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 [tw]push me to the edge, TW: child abuse/trauma + DID + self harm

so i posted a similar character before but i wanted a new character with dissociative identity disorder because why not? i'm fascinated by this disorder and i'm constantly doing research; watching blogs/documentaries etc on DID and i wanted to make a character based around it so here we go~~~ also i know i put different faces in all of their infos but rebecca, as the host, is the main legit phsyical face claim- the other faces are just how everyone in the system (including rebecca) see themselves

the alters:
rebecca lyons, 28, host, mandy moore.

  • suffered severe trauma as a child, being molested before she could even talk before it progressing to physical and sexual abuse as she got older. her abusers were her step father and his brother. her mother knew about it but couldn't fully accept it and told rebecca she was taking things too seriously- it wasn't until she walked in on the act itself that she called police and coddled her daughter, rebecca was twelve.
  • marissa, 67, caretaker, meryl streep.

  • doesn't remember too much of the details of the trauma rebecca indured but does know of the neglect from her mother. she sees her and the other alters as her children. she knows she didn't physically give birth to them, but she does take on the motherly role. marissa is based off of tv moms- mrs. brady and mrs. huxtable.
  • colin, 28, protector, matt mcgorry.

  • was rebecca's first alter and experienced the trauma with her- taking over so he'd carry all of the bad memories. colin was the name rebecca's mother planned if she were having a boy instead- rebecca's young mind crafted him thinking that if she were born a boy these things wouldn't have happened to her. he's very dysphoric when it comes to their physical body being female and tends to make rebecca seem more "masculine" when he's in control.
  • violet, 20, persecutor, lily colins.

  • when rebecca's confusion with the alters appearing became too much for her christine stepped forward, unfortunately christine didn't know how to handle it either. self harming to control pain and starving herself were the only things christine brought to the table for the system for a short period of time. now things are fine between rebecca and christine- she still has trouble eating but isn't out to hurt anyone anymore. violet has depression and doesn't spend too much time outside of the house when she's in control- she'll leave sometimes for new records but that's about it.
  • rain, 30, sexual, rumer willis.

  • due to the ptsd from the trauma, rebecca is unable to be remotely sexual. she can be loving and cuddly and kiss and allow someone (who she's comfortable with of course) touch her chest but when it starts to lead to below the waist rain steps forward. rain appeared in the system when rebecca was sixteen and tried to masturbate for the first time, she comes out to flirt sometimes if rebecca's been drinking but the others keep her in line.
  • cici 17, teen, danielle "bhad bhabie" bregoli.

  • cici is a rebellious teen who likes to be very impulsive and reckless. she smokes pot, she takes rebecca's credit cards and goes on shopping sprees at forever 21- she also dresses very inappropriately and has the mouth of a sailor. the rest of the system believes cici is the side of rebecca she wishes could have came out in her teen years instead of hiding away and being afraid and confused from the alters becoming more prominent. it could also be a way of rebelling against her mother, or even against marissa- either way cici gets into some trouble.
  • timothy, 15, child, robert irwin.

  • timothy holds no trauma and appeared just a handful of years ago at the age of six. the system "adopted" him and don't ever plan on informing him about the trauma most of them hold for rebecca. timothy does know he's apart of a system now and doesn't seem to mind it. he's referred to as a child by the system instead of a teen because of his innocence in not knowing of the trauma- as on the other hand cici is a "teen" alter. timothy has adhd.
  • tom tom, 6, little, brooklynn prince.

  • tom tom wasn't always just a little- tom tom represents the scared, angry little girl that was abused those years ago. she used to scare the other alters- appearing as a dark figure with all white eyes but that was just tom tom trying to protect herself. she's still very stand off-ish and quiet but she comes forward from time to time.
  • gary, 4, little, apollo bowie flynn rossdale.

  • gary is your typical four year old boy, he's hyperactive; he's imaginative and he's very very very loving. however sometimes when he's around certain types of men- whether they're heavy smokers (smelling heavily of nicotine); heavy drinkers; or just older men with gray hair he tends to get nervous and say negative things like "you're not being nice" or "get away from me". this makes the system think gary is aware of some of the trauma or at least remembers the men who did it.
  • i would really love to do anything with this system- maybe a boyfriend/husband; a sibling or a step sibling; friends; maybe even interacting with the alters a bit? a therapist? i just really want to get my baby out there.

    my crackship link is under my tracker!
    please no: none. i am trash.
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