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Posted by: shylo Jan 10 2017, 05:37 AM
idk give me things
what up fam i'm back from the dead rip and hoping to pick up some stuff!!! i'm pretty chill about playing against just about anyone except mb taylor swift and halsey. other than that i don't have any triggers that i know of but if anything comes up i'll let u know. all i really ask is that you please be 18+. comms, rfs/threads, myoas, whatever you're into works for me and jsyk i actually prefer to play the guy in ships so i honestly don't mind playing the guy in every mxf ship. as far as faves go my list is pretty much limited to 1d/5sos, jb, reece king, and 3/4 of the vamps but i'm down for mxf, fxf, and mxm so get @ me pls!! sidenote: i'm more than happy to pick up any old ships i've died on so hmu!!! i'm also suuuper picky about larry pairings, so if we could keep that to a minimum it'd be a+, i have a hard time getting into it unless i'm writing with the right person idk

ally hernandez, ariana grande, asami zdrenka, ashton irwin, bella hadid, bradley simpson, calum hood, connor ball, dua lipa, gigi hadid, hailey baldwin, harry styles, jade thirlwall, jaden smith, justin bieber, kendall jenner, kylie jenner, lauren jauregui, leigh-anne pinnock, liam payne, louis tomlinson, luke hemmings, maggie lindemann, michael clifford, nia lovelis, niall horan, normani hamilton, perrie edwards, reece king, selena gomez, tristan evans, troye sivan, tyler okonma, zendaya coleman, zayn malik, so many others i can't remember rn

plots & pairings
i love real life, supernatural, fandom, anything tbh just let me know what you're into and we can figure something out!!!

© kristen

Posted by: i$a. Jan 10 2017, 05:54 AM
Fam im sorry this is so ugly bc im on mobile rn but how do u feel about my zendaya x your zayn where ok so like college au and one of them is the other's tutor. so the tutor character comes from a straight-laced family and they're suuuper responsible and like the other isnt really like tht like at all. They're looser around yhe edges, free spirited, just more carefree about shit. So tutee comes to the tutor one day and they're like "yo fam lets celebrate" bc they passed the class that they were being tutored in and for them that means getting drunkkk. The tutor who is never the party type is like yeah ok they go and like get a lot drunker than they thought and start highkey FLIRTING with the other and just ok we can see where it goes from there??? Bc like it can be like ok they end up hooking up and now dealing with the aftermath or it can be super cute and the tutee has to take care of their tutor and make sure theyre okay????? and i just okay..

aaand ok how about my reece king x your ariana grande as like youtubers??? okay so like these two are minor celebs in the youtube world and they have NEVER ACTUALLY MET in real life but like pkay my reece confesses on his channel that he's got a massive crush on her and he is such a fan of her shit and she responds positively??? and you know they start highkey flirting w each othher on their respective channels bc their fans ate that shit up and start shipping them likd mad? And like one day they just decide ok lets meet finally and go from there??? Idk they could do an episode on their channel about it and just super cute??? Idk

So yes!!!! I hope these are ok w u????

Posted by: shylo Jan 10 2017, 06:35 AM
i$a. omg don't even worry abt it im mobile now too so this is gonna be a hot mess rn but FAM these are so cute!!! i'm feeling these pairings & plots sm so ok ok

this is perfect?? we could mb do like the tutor is like super focused on school, like u said to the point where mb it's kinda like "i've never done weed/had more than 1 drink or any drinks at all" and they end up at that party & it's like they're trying to avoid alcohol but since they've never really been to many they have like zero idea the punch or w/e's been spikes and that jello shots arent actual jello and their drinks probably had a little something every time they asked for one etcetc so by the end of the night they're like falling over and almost dying and the tutee is just like being all around sweet and looking after them and maybe we could take it as far as tutee having to sneak tutor home bc tutor lost their wallet, jacket, & keys somewhere and their roommates out of town so they have nowhere to go and it could be like separated dorms or s/t where they're making all this noise and trying not to wake their roommate or hallmates up and we could just see where it goes like u said just highkey cute stuff and flirting AND TO MAKE IT WORSE LIKE mb they kiss but when the tutor sobers up they don't remember shit so it's like it never even happened OR they could deal w the aftermath and hella cute awkward moments and idek anything tbh this is so cute???

& then for reece x ari like this is legit adorable??? they could both have like huge followings i'm thinking mb they live on like opposite coasts or in different countries or s/t which makes it even harder??? and like they've never met like you said but they mb know OF each other??? and then he makes that video and it circulates like crazy and she just like lowkey mb had a big thing for him so when she responds it becomes this huge thing??? cute highkey flirting and mb there's like this big convention or s/t coming up where they'll get to meet for the first time OR they plan this rly cute meet up that they both document for their channels and it could be like some idek like crazy or 500 days of summer shit where they just hit it off intensely while their fanbases go wild over it all??? idek but this is sooo cute like doing collabs together on their channels and documenting things together, cute dates and all that i'm so down for all of this!!!

Posted by: what's your damage, carly? Jan 10 2017, 01:49 PM
i am in suuuuuch great need of lashton and an angsty college plot. like maybe college athletes?? like maybe they're almost rivals. because both want to be the best on the team. or maybe one of them is like the bad boy, i don't care, can't be tamed star who gets away with everything because he's obviously the most talented. and the other is like a new recruit or transfer or something and somehow he's the only person who can wrangle the other guy in. orrrrr maybe frat boys? one is the president and one is a legacy. orrrrr just pledges who are vying for one spot or something?? idk i'm like word vomitting everywhere. XDD

just either way they're both like, lol i'm not gay though. because i'm lawful and love angst closeted things.

Posted by: shilo malek Jan 10 2017, 04:03 PM
hiii can we pls have narry in a “we’re best friends with benefits but my pals always give me shit for not dating anyone, will you pretend to be my bf/gf for a while?? and then we can have a v intense break up // argument in front of everyone one day to make it seem somewhat real, ok cool thanks you’re a true pal, let’s bang it out && now it’s been a couple of months but we still haven’t ended things but here we are, dancing in my kitchen and you look really fucking perfect, holy shit — i don’t love you, i don’t love you, i don’t love you && you end up taking me out to a v fancy restaurant and basically, we do all the things couples do and is it bad that i actually consider you home instead of my own fucking apartment?? && oh, you’re cuddling me in your sleep, that’s new and i think i heard you tell me you love me in your sleep?? no, i’m just dreaming, aren’t i?? && holy shit, we still haven’t broken up but you’re watching a movie and i’m watching you and all i can think about is how pretty your face looks and how much of a wonderful person you are, it’s not even about the sex anymore — fuck, i’m in love with you, aren’t i??”

and also maybe justin bieber x troye sivan in a "muse a is this corrupted soul, always drinking too much, getting too high, they can barely function and muse b is basically their saving grace, always coming through in the middle of the night after a drunken phone call asking for a ride home. and muse b only does this because they’re a good person at heart, but they can’t deny that muse a’s actions actually disgusts them. but they’ve known each other for too long and muse b always promised they’d never let muse a down, because they know they’re the only thing that’s STABLE in their life. and this has become their routine, muse a texting/calling muse b when something goes wrong and muse b coming around to rescue them. there’s not much to their friendship beside that, these days, because muse a doesn’t really acknowledge them otherwise. and muse b just settles with the fact that they’re being used, but they can’t bear to leave muse a alone, knowing that they probably wouldn’t survive without them … but then ONE NIGHT, when muse b is carrying muse a into bed, tucking them in like they usually do and they’re about ready to say goodnight until muse a, who is completely out of their mind intoxicated, mumbles something barely audible that sounds a lot like ‘i love you.’ muse b thinks to brush it off, until muse a continues professing all these FEELINGS like ‘i really fucking love you, please, don’t leave me tonight’ and muse b is just STUCK. because muse a is so bad for them but muse b is the only good thing in their life … so they stay."

Posted by: kyle skankovich Jan 10 2017, 04:07 PM
ngl when i see justin bieber mentioned, i pounce. so pls give me a million things jk but i mean

your justin to my dua lipa maybe? and because i love a million things in your list, some combo of like rebel x cheerleader, love/hate, and sort of breakfast club bender and claire inspired? that's the most cliche thing in the world and i usually like plots to have a bit of depth beyond cliche, but i'm too braindead sorry.

i'm also totally willing to plot something else, or double up, or do an mxm ship bc i have no chill! no pressure because i don't want to overwhelm you but yea i'm open to it if you'd like.

Posted by: shylo Jan 10 2017, 07:38 PM
luke x ashton i love this??? mb we can find a way to mix it all together? like maybe one of them's that bad boy sports star all over campus and they get away with everything from being a near complete asshole to bad grades etcetc but then the other comes along and maybe we could put like a year or 2 between them or s/t and the newer one is a transfer or just starting but they're talented af and people start giving him a lot of attention/hype and the original star starts to get jealous and it's crazy tense between them??? we could probably mix it w/ frat boys too!! where mb the newer one is pledging and the other is a legacy so he's way up there and we could throw in hazing and stuff like that just to make matters worse between them and all that stuff?????? do you have a preference over which one you might wanna play or like which boy bc i'm so down to do either!!

and ofc they're not into each other lmao what gave anybody that idea even tho they made out a few times and never taed out it even if it keeps happening oop

harry x niall hiiii yes pls??? like mb he hasn't dated anybody in forever and it's become this rly awkward thing where their friends keep trying to set him up with all horrible and awkward ppl/dates and then finally hes like NO SORRY I HAVE A BF and then he fabricates this huge lie abt it and then it all happens from there and they play out their big fight or they mean to but it never happens exactly & instead it turns out they have amazing chemistry or s/t??? it'll be so cute and they do all this couple-y shit and those same friends are always asking abt how things are and to them it's like "it's great!!!!" but between the two of them it's a lot more like wtf are we doing and wtf are we exactly??? and it just gets more complicated from there bc that's not at all how it was meant to go? i'll play either role or boy but i might be leaning more towards the one playing the pretend bf unless you'd rather take that one! i'm super flexible and chill so i'm happy with either tbh

jb x troy i'm... feeling this pairing sm rn?? but omfg you legit have no idea how much i've wanted this plot so YES i kind of love the idea of like childhood best friends where they grew up p inseparable mb but went down entirely different paths once like late hs started to hit or s/t?? and now it's like they barely even talk like they used to but the friendship/love is still there so ofc good-natures muse b is always at muse a's beckon call whenever he's fucked up but he's a damn mess and muse b is like d o n e to the point where they're p much sick of it until all of this happens and shit gets flipped upside down?? i feel like jb is the obvious choice for musa a but we could always flip it if you prefer!! i could play either one them in this too (i'm so indecisive on who i wanna play all the time IM SORRY FAM) i was also thinking like we could do a comm for this one starting them off w/ him being like i'm fucked up help and then hop into a thread after??

i feel u on this on so many levels tho tbh i mean i'm down for more ships jsjsjs

dua x jb is so... cute like?? and i love this mix like oh my god we could do something super obnoxious where maybe like they've known OF each other bc they've been to a lot of the same schools and shared classes or w/e growing up and they've heard all the gossip and rumors abt each other and maybe have even had their 10 second run ins w/ each other from time to time where he was a complete ass or w/e to her and so it's sparked this weird love/hate between them where they can't stand each other publicly but we could come up w/ something that brought them together somehow in the past and lowkey and they actually have this weird thing where they've been getting together on the low and hooking up??? mb they run in the same circle of friends more or less and hate each other around them but alone it's sort of different like a lot of snarkiness and they meet on the low BUT MAYBE at some point they get exposed and it causes hella tension between them or s/t later on?? but i'm sooo down for more ships like throw as many as you want at me tbh

© kristen

Posted by: what's your damage, carly? Jan 10 2017, 08:54 PM
YAAAAAS okay i'm so cool with this. tbh i feel like sports teams in and of themselves are like frats and have a lot of hazing so tbh the frat things could just be happening because that's the world of sports ya know. tbh i'm biased toward soccer and lacrosse buuuuut i could totally do another one. js. i just like the idea that their kind of rivals but at the same time the one guy is kind of like, wow finally someone who can actually keep up with me. but also don't steal my thunder. and then he lets the younger one get away with sooooo much much and the other guys are like wtf?? but then hazing. idk i'm just rambling SOMEONE PLEASE STOP ME. also i think i want to take ashton. as the snooty older one maybe??

Posted by: mac sætre Jan 10 2017, 09:39 PM
hi can u pls give me zarry ??

like some extremely #messy... maybe they kind of hate each other but have mutual friends so its like they end up sitting on the couch when the party is dying just like passing a joint / arguing about nothing in particular. and for whatever they actually start talking one time... and it leads to texting.... and they hang out ?? and they fight like, all the time but it runs into a weird, secret relationship. most of it is jealous fighting but sometimes its nice? idk help me. toxic zarry is my weakness.

Posted by: kyle skankovich Jan 11 2017, 12:34 AM
yesss i love all of that! i love the idea of their circles and lives overlapping but actually hardly ever interacting with each other. and when they finally do spend time together face to face, they realize the horror stories are slightly exaggerated but they still butt heads. and we can figure out a reason for them to develop the love part of their love/hate thing. and i love the idea of them getting exposed somehow! maybe one of them realizes it's not the end of the world and like "who cares??" but the other one is humiliated and that causes even more tension because it becomes a why are you so embarrassed of me? thing. idk i'm rambling feel free to shut me up.

and i will definitely bug you for some more stuff as soon as i pick something out because your faces are flawless god bless you

Posted by: phi beta Jan 11 2017, 01:08 AM
shylo!!! so drawing from your hate/hate, nsa, and also high school, what about a ship where two popular kids start hooking up with bets on who can make the other develop feelings first? maybe person one is a notorious player/ice-queen, so that serves as a motivation for person two, and person two broke person one's friends' heart (but person two doesn't know that) - and that's why person one wants to break person two's heart. would love your louis tomlinson because he seems the most "popular boy" of 1d, and my nina agdal, emily ratajkowski, or kate upton (preferences in that order - i can generate other ideas too if none of those work)

Posted by: shylo Jan 11 2017, 02:13 AM
luke x ashton i feel u on this like there's always hazing and healthy competition and tension and rivalries so it's perfect!!! i'm reaaally feeling lacrosse since i've never had a lacrosse playing character before buuuuut soccer has such a huge following and we could even set them somewhere where soccer is a HUGE thing at the school so mb soccer??? and they get under each other's skin all the time but there's also a lot of tension? i'd love to play ashton so i'm totally down and he can be a total pain in the ass and haze the fuck out of luke while he's pledging but were you thinking of starting them off in a comm or thread bc i'm good either way and we could toooootally do another ship too!!! i love ships throw them all at me

harry x zayn ummmm yes pls??? maybe from like day 1 they got off on the wrong foot? sort of opposites attract where they're polar opposites and mix like water and vinegar so it's like anytime they get togethe they're always making snide comments and trying to make each other look like complete idiots but then at this one party they actually hit it off and end up talking for an entire night and either one mb invites them back or they just end up exchanging numbers and texting the rest of the night (fam a comm for this would be so cute @ some point) but it's like even when they're being civil they're STILL assholes to each other and mb one of them always falls back into these rly insensitive habits and they fight and fall apart but its so bad that it's like they just can't quit each other even when they're getting the cops called on them for noise level and slamming doors and shit like that and they could even go out of their ways to make each other jealous but they swear it's not on purpose but they know it's on purpose ALL OF THIS the worst the better tbh do you prefer to play harry or zayn??

dua x jb it could be really fun if mb bc she's so popular her friends sort of hold onto that mean girls/you can't sit with us because you're a loser mentality so when they see her with him they f l i p like it's the most appalling thing they've ever seen and it's like alone together they're mostly fine but around friends they put on that "gross i don't/can't be seen with you" and that leads into "why are you so embarrassed of me?" and starts a huge fight between them and maybe even causes the smallest rift where they end up bickering a lot bc of it?? and then it just gets progressively messier from there? omg hmu with more when you decide tho i love this plot sm already!! do you think starting them off in a comm or thread would be better?

louis x nina omg this is like serious cruel intentions vibes ALMOST but i'm so into it like i love this?? where mb their reputations preceed them all over campus and literally EVERYONE knows she's a bitch/player but he has this weird confidence that he can make her come around in spite of all the rumors that say she really isn't into serious stuff and they maybe know each other but not well? so when he approaches her she just rolls her eyes the entire time but he's so smug about it that she sort of cave bc OFC there's no way she could possibly lose this bet? nina is so cute i think she and louis would look cute together tbh so we can definitely roll with that! maybe a comm might be a good start where they make the bet over texts OR we could thread it out where he's obnoxiously hitting on her and swears she'll come around it goes from there?
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Posted by: kyle skankovich Jan 11 2017, 04:14 AM
i am so stoked for them already you don't even know. and that's a good question. since i'm easing my way back into rp and a lil lazy tbh, maybe a comm would be good for now? and we can transition into a thread once we get their chemistry established!

Posted by: mac sætre Jan 11 2017, 10:03 AM
omggggg everything u said, u get me !!!! yes !!!!

i am so excited rn. um, is it cool if i go with Harry ?? if u want to discuss further hmu on aim at lousargent or pm me c:

Posted by: phi beta Jan 11 2017, 05:04 PM
shylo - oh yeah hmm! i was thinking for some reason that their game would be a secret on each of their ends - just, you know, that ~mega-conicidentally~ they were going for the same oppositional idea - but i'm not opposed to it being explicit i think? i want things to gradually get really fucked up - like she knows he's either against abortion and/or secretly wants a kid so she goes off birth control, he fakes a terminal illness, then maybe something actually happens but they've cried wolf so many times that the other doesn't believe it? i want them to bring out the best and the worst in each other - just, the extremity - and for them actually to become partners in crime in plotting about everything and everything (like a blair and chuck thing - they act like they just like the challenge but they also like being a team/being close?)

starting with a comm sounds good!!

Posted by: what's your damage, carly? Jan 11 2017, 09:08 PM
omg i'll play whoever it's FINE. i'm just into all of this. and tbh i would be 100% okay with lacrosse. we can pretend it's a bigger deal in the us. or we can pretend like, it just recently became an olympic sport or something. WE CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT IT'S OUR RP OKAY?? i tend to prefer threads because sometimes i end up ignoring my comms. OOPS. but i would also do a comm. basically i'm not that picky. also i don't really go on aim anymore but i'm on sometimes so if you have it you should add me. lol or if you have literally any other messaging app bc tbh i have like 14 on my phone/computer...

Posted by: i$a. Jan 11 2017, 09:37 PM
ayt i'm soososoos glad these are okay w u???? and just highkey cute and flirting yes i am here for all of this tbh? especially the one where they kiss and forget that like anything ever happened? like omf the tutor would be like "oh fuck fam im so sorry for being a lil shit last night anyway lets get to work!" and legit not know anything sobs. but suddenly they'rem ore affectionate with the other and their relationship becomes friendlier than just idek tutor/student??? would you rather play the tutor character or the tutee because i am okay with either one???

and then omf the two of thme living in different countries is super cute! like hc that my reece lives in the uk and his vlog is p much a travel blog because he's the son of an archaeologist so he gets to see a lot of the the world and ever since he confessed re: the arina character he buys her a souvenir from like everywhere he goes??? and judt them being cute for the entirety of the convention and omg trying to deal with the distance when they actually have to go back to their respective homes????

anyway, once we're set w everything i can totes start a thread? maybe i can start reece x ariana where they're just about to meet??? and then maybs you can start the other ?? what do you think? c:

Posted by: shylo Jan 11 2017, 11:40 PM
dua x jb SAME i'm down with whatever tbh so a comm totally works!!! maybe he could hit her with that 3am wyd?? text and they can plan a late night meet up, do some hoodrat shit etcetc and we can sort of get a feel for them?? i can get it started and pm u the link if that works for you!

harry x zayn I GOT U FAM these are the ships die for tbh it's perf!!! & i'd love to play zayn in this as like really snarky and just an all around asshat i'll hit u up within the next like 20 so we can sort out the details!!! it's gonna be amazing IM SO HYPE

edit: i haven't seen you on my bl yet so if you wanna hmu my sn is fluke hemmings!!

louis x nina we could do that where they randomly happen to decide to prey on each other or w/e and secretly they have these ulterior motives unbeknownst to each other and it just gets crazy out of hand with all of their lies??? like they're legit just terrible people trying to get the other to cave completely? and they just bring out the best of their worst selves like you said??? idk who blair and chuck are tbh but i think i see what we're going for and i'm totally down, i could maybe start it with him innocently saying like "oh i got your number from so & so" and he makes up this bullshit lie up about how he needed to get the assignment from her or something just laying down brickwork by playing up innocently contacting her over school and stuff??? i could kick us off and then pm you the link if that works!

luke x ashton perfect!!! i'll go w/ ashton and we can roll from there, maybe lacrosse and we can turn it into a huge upcoming thing bc why not but a thread totally works! i forget what season it normally starts up in but i feel like it's around spring time anyway so we could say like it's first day of tryouts etcetc and everyone ofc is expecting ashton to do really well and he just gets done with setting an example or w/e and up comes newcomer luke and ashton shrugs him off but when luke puts his talent up everyone makes a big deal and it's obnoxious??? OR we could just say that happened and jump into them running into each other again at pledge night? and ashton is like "what are YOU doing here?" in the most unwelcoming manner possible and we can roll from there? i'll pm you my aim in a sec, i can be pretty spotty on aim but i should be around plenty tonight so we can plan it all out in detail I'M STOKED THO omg

zayn x zendaya they're both perf??? zayndaya is like one of my otps that i've never had before so i'm so hype but exactly!!! like this entire time they have some weird chemisty but maybeee if you're down zayn's just too focused on school/work/getting those high marks that he's totally oblivious? we could flip it if you prefer though i'm like super flexible about roles/pairings as far as that goes but how fucked if maybe like she thought they were making progress and the next day they meet for their scheduled tutoring session and he's like oop lol sorry abt last night i'm glad i didn't do anything stupid and embarrassing and just went home with zero consequences!!!! and he's just completely wiped of that memory??? so if it's cool i'd love to play the forgetful tutor unless you wanna switch it up! i was thinking we could either hop into a comm orrrrr a thread at the night of that party?

ariana x reece LMAO THIS IS SO CUTE collecting things from every place he's visited for her what kinda romance :/ :\ i feel this on so many levels i'm thinking she's up in canada maybe like montreal??? just to do something outside of the us and maybe they're holding a convention down in like ny which is where they meet??? but eventually they could travel to their respective homes aka uk/canada (probably like montreal) and they have to deal with the distance and maybe the fans make weird rumors about seeing him or her getting cozy with other dudes/girls when they're apart and it's like as supportive as their fandoms are it's really damaging too so there's a lot of ups and downs and cute stuff but also drama bc "who the fuck is that girl you were with???" and all that??? i'd love a thread though!! where they're right about to meet and all this cute stuff and sneaking off to spend time just the two of them and i can for sure start the other one where zayn's maybe sorta buzzy already and feelin it??

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Posted by: i$a. Jan 11 2017, 11:45 PM
homie i liiiiiiive for tutor zayn so that is a-okay with me and tbh we could do the party because idk i think it'd be super cute where he's getting all buzzed up and stuff??? i totally hc zendaya just being so heart eyes for him actually while they're doing the whole tutor thing and like...when he finally decides to actually sorta reciprocate her affections (while drunk rip) she's like...okay yes. and then tbh i can start an comm for like...the morning after and like my zendaya is like "so about last night..." and then getting lowkey disappointed when he doesn't remember shit

and yes yes that'd be so cute like they would totally have a separate channel talking about LDRs but also both of them kinda communicating all the time and dealing with their feelings. hc that even though they were totally cozy and shit during the convention they never really /decided/ on like anything for the aftermath like it was just kind of matter-of-fact that they're super cute and shit but also like they never really made anything official and that's where shit got blurry??? so down to start a thread with them meeting. i can pm you the link when it's up <3

Posted by: caleigh . Jan 11 2017, 11:58 PM
sobs. you.

and idk what pairing but rory/brody. with like any face.

and gigi x zayn with hippa??

or unrequited love with a drunk marriage if you're not into revamping either of those.

Posted by: shylo Jan 12 2017, 12:48 AM
z x z tutor zayn is my fave cliche tbh i lovvvvve that you're with me on this omg buzzed and making a fool out of his own ass hanging off of her and then by the end of the night he's dying on her couch telling her all this sweet shit, talking about how he's been hung up on a girl he's been with til he met her i have so many ideas for this i'm already dying but a comm would be perfect i was kind of thinking mb a thread might be a better start just so we can write out all this mess of him saying sweet shit to her but if you wanna jump ahead to the day after i'm totally down!! i'm happy to start them wherever tbh!

a x r it'd be so cute if we could have them documenting stuff and we could do dev threads of them and their video updates and stuff like that and spending like a week together or s/t and then dealing w the aftermath of distance and all this shit and like you said they sorta dive in and it's like they're so deep in this and then the paranoia sets in and it becomes well wait... what are we??? and it gets messy from there?? but omg perfect!!! if you decided between a comm or thread i could totally get something up for the other one so that you're not doing all the work fam!

WEEPS my absolute faaav<333

fam i love brory as hendall and zigi as hippa if you're down to stick with those!! and we could either pick up where we left off most recently and start up a new ship on some unrequited/drunk marriage shit but omg imagine the drama w hippa on this???

brory & hippa omg or some shit like time passes a little on hippa and she's way up, doing promo or shooting a huge film with hella hype OR she just got done and is doing her promo while he's (still messy as all fuck, heavy on his drinking shit but lmao) fucking around with models now that he's only just recently signed to some big football aka soccer team and he could be like borderline "beckham good" u know like over-hyped new pretty boy soccer legend in the making on some big winning streak since last season or w/e??? so they're both kind of getting up there, she's clearly moved on and he's still on his fuckboy shit BUT mb he's fucking w girls on the side YETTTT he's been dating some actress or singer as of late, there's a huge event (mb something like a big music award a sashion show thing or idk someth swanky with a red carpet ok? ok) and so they end up at the same place (hosted in vegas ofc) and lmao they wake up and oop they're in the same bed??? AND we could make shit worse like mb she recently got engaged or there are rumors that he's been spotted looking/is on the verge of it and they accidentally get married in vegas on some drunk hype and she's like divorce my ass!!!!!! but as u know hollis is like WELL I COULD but.......... nah and they start on their shit again?? we can tweak it however you want i'm just down like always and brory like mb she's still fucking w some guy and brody gets wind and hes like lmaooo who tf is this clown but i'm also down for new ships

© kristen

Posted by: i$a. Jan 12 2017, 01:04 AM
zayndaya oh i mean like we could have both an rf of the party and a comm of them dealing with the aftermath1!! so like two threads? because ia, an rf of like drunk lil zayn would be so cute and tbh i love them sfm already!!!! and i could do like the meeting thread between reece and ariana, like anf and i'll pm you when it's uppp? and we can talk more about the pairs over pm or ksype or whatever floats your boat tbh <3

Posted by: phi beta Jan 12 2017, 01:22 AM
omg shylo how have you never seen gossip girl? but yeah you can start, ty!

Posted by: shilo malek Jan 12 2017, 09:03 AM

omg pls i'm so down w everything u said!!!

harry x niall i'm thinking harry as the pretend bf?? and i'd def be down for playing niall in this one!! like they've been fwbs for a while now and niall just desperately wants his friends to leave him alone abt getting a significant other so he just goes and asks harry to play pretend for a while?? and while they do all the cute stuff in public niall actually starts falling for him and just catches himself staring at harry like 'wow ur so handsome and such a great person how tf did i not see this' so they also start doing all the cute/boyfriend stuff when they're alone too and niall can't help but hold his hand when they're watching movies together or give him soft good morning kisses and make him breakfast bc he's getting so ajsfdksdjfgvsndkfj abt harry and fuck he's done for him, he's in love and he has no idea how to go about it and maybe they should talk abt it but things are just easier the way they are, but also niall rly doesn't want them to end sobs also i'm down for starting them w either comm or a rf just lmk which would u prefer??

jb x troye tbh this pairing has been my kryptonite for quite a while now and i need them so badly okkk this plot tho it ruins me so lets do thissss i love the idea of them being childhood friends who drifted apart during/after high school. ok also since jb is so obviously muse a let's just go w that?? so troye had always had his shit together, more or less, but definitely more than justin, and he was always the one getting them out of trouble ever since they were kids while justin was always kinda a danger magnet of sorts?? lol now they're not exactly as close as they used to be but for one reason or another justin always seem to call him whenever he's fucked up and troye being troye always wants to help him out and hates seeing him wasting away all of his potential, so he takes care of him every damn time and they get closer again w troye trying to help him and justin always calling him for help so it's kinda like this circle neither of them can/wants to escape and stuff go down w them and then they're both fucked and have no idea what to do abt their feelings because no matter how much they /love/ care for each other troye knows justin isn't good for him and justin is also conflicted bc he doesn't wanna harm troye in any way ughhh but i'm definitely down for a comm to start them off tbh & then jump into a thread from there and if u don't mind i'd like to go w troye on this one?? unless you'd rather have him then i'm def ok w playing justin too!!

Posted by: caleigh . Jan 12 2017, 10:33 AM


i thought i didn't see kendall on the list? so my bad. but i love hendall and zigi for them too.

also i'm low key dying already. maybe it's with the option that there's rumors / reports her boyfriend's been looking at rings? that he made some trip to london without her and was spotted with her mother/father (doing the whole asking if they approve thing before he does it). and pippa would be so hyPED. she'd want it to all go down perfectly. but also there's some hesitation there that she doesn't want to face - which manifests itself with her getting too drunk with vegas, reminiscing, and somehow finding her drunk ass down the aisle with hollis. and she's going to kill the both of them when she wakes up in the morning and finds out what happened.

also yes for brory. the guy's some new pledge. some nerd that's such a non threat. but all of a sudden it's like pippa has another tutor / doesn't need him. and it's making him feel some type of way?

rfs? or comms? idc. just let me know which you need me to start

Posted by: shylo Jan 12 2017, 02:43 PM
sent you a pm fam!!

omg is that what it's from??? i always hear about them but i never knew what they were from BUT either way i'm so down i'll get started on it asap and tag/pm you when it's up and we can sort out whatever else we need in pms!

narry u read my mind, i love this??? we could say they start off fwbs but then niall needs his friends off his back so he phones in a favor to harry and it goes from there? i'm totally down to play harry so this is perf and mb harry is just sort of dopey and goes with the flow like he just doesn't mind and he's maybe felt some type of way for niall for a bit anyway but hasn't even entirely realized it himself bc he's dumb and oblivious so this could be a painfully slow thing where maybe niall falls and harry's more like wow i like him so much but doesn't so anything about it bc he's a dumb idiot sort of but in a cute sort of way where he has to constantly remind himself this isn't real and that he needs to chill before he ruins whatever it is they have?? mb with narry we could start them off in a comm where niall asks him for a big favor?? it doesn't have to be a super long one OR we could skip it altogether and we could do a rf of them meeting up either the first time they hang out as a "couple" with his friends and it's all tense and awkward but in a cute rom com sort of way

trustin i could def start this one and get a comm up asap? he's fucked up somewhere at some house across time and maybe troye has some shit to do in the morning like really important stuff but justin begs him to come get him and they could even end up fighting via text before troye finally caves?? it'll be so messy like justin just has a history of making shitty choices and no matter how much troye tries to help him he can't ever seem to knock bad habits?? i love this and i'm SO down for playing jb, i could start this one and then a thread with like a super short starter where troye's picking him up and that way we can hop into one and then the other??

lmk and then i can pm you and we'll sort out the rest!!

i think i forgot to bold her so that might've been why you missed her but omg no i love kendall she's sooo cute and i LOVE these pairings for them omg

hippa s m h and in this time hollis' drinking and partying problem and all that has gotten so much worse probably like he's legit been filmed having to be carried out of clubs vs pippa who's slowly been becoming america's new sweetheart across the pond and her new bf is perfect and there's sm hype about them like they're a popular news item and have been for a long time (like some high profile cute shit) but she gets a little too tipsy & now whoops she and hollis wake up and they're married and she's ready to murder his ass i hope they have a huge fight & trash the hotel suite tbqfh

brory mb with brory we could start them in a comm? picture this: he's been texting her for like weeks now with no reply, never sees her on campus anymore, doesn't know where she's been so he finally sends that wya?? text like where tf have you been and she finally replies one night and u know rory she's probably just gonna be like "out." and he'll be like oooooookaaayyy??? and he can investigate and mb (like always) they're throwing another party or someth at their frat OR WORSE like mb they had a game and he invites her and shes like "yyyeaaa i'll be therrrre" and he assumes but lbr it ain't for him and that could be our thread where mb they all meet up to get drinks or something to eat after and he spots her with this lowlife freshman and he's like uhhh wtf after seeing her on his arm and this way they can instigate some public drama in a thread?? i could start the comm and the thread for this one if that works and mb you could start a thread or comm for hippa if that's cool? or we could flip it and i'll do hippa! lmk bae i'll hit u up with a pm after u do!

© kristen

Posted by: shilo malek Jan 12 2017, 03:00 PM

this is perfect i'm crazy abt both of these plots & can i just say all of them are gonna be such big idiots i can't even lmao ok so i'm def gonna go and start a comm for narry w niall asking him for a favor & pm u when i get it up!! as for trustin (i love their shipname so much omg) yass lets def have them in this intense af comm first and we can jump into a thread later!! but in the meantime lmk if u have skype and wanna chat over there if it's easier for u but if not def pm me abt these baes

Posted by: caleigh . Jan 12 2017, 03:39 PM that all sounds perfect.

rory is such a little shit. like constantly her mood : we're not official or anything. and is lowkey bitter about not being public about everything as much fun as sneaking around is. and is just edging him on for that public confrontation like "why do u care who i'm hanging out with, brody, huh?????" and hippa is perfect. and everything is perfect. (and by perfect i mean there's so much angst will we ever learn to not ruin them)

i'll start a hipp thread or comm. idk leaning more towards a thread unless you're feeling a comm? maybe both with the comm set before the vegas night to get a sense of how they've been the last few years? (bitter, they've probably just been bitter)

Posted by: maddie Jan 12 2017, 04:04 PM
shylo hiiii beautiful your justin x my ariana or kendall (i'm down for both) annnnd i love angst so maybe a couple in a BIG BIG fight and we can mix that in with whatever plot lbr like a catfish au (wow i'm meeting u and why don't u look ANYTHING LIKE YOUR PICTURE) or road trip gone wrong or general college/fraternity/sorority stuff like ... i just want to write with you hi

Posted by: shylo Jan 12 2017, 07:25 PM
i'm not ready tbh SAME i got our trustin comm started up too so hopefully you got the notif and i replied to ur pm but i'm sosososo excited!!! they're gonna be so perf

brory + hippa i love them they're all so terrible omg. can u believe brody still thinks shes in college SMH he's so dumb clearly obsessed but refuses to ask her out yet he's over here cryin bc she's too busy for him it'll be so pathetic and cute tbh and he'll wanna box the dude he's gonna throw a fit in front of everybody just watch him smhhh and don't get me started on hippa they live in a black hole where their lives/relationship/everything is terrible all the time but a thread is perf!! i was leaning more towards that for them too and then a comm for the other and we can thread right after

i got brory up in case u didn't get the tag

jb x ari?? kendall??? omg hello princess i love either of these?? he would look so cute with either of them i can't decide omg but i LOVE this idea!! like mb they've been flirting for more than a year now online but every time one of them's like hey let's meet up the catfish is like nnnnnn and either we could incorporate the actual show where maybe they're being forced to confront them OR they finally agree and it becomes SM DRAMA bc they aren't who they said they were and they can have an awkward public fight with so many people around them watching and they have a terrible fallout and the catfish tries to win the other back??? OR a road trip would be super cute too or like rival frat/sorority where there's a lot of dislike between the two houses?? you're so cute & sweet i wanna write with you we're gonna do amazing things with these ships
© kristen

Posted by: maddie Jan 12 2017, 07:33 PM
shylo IM GONNA SAY KENDALL !! omg tbh if you give me like actually threading out the moment where nev and max roll up with the person and knock on their door and it's tense as hell and then they start yelling like... can you imagine what a fun thread that'd be i c r y and then we can do whatever other ship later once we've started that one i'm just SO EXCITED

Posted by: kyle skankovich Jan 13 2017, 02:35 AM
i'm sorry for taking so long to get back to you! i'm a turtle who always takes 84 years to reply. but that would be perfect, thank you so much! i love the idea of the 3am hit up. that sounds like the perfect place to start them off.

also i decided i want a luke thing because i woke up today in an intense luke mood don't judge me. i have no ideas on specifics so if you have any preferences or cravings, pls let me know!

Posted by: shylo Jan 13 2017, 08:54 AM
i'm mobile rn sorry guys

@ maddie i sent you a pm!

kyle skankovich dw!! if it makes it easier i can always move to pms to plan this out too if that helps at all! i'm usually hella slow w that too but as soon as im not mobile i can get that comm started & link you to it later today!

ummm plsS give me luke things??? i love luke but were you thinking mxf or mxm but off my own list mb luke x ariana, asami, gigi, kendall, lauren or maggie but i'd play him against anybody not on my list so we can totally figure something amazing out i love luke??? so any ship we do will be the cute tbh

Posted by: king kyle. Jan 14 2017, 10:13 PM
okay clearly i am garbage. so maybe we should move to pm? that sounds perfect for justin and dua thank you so much.

as for the luke thing, i'm stuck. luke and ariana sounds wonderful, but so does luke and connor ball? i guess it depends on whether you'd prefer a mxf or a mxm ship, haha. i love both evenly so i'd be happy with either. so let me know if you have a preference and we can go with that.

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