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mar 18 we have a brand new skin! we have also made some much needed changes to the joint boards after reading feedback from our members in the sitewide surveys, so be sure to check out the announcement to learn all about the changes!! keep in mind, we're always looking for your feedback and suggestions to make this site a better place (you can leave them in ask the staff, pm one of us, discord chat or dm one of us). also don't forget about the current events going on -- the xxiii winter olympic games is going on until march 31 and can be found here and the 90th academy awards are going on until april 4 and can be found here.
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 cbox etiquette
cbox etiquette
due to the fact that cosl is made up of members of all different backgrounds, beliefs and feelings towards things -- we felt it was a good idea to set up a post about good cbox etiquette. please note: if any of these guidelines are not followed, it may result in warnings (informal warning, formal warning, cbox ban, etc) depending on what is done.

mature/trigger request posting.

    as of 1/9/2018, requests that are for triggers and mature content (including smut-specific requests) are no longer allowed to be posted in the cbox, they can still be posted in the discord though. the reasoning behind this new rule is due to the fact that we do have members of all ages and members with different beliefs who are comfortable with different things. we have had members come to us informing us how uncomfortable they have felt when certain requests have been linked/brought up in the cbox so because of that, we feel it's best to keep those type of requests from the cbox.

    note: if you post a request for specific plots and you have a triggering plot or two, that's okay and can be linked in the cbox. however, if you have a request specifically for triggers or specifically for smut, those should not be linked.

    i know some people may think this is unfair and think this will prevent people from seeing their request but it shouldn't. if someone is looking for something specific or trigger/mature requests, they will look for them. you can also post them in the discord which has a decent amount of members on it. if we see your mature/trigger request posted in the cbox, it will be deleted and you will get a verbal warning. if this continues to happen, you will be banned from the cbox for one week.

general request posting
    we understand that you want people to post in your request but please try to limit the amount of times you post requests in the cbox per day. please limit to posting your request to three times per day and try to keep those times a decent amount of time apart.
    plotting should be done via requests, pm or messaging programs. plotting should never be done via the cbox. also, please refrain from asking people if they want to continue plots/threads via the cbox as it tends to lead to awkward conversation and puts people on the spot. if you're curious if someone wants to continue plotting/threading with you, shoot them a pm or dm.
    please keep in mind that not everyone is able to watch shows right away when they come on so please avoid any spoilers in the cbox until at least one week after a show has aired and two weeks after a movie premiere.
    please try to keep conversations open so that everyone is able to join. conversations between two to three people that are about a topic specific to them sometimes makes it super difficult for other people to join. always try to be welcoming and include other people. if it's a conversation you think should be via dm, please take it there.
be mindful
    please keep in mind when complaining about being bored and not having any alerts/replies that you may be hurting people that you actually owe replies to. especially if you tend to complain a lot about those things. it's always best to try to keep your rp partners in mind so that you may not do anything to potentially hurt them.
july 10th: i am cleaning out most of my stuff (minus a select few) and will only be taking on very few things for the time being. work is too overwhelming and i am having a very hard time finding the motivation to rp most the time.
please no: cancer and i will not plot incest (stepcest and fostercest is okay but NOTHING blood related).
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