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 kings + queens, ri / "lily"
andy horror
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kings + queens

Pressure was something that Henry knew all too well. He had been raised under pressure. He had been raised under mountains of it. When he was young, his older sister hadn't been eligible for the throne. It was all on him. They'd raised him to be a king, like his father and grandfather before him. So when the rules changed, when he was seventeen, it was the first time he'd ever felt free.

Henry had taken that opportunity, the sliver of freedom, and he had chosen to run with it. Sprint with it. Vanish with it. By the time he was eighteen, he had joined the military. By the time he was twenty five, he had moved to another country - one led by a different sovereign. By the time he was twenty seven, he had missed the royal life, and he'd become a bodyguard for his new monarchs - most specifically for their daughter, who was a few years younger than he was, and under a similar kind of pressure that he had grown up under.

So, he'd made it his mission to relieve some of that pressure whenever possible; taking her on impromptu horseback rides. Sneaking her into the marketplace. Teaching her how to bake his mother's homemade cookies.

Fucking her into her mattress.

The last one had only happened the night prior, but he was pretty sure it was the most free he'd ever seen her. Lord knew it was the most free he'd ever felt.

Still, he felt like he should probably apologize. Or something. "Hey," He murmured, stroking her hair, her naked body still pressed to his, the sheets tangled around them in a way that indicated that not much sleeping had actually happened. "We good?"





chris pine / stephen amell
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