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Posted by: asia freakin' rollins Jan 11 2017, 11:13 AM
usually, leah didn't pick up her sister from daycare. her mom always made time to pick her up but today was different. her mom was stuck in traffic and leah was home from her morning classes. she had always heard about the bullying her sister had put up with and her mom always saying that it was because the kid liked her, but leah saw that differently... today, sam had told her the other kid picked on her because she was wearing a hello kitty shirt. that was the last straw before leah waited outside for the kid and his parent to walk out. even though she saw him walking out with someone around her age, yelling at his brother was good enough. "hey. i need to talk to you and your brother." leah stated while grabbing a hold of her younger sister's hand and marching towards the guy that was about her age. she didn't know who this guy's little brother thought he was, but leah wanted to have a talk with him. it wasn't cool that he was bullying her sister. anyone else would ignore this, but leah couldn't- not when sam has been upset about it. "he has been pissing my sister off." leah told him while giving the guy a somewhat irritated look, and she ignored sam as she tugged on her arm to leave.
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Posted by: channy. Jan 18 2017, 01:00 AM
it seemed like the same thing over and over again. grey was tired of having this conversation with his son. he really didn't know what to do. he wanted this to stop. he wanted his son to act like he had some respect. grey did everything for matthew. did all that he could without his mother. she didn't want him. she just left them in the middle of the night and just decided to live her life however she saw fit. he ended up moving on and taking care of a toddler, scared out of his fucking mind until he got a hold of taking care of the little tyke. it wasn't easy, but he wouldn't ever give up matthew for nothing in the world, but he knew this little "acting out" needed to stop. "i wike her daddy," he laughed lightly, shaking his head, "but that's not the way you treat girls. you have to be nicer than you are," he looked at his son, "you should know better matty." he nodded, resting his head on his father's shoulder. "yes daddy," he leaned in, pressing a kiss on his cheek. he headed toward his car before hearing someone's voice. a girl's voice. a voice directed at him. "i'm sorry," he hoisted his son on his shoulder, "he's been talked to, and i apologize for whatever grief he's caused your sister." he added. they were little kids. things happened like this all the time. eventually, his son will grow out of it. that's what he's praying for. "right matty, you're sorry little guy?" he questioned before matthew lifted up his head and nodded. "i'm sowwy sam." he smiled before turning his attention back to the girl in front of him. "i hope that suffice."

Posted by: asia freakin' rollins Feb 9 2017, 09:46 PM
she looked down at sam, who was sort of smiling. but that wasn't enough for leah. leah wanted to know that this wasn't going to happen again. "not really. he's been doing this for a while." she rolled her eyes, and tried to ignore her attitude. she couldn't help it! she was pissed that matty was bothering her little sister who barely did anything to bother him. she just kept thinking about how rude these two must be around their parents. "do your parents train you to be rude?" they probably had parents who couldn't raise their kids. the type of parents that let their kids get away with everything. "i just hate seeing my sister upset." she ignored her little sister who was basically begging her to stop. leah didn't want to stop- she was the older sister. she had to defend her sister against assholes like this. this wasn't just an easy 'i've talked to him'. what happened to people punishing their kids?
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Posted by: channy. Feb 19 2017, 04:35 PM
"i understand that," he returned, looking at the girl. "it's being taken care of." he didn't know what else to say to her to make her believe him, but he really didn't need her approval. this was his son. he would take care of the situation. she went on talking, making him shoot her a side eye. "excuse me?" he questioned, hoisting his son on his waist. "my parents did a great job taking care of me and i do an amazing job taking care of him. he knows the rights and wrongs alright." he really didn't need to be doing this conversation right now in front of them. what if it gets worse and things get out of pocket between them? he didn't want to do that. he had respect. he shook his head, huffing. "look, i don't know what else you want me to do, but i'm taking care of it alright?"

Posted by: asia freakin' rollins Mar 5 2017, 10:47 PM
when he mentioned that he was doing a good job taking care of him, it didn't dawn on her what that meant. she kept thinking to herself that this was his brother. he looked way too young, and beautiful, to have a child of his own. "barely. look, just teach him some manners, okay?" that was all she was asking. that couldn't be too much, because she could've given him more of an attitude about it. instead she just let it slide and was giving him this one chance to redeem himself. letting out a sigh, she looked down at sam then back at the child in the male's arm. if the roles were reversed, they would be having a different conversation right now. he probably wouldn't have been acting so cool like he was now. "you wouldn't be happy if my sister was bullying him." hell, he'll give her an earful right now. thankfully, their parents raised the two of them so much better than that. there was nothing else to talk about. leah was just pissed and hated people who allowed little kids to get away with everything. "i'm sorry. i just don't want my sister to be bullied at such a young age." she didn't think it was fair and she didn't want her sister to feel afraid to express herself. if someone like matt teased her now, she could only imagine what sam will be like in high school.
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