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 side to side, ali x cade

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mhmm, he nods his head, agreeing with her. this was very insane, and it still hardly felt real. he just kind of wanted to stay in their little bubble right now and not face the rest of the world, at least until tomorrow. he knew they had to face reality eventually. i love you, he whispers to her, kissing her cheek as he holds her close.
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aug 5th ♡ i'm going to be kind of absent for a little while due to rl stuff, but i'll try to pop in and reply to things as best as i can. i hope everyone understands ♡

codes ♡ if you'd like to buy a code from me in the points thread, pm me for availability! my code thread is also up to date, so you can check that out first~

TRIGGERS     terminal illnesses, rape/sexual assault, abuse (explicit physical abuse mostly), and incest (step-cest not included), pedophilia
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please keep the cbox pg 13!