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 make things so complicated ☓, classic love triangle
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Dec 26 2016, 01:20 AM
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「 love triangle 」

hello pals, i really like drama and love triangles so i would like to request this pls. and i really hope it hurts us all because that's what we're here for. basically, the idea is very simple - i'm hoping to beef it up w/ the two other people. idea is, boy has been very close with and best friends with girl1 for a really long time. they've done ~stuff but she's always claimed that she's not ready for commitment/she's never wanted anything more with boy. but then guess what, boy gets himself a girlfriend - girl2. and tbh, he's head over heels for her. but girl1 is beginning to feel like she's made a mistake/cue jealousy and voila, love triangle (sort of). i'm just looking for people to play the two girls, essentially. i'm so open w/ faces but i was thinking they'd be mid/late-twenties!!! pls holla if you're interested, let's bounce ideas off one another etc
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