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jayson bernthal
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Dec 31 2016, 01:47 PM
#NAME .ctrl-3 b, #NAME .ctrl-cred a { color: #DEB0BD }the trip was a getaway, a distraction from the many things wrong in his family life right now. the fact that his wife had left him but a few months ago was still settling in with his son and daughter. there was an unmistakable silence in the house that mario just couldn't stand anymore. he needed to. so? he took the whole family on a trip to the beach--regrettably letting jess bring her boyfriend along just because mario knew he wouldn't hear the goddamn end of it if he didn't, and thomas just because he knew that leaving the youngest child at home was never a good idea.they were in all need of something to rebuild the sense of family that they'd lost ever since the kids' mother packed her bags and left for somewhere else. she was tired of mario putting his life on the line---tired of just being the fighter's wife who was wracked with worry every time he stepped into the ring.  so? she left, she left and left him with their two kids and a half empty bed in order to rediscover and reinvent herself. the family had taken the absence in all sorts of different ways, and an expensive trip to the coast was mario's own way of dealing with it. the sky was a clear, bright blue with very little clouds in the way to disturb it's natural pattern. the sun shining undisturbed and beating down on the clear sand below. mario was lounged on his back on the towel, a pair of aviator sunglasses protecting his eyes from the sun's almost-blinding rays. the sound of the waves crashing against the shore was soothing him into a  sense of relaxation. one that of course----was disturbed by the sound of a voice, pleading him to put lotion on her back.peeking one eye open mario gazed at the female before opening both eyes and sitting up. "sure. don't mind at all." the answer was short, sweet, and to the point. a little gruff but that was just mario's personality. he took the bottle from her and put some lotion on his hands, rubbing them together before placing his hands on her shoulders and working his way down, applying the lotion to her back.miri spice.
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