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 a pirate's life (hook, captain), 1 female, 2 males or females
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May 21: Retaking some exams! i'll have finished by june 15, and that's when I intend to catch up on everything i owe. in the meantime, i'll try to post as much as i can, any time i have a free slot in my schedule. so sorry for the wait!
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May 17 2017, 09:52 AM
male or female / henchmen / friendship: alexander doesn’t trust anyone at all. but in spite of this, i’d like to have around someone really close to him that is sincerely loyal to alexander and actually enjoys being so/kind of gets along with him. in other words, i guess, an inseparable friend. alexander will be willing to put up with his/her flaws in exchange for something like that. for now, we’ll call that person <i>mr smee</i>, but it can be any other disney character, male or female.

male or female / outlaw / personal enemy: of all the enemies in alexander’s life, particularly, he has a level 4 type enemy (let’s call him/her <i>peter pan</i>) who doesn’t really seek to kill him: he/she just likes to show up occasionally and mess with him, sabotage his plans, get into a fight with him, mostly for kicks. needless to say alexander wants his/her head on a plate, and this could be real fun for so many reasons. taken!

cinderella (female) / neutral / arranged marriage: cinderella didn’t get her prince —she had to marry hook instead. she now lives a better life away from her stepsisters and stepmother, but she’s married to someone who has severe trusting issues, and she doesn’t even know if she'll ever learn to love. the story is: no one really knows why hook married cinderella. some might think he has a plan, some might say it was just because of her looks. // my only requirements are that she be the kindest and most forgiving thing the universe has ever seen (i know i know) and that she refuses to sleep with anyone else since her marriage with hook (i know i KNOW). taken!
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