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 ++ pleading, emme [tw/m]


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"I need a place to stay" She said as she walked into his apartment, luggage behind her: "I have five auditions in the next two weeks and I'm looking for an apartment but I need a couch to sleep on until I can sign a lease" Lauren explained, before he could argue, "Mum said she and your dad would pay your rent for the month if you let me stay. I won't even be in the way." All he had to do was say yes. And it was the right thing to do, since he was her step brother and that was what good step brothers would do if they had the option: help their step sister out. She had been trying to get an audition for weeks, and she finally had one, for the ensemble of the Hamilton touring cast, and then she'd set up three more for other shows while she was in town - and one for the Rockettes, which she was particularly excited for. "Please?" She requested again, looking up at the hulking man with what she hoped was a charming smile.

tbh i've been shit so i'm gonna send out some pms and see what's what
TRIGGERS/NO GO PLOTS     no addiction plots. Anything super triggery I like to plot out. Don't romanticize domestic violence, don't try to make direct incest "sexy" - not into it.
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please keep the cbox pg 13!