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mar 18 we have a brand new skin! we have also made some much needed changes to the joint boards after reading feedback from our members in the sitewide surveys, so be sure to check out the announcement to learn all about the changes!! keep in mind, we're always looking for your feedback and suggestions to make this site a better place (you can leave them in ask the staff, pm one of us, discord chat or dm one of us). also don't forget about the current events going on -- the xxiii winter olympic games is going on until march 31 and can be found here and the 90th academy awards are going on until april 4 and can be found here.
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 redeem for custom requests
redeem for custom requests
what you can redeem points for (non-coding):

15,000 points -- custom staff-made avatars (300 posts)
20,000 points -- custom staff-made gifs (400 posts)
25,000 points -- custom staff-made graphic set [multiple avs, gifs] (500 posts)
gifs can be made by becky, sara and petra, graphics can be made by cassie, sara, becky, petra, and beverly.

what you can redeem points for (coding):

please have a general idea of what you would like to see in the code you request (fonts, style, scroll/no scroll, etc). if you want coding that is more time-intensive (such as adding tabs or other script modifications), the cost of the code will go up 5,000 points per major modification. additionally, if there is a code you want that is not listed below, please PM cassie.

individual codes
10,000 points -- requests > myoa, pairings, etc (200 posts)
10,000 points -- threads (200 posts)
15,000 points -- development > moodboards, pictures, or quotes (300 posts)
15,000 points -- crackships (300 posts)
20,000 points -- comms > im, note, or skype (400 posts)
20,000 points -- comms > call or text (400 posts)
35,000 points -- development > applications (700 posts)
35,000 points -- trackers (700 posts)
40,000 points -- social media > twitter or instagram (800 posts)

code sets (price varies)
set of two -- subtract 15,000 points from the total

    ex: requesting a thread and a tracker would cost 30,000 points (10k + 35k) - 15k discount)
set of three -- subtract 25,000 points from the total

codes can be made by cassie, becky, cori, liv, and beverly.

please list more than one staff member for these because sometimes a staff member is not always available or may not like coding a particular type of code.

how to redeem points:

[post][b]what you're requesting[/b]: type of code/graphic [b]total amount of points[/b]: amount [b]top three choices[/b]: 1. name, 2. name and 3. name [b]colors you'd like used[/b]: general idea [b]ideas of what you want[/b]: please give us some kind of ideas as to what you are looking for.[/post]
july 10th: i am cleaning out most of my stuff (minus a select few) and will only be taking on very few things for the time being. work is too overwhelming and i am having a very hard time finding the motivation to rp most the time.
please no: cancer and i will not plot incest (stepcest and fostercest is okay but NOTHING blood related).
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