the rest of the kardashians besides kendall, cara delevingne, ruby rose, justin bieber, robert pattinson, bob morley, ian somerhalder, jennifer lawrence, amy schumer, lena dunham.
the triggers
current abuse, incest, rape/non consensual. please note that past mentions of abuse and rape are okay, as well as stepcest, just not okay with incest or playing out abuse and non consensual situations.