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 Supernatural plot, Still brainstorming.
My female character lost her parents when she was really young and ended up in the foster care system which is where she has been for most of her life, being bounced from one home to the next. She came close to being adopted a few times, but something always happened. She has recently graduated from high school, aged out of the foster care system, and is working on being on her own.

Recently, she has felt like someone or something has been stalking her as well as been going through changes in her body. Most noticeably are the dreams that have been haunting her nights and the strange occurrences happening in her everyday life. She doesn’t know what’s going on and is quite afraid of what’s going on. Things continue to change for her when she meets a group of people that reveal themselves to her as witches or some other type of supernatural creature and that she is one, too. They explain that they are only there to protect and help her. At first, she avoids them, not wanting to believe what they are telling her, but as the stalking, nightmares, and strange occurrences persist she decides to believe them just because she needs their help.
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