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georgie and the beast
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ashley benson, scarlett johansson, maia mitchell, troian bellisario, lucy hale, blake lively, emma watson, dua lipa, camila cabello, annabelle wallis, shay mitchell, chris evans, chris hemsworth, chris pine, ryan reynolds, sebastian stan, tyler blackburn, ian harding, keegan allen, chace crawford, jeremy renner, penn badgley, paul wesley.
no thanks
justin bieber, teen wolf faces, most girl band/boy band faces (although try me because sometimes i change my mind), some model faces (but again, try me!). i've decided i mostly use faces that are like 25+, even though it's not intentional. but generally i prefer like slightly older ppl i guess and would probs prefer it if i played against older faces too? also no wrestling faces.
please don't
rape, drugs, incest. if something is necessary to a plot, i'm more open to things but not just for the sake of a thread.
hey there snowflakes
19/01 - mostly caught up i think but i may have deleted some threads from my tracked so if you're waiting for a reply and you think i haven't realised, pls lmk. also if you're done with a plot, i'm totally not going to be annoyed/upset and would much prefer you just told me so feel free to drop me a pm instead of just not replying! thx!
and the winner is



emma watson/sebstan!

myoa comms!