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 4th of July, + group plot event
4th of july
TW: mention of death.

You aren't sure why, but you accept the mysterious invitation to a long holiday weekend in the luxurious Hamptons of Long Island, New York. The message is cryptic, but all amenities have been paid for, all you have to do is get yourself there... who could pass up such an opportunity? Besides the mansion is stunning, set on its own private island with just a narrow bridge connecting it to the mainland, and would rival any celebrity house just a quarter mile down the road.

The invitation is as follows...
Dear recipient,

Please join old and new friends for a weekend of luxury and relaxation. Set back in the scenic Hamptons of Long Island, you will be treated to your ideal weekend, whether that be gold, tennis, poolside drinks, private massages, or meals provided by our twenty-four hour wait service. This experience is paid for in full by your company, and is a token of their gratitude for your service. Please be aware that you are among the select few invited, so open discussion of this event is strictly prohibited. Please bring this invitation with you, as it will serve as your ticket of admittance. This seven-day, six-night event will commence at 12pm on Tuesday, July 3, and conclude at 12pm on Sunday, July 8. You need only to bring yourself, your belongings, and a means of transportation, no RSVP required. The only stipulation is that you plan to stay for the duration of the vacation - the gates will lock at 5pm, July 3, and re-open promptly at 12pm, July 8.

A most indebted host.

Tuesday, July 3 comes, and you arrive at a beautiful mansion that is right from the Great Gatsby. Breath taking doesn't come close, and you are instantly greeted by a bellhop, a server with a glass of champagne, and a room key. Everyone seems too perfect to be true... there are even some coworkers, as mentioned in the note, though most are unfamiliar faces... but that is what this weekend is for, right? Making new friends.

The only scheduled meal for the weekend is the opening dinner at 7:30 on July 3. The attire is semi-formal, and the host has spared no expense with white linen cloths, crystal glasses, and real sterling silverware. The only person missing, though, is the host... and then the most blood curdling scream you have ever heard, sounds through the entire mansion, quickly followed by a deafening thunderclap.

The host has been found dead. There are no visible wounds, no sign of trauma, just dead in his room. A maid found him... but no one seems to recognize him. Who is he? Where did he come from? How could all these people, employed by so many different companies, end up in one place? And most of all... who killed him?

It's 7:30pm on July 3, and the gates will not open until 12pm, July 8 - an unexpected tropical storm has just stranded the entire island, knocking out the power of the entire northeast corridor of the United States. All resources are pouring into the City to prevent looting, and vandalism, the bridge you took to get to the island is flooded and wiped out. No cellular services are currently working, neither does the internet... how will you survive? Who will you align yourself with?

This event will run from July 1-August 1 to give you a full month to rp your hearts content!! Once the event ends you may continue your thread, but no more bonus points will be given. Points will be automatically handed out after 12 am EST, August 1, so there’s no need for you to worry about claiming them yourself!

∙ the murderer is npc
∙ you can play a wait staff member, or guest
∙ in the spirit of group plots, please sign up with your character info (here)
∙ we also ask that you track your topics in order to keep everyone aware of what's going on (here)
∙ there will also be a shipper template! (you do not have to fill one out, but it may help w/ plotting)
open thread directory here

Points to Earn:
150 points for taking an open thread
300 points for starting an open thread
500 points for every page reached
2,000 points for reaching 5 pages
5,000 points for reaching 10 pages
10,000 points for reaching 15 pages

Please note that there is no need to sign up for this event! Simply head over to the designated subforum and start posting! Also, thank you to Sara for this amazing inspiration to do an event like this!!!

6/28: finally done w/ all classes & work for the summer! -praise- all my personal wants & ads here! gimme older faces & check out my group plots??
please no: incest, rape, ultraviolence, pregnancy/miscarriage, animal abuse (mentions only)
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