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 emotional range of a teaspoon ☆, trio era.
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[ may 16th ] ∙ cleaned a few things out! taking on more stuff.

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May 16 2017, 06:42 PM
trio era
so i really want some trio era ships??? that is really the only era i do so sorry!!! anyway, let's start this by clearing a few things up. let me introduce myself as being picky af. i try not to be rude about it, but sometimes i have to get a little stern. so right out of the gate as of now i'm only taking mxf plots and with that being said i'd rather go with the i take a guy if you take one. ideally these would be rapid fire threads since comms are kind of out of the picture. triggers i don't wanna play out abuse or rape, but if they are mentioned in a past tense way that is fine. i am cool with smut as long as you are 18+. so that is all i can think of right now~! i won't play against katie bell, i'm very protective of her and i'll always want to play her.

i would be down to pair any ocs with the below people. if you wanna suggest other canons feel free too as well. i'm just not down for draco x hermione or draco x ginny. face claims don't bother me much but do have people i generally use in my crack ship. i also haven't read the cursed child yet!!! anything in bold is who i prefer to play.

draco malfoy x astoria greengrass
fred weasley x alicia spinnet
fred weasley x katie bell
harry potter x ginny weasley
george weasley x alicia spinnet
george weasley x angelina johnson
george weasley x katie bell
neville longbottom x hannah abbott
oliver wood x katie bell
ron weasley x hermione granger
ron weasley x lavender brown
seamus finnigan x alicia spinnet
seamus finnigan x katie bell
seamus finnigan x lavender brown
viktor krum x hermione granger

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