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 right where it begins, kate!

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settling into the booth across from leone, fi grabbed her menu and started flipping through it despite already knowing what she wanted. a fully loaded hot dog with a side of onion rings. she wasn't entirely sure what all was actually on the hot dog, but tony, the cook, had told her it was from chicago. it was messy and delicious, and she couldn't stop ordering it. despite moving to a completely new continent, she was ultimately a creature of habit. glancing up as leone assured her his mother would approve of her, she was quick to glance back down once he added the bit about their future. biting down on her lower lip to hold back a pleased grin as her cheeks flushed (because that had to mean he was thinking about their future), fi shot him another quick glance before pretending to study her menu. "what about you? have you thought about... those things as well?" okay, it wasn't exactly a subtle line of questioning, but he was the one who brought it up.
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please keep the cbox pg 13!