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we are a six-year-old, free-for-all, multiple verses roleplay. and make sure you read all the topics in the important forum before continuing. if you need help, contact a staff member and we'll be happy to help you!

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mar 18 we have a brand new skin! we have also made some much needed changes to the joint boards after reading feedback from our members in the sitewide surveys, so be sure to check out the announcement to learn all about the changes!! keep in mind, we're always looking for your feedback and suggestions to make this site a better place (you can leave them in ask the staff, pm one of us, discord chat or dm one of us). also don't forget about the current events going on -- the xxiii winter olympic games is going on until march 31 and can be found here and the 90th academy awards are going on until april 4 and can be found here.
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 about cosl
about cosl

wow! it's kind of hard to believe that cosl opened almost five years ago. and not only that, there are members who have been on the site since then!

hello, all! and welcome to come on, skinny love, or cosl as so many of us like to call it! let us start off by saying that cosl is not like your typical roleplaying site. and if you read this -- we already apologize for the length -- you'll find out exactly why!

cosl was started five years ago by CAM and MERCY. we think the most important thing to say before anything else is that when they opened cosl they vowed to keep cosl open. they vowed to never turn the board offline (other than a revamp/skin change/etc.) because it was important to them that the members will always have cosl to come to. though cam and mercy are no longer on cosl, it has now become our mission to keep that idea alive, and it is now our vow to never close cosl.

here at cosl, we're happy to be your home, the main or only place you roleplay. we're happy to be your intermediary site, a place you might come between joining other sites. we're also happy to be a place you do one or two plots while also rping elsewhere. and while we would obviously prefer to be your one-stop shop, we're happy to serve you for whatever purpose you may need!

here at cosl, we have no plot. we don't have face claims. we don't have canons. we are here to let you roleplay whatever it is that your heart may desire -- real life, fantasy, fandom. you name it. we have no limits, and this is truly a place where you can rp anything. you never have to worry that your favorite face is taken, or the canon that you want to play has already been snagged. in fact, you can play your favorite face a hundred times on cosl!

cosl is run on a no-application basis. we couldn't do it any other way! you just register and you start playing! the best way to learn about cosl is not by reading something like this -- it's by diving in and really exploring this place. there is so much for you to do here, and it's our sincerest hope that you get to play out all the plots you've always wanted but couldn't because a canon was taken or because the board got turned offline before you had a chance to finish.

oh, and one last thing: HAVE FUN! when it comes down to it, that's why we're all here, isn't it? to meet new people, get new plots going, and have fun!

the security position was inspired by the ones on resource sites like caution and shine.

july 10th: i am cleaning out most of my stuff (minus a select few) and will only be taking on very few things for the time being. work is too overwhelming and i am having a very hard time finding the motivation to rp most the time.
please no: cancer and i will not plot incest (stepcest and fostercest is okay but NOTHING blood related).
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