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saints roe
2/7/18: briefly fell off the planet, kind of here if anyone wants me??

if you're here as a prospective writing partner, here's everything you need to know about me in one shot. you'll never have to read anything this long from me again, promise. lmfao.

as of 2018, this is a rapid-fire only show now. (i do comms, i'm just talking about post length.) i'll write anywhere up to 300 words and beyond for first posts, and there will always be exceptions for Feels, but 90% of what i do will be rf.

for anyone not familiar with rapid-fire, my goal here is small posts (~50-200ish words), tightly packed full of action and dialogue. getting to the point sooner rather than later helps threads move faster, lends itself to writers maintaining a large amount of threads, and just generally holds my attention better as i juggle a million things at once offline.

now ofc, there will always be exceptions (i like to Go Off™ on the angst too every once in a while, but usually about established history, and lbr, most of our plots we're flying by the seat of our pants anyway), but unless it's highly relevant, i am 100% over lengthy introspection that does nothing but pad the post length. i love my figurative language and imagery as much as the next person (probably more tbh), but 600-word post after 600-word post discourages me so fast 😩 let's crush the idea that giving someone 50 words is a personal insult. quality over quantity! 😘

i will be getting my dev forum back up and posting a crack ship for reference, but i remain and shall always be an ad filler, not a requester. 🤸 i love filling people's "i've always wanted to do..." wish lists, and get invested super quickly. i eat up headcanons like candy. talk to me about your oc.

activity: sometimes i'm exhausted after work ends days in a row, but my schedule's recently turned around so that i can write in the mornings, so i should be pretty active! i'll never be demanding of posts though, so if i'm messaging you it's because i think you're fun, not because i'm trying to guilt a post out of you! so long as i don't have to wait weeks for your response to any of our threads, we should be good. and if you will be that slow, just let me know so i don't think you wanna drop. i'll always give you a heads up if something's happened on my end.

dropping threads: i get it. sometimes it doesn't work out the way you saw it going in your head. if you haven't replied to one of our threads in a month, and you haven't brought up any kind of delay or interest in the plot, i'm going to assume you've lost interest (which is fine!) and possibly recycle the plot if i'm still into it (which you need to be ok with, since you're the one who ghosted on me 😆).

gender ratios: if you won't write male characters (barring f/f ofc), unless your writing is next-level, we probably can't hang. i was this close 👌 to just coming back females/nb only because of how many guys i wound up playing last year. if we have 239548 plots where we've traded off, but the only ones we actually write have me playing all guys, you're still only playing women. i have been caught in this before, and i find it exhausting. variety or death tbh.

if i notice your interest flags greatly the second i'm not playing a male character for you, i'm gonna make a lot of 😕 faces, and we probably won't be partners for very long. nothing pisses me off faster than playing with people who go crazy for my male characters, then clearly don't care about my ladies at all. i love my girls (!!!!), and for that reason, though i dig the hell out of poly ships, you'll never get me for anything that's m/m/m+. i need at least one woman to be present, or the 😕 starts to come out.

final note: i'm not going to be for everyone, and not everyone is for me. i'm super picky, so if i approach you, i've already peeped through your stuff. you are encouraged to go back through my old posts to see what my writing is like; just beware of the trigger warnings on some of the threads.

if you read all this and still wanna play with me, you can poke me on discord even if you don't have a plot. <3

all-time faves
no, thank you!
please no
i always pick from YOUR list if i approach you. that will change once i get a dedicated faces list up, but until then, here's A Few:

adam driver, adan canto, aldis hodge, amy adams, ben affleck, daisy clementine smith, demi moore, chris evans, elle fanning, eiza gonzalez, kat graham, lucy liu, meghan markle, natalia dyer, nicole beharie, oscar isaac, (blonde) sophie turner, i'll expand this fully when i buy my dev forum back.
musicians. will revise later
triggers: as a general note for interacting with me, i have trypophobia. please don't send me images featuring objects (like heads/faces) photoshopped in clusters, or anything similar.

squicks: graphic abuse of humans or animals. gore. legit non-con (consent play is fun but rape is a "noooooo"). bigotry. (internalized homophobia is ok in small doses but plots centered around racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. would emotionally fatigue me reaaaally fast.) politics. i'm tired 😩

i also hate the word "slut". not sorry.

no-go plots: terminal illness. military life. cheating. (i reserve the right to request cheating, but when it's not my idea the mood is "just kill me" tbh.) miscarriages can be a part of plots, but if that's the entire Point, i'm afraid i'll have to bow out of that one.

i'm not the person to come to for fluffy domestic plots where nothing's really happening. i like conflict, even if it's two people in a healthy relationship against external forces.
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