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the force is strong with leela
Notes from leela
13 april // i hecked up real bad. didn't keep up very well, etc. so basically if it's been more than like a month and we haven't posted, i'm probably dropping it. same for more things that at in the planning process (excluding anything from the last week or so- if unsure, just shoot me a message!) but there's a 99% chance i'd love to keep our stuff if you ask? in most cases, i'm either ashamed of myself for taking so long or assume you are no longer interested.
age: 26
pronouns: she/her
timezone: EST
contact: aim/telegram/discord is flmealchemist (#5212 for discord)
mature threads: ask first
member group: buzz lightyear
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the faves
older ladies + guys. tbh if you ask me for a plot where i can play olivia wilde, or against jason sudeikis or ioan gruffudd, i probs won't say no. also really love zoe saldana, tatiana maslany, peter capaldi, chris evans, idris elba, and jenna coleman.
the hell nos
disney, girl/boy bands, k/j-pop (solely bc i am unfamiliar with them), nina dobrev, miles teller, jai cortney, holland roden, most models. youtubers. idk there are a handful of random people i'm super iffy on but i'll let you know politely.
the triggers
rape, incest, abuse, anything with a victim/abuser type of dynamic; these are not necessarily triggers, per se, just things that make me uncomfortable/i am uninterested in exploring in rp.