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30 years old
she / her
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mature threads? yes
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february 26th: so to my surprise, the other woman that worked with me quit and i was offered her position as lead designer. this means we're short one person and i am going to be learning a new position. i might be slow the next week or so. not to mention i am in the process of opening another site. i will try to get to replies asap.
veronica mars
how to earn points:

automatic points
50 points per reply
100 points per topic started
500 bonus per 50 replies per thread

need to be turned in for points
500 points for getting a comm to 5 pages
1,000 points for getting a comm to 10 pages
2,500 points for getting a comm to 15 pages
5,000 points for getting a comm to 30 pages
1,000 points for getting a thread to 5 pages
2,500 points for getting a thread to 10 pages
5,000 points for getting a thread to 15 pages
10,000 points for getting a thread to 30 pages
20,000 points for getting a thread to 50 pages
1,000 points for getting a development thread to 5 pages
2,500 points for getting a development thread to 10 pages
5,000 points for getting a development thread to 15 pages
10,000 points for getting a development thread to 30 pages
25,000 points for getting a development thread to 50 pages

please note, any thread/comm archived before this was updated (november 17th) can not be redeemed for points. anything archived after this date can be though in the future.)

what you can redeem points for (non-coding):

5,000 points -- colored cbox name for one month. (100 posts)
5,000 points -- additional forums in personal dev. forums (100 posts)
25,000 points -- pinned request for two weeks (500 posts)
25,000 points -- custom staff-made graphic set [multiple avs, gifs] (500 posts]
50,000 points -- personal development forum (1,000 posts)
50,000 points -- joint development forum (1,000 posts)
50,000 points -- pinned request for a month (1,000 posts)
100,000 points -- spotlighted member in skin for one month. (2,000 posts)

    december: cole
    january: hawk
    march: aleina
    april: katie
    may: t

gifs can be made by ree, melissa, ro and petra, graphics can be made by cassie, kristen, melissa, ree, petra and ro.

what you can redeem points for (coding):

please have a general idea of what you would like to see in the code you request (fonts, style, scroll/no scroll, etc). if you want coding that is more time-intensive (such as adding tabs or other script modifications), the cost of the code will go up 5,000 points per major modification. additionally, if there is a code you want that is not listed below, please PM either cassie or kristen.

individual codes
15,000 points -- development > moodboards, pictures, or quotes (300 posts)
25,000 points -- requests > myoa, pairings, etc (500 posts)
25,000 points -- threads (500 posts)
35,000 points -- crackships (700 posts)
40,000 points -- comms > im, note, or skype (800 posts)
50,000 points -- comms > call or text (1000 posts)
50,000 points -- development > applications (1000 posts)
50,000 points -- trackers (1000 posts)
60,000 points -- social media > twitter or instagram (1200 posts)

code sets (price varies)
set of two -- subtract 15,000 points from the total

    ex: requesting a thread and a tracker would cost 60,000 points ((25k + 50k) - 15k discount)
set of three -- subtract 25,000 points from the total

codes can be made by cassie and ro.

please list more than one staff member for these because sometimes a staff member is not always available or may not like coding a particular type of code.

how to claim points:

[post][b]points claiming[/b]: amount of points [b]for[/b]: what your claiming points for [b]proof[/b]: [url=URL HERE[/url][/post]

how to redeem points:

[post][b]current points[/b]: ### [b]points redeeming[/b]: #### [b]redeeming for[/b]: what you're redeeming for. if you're redeeming for a cbox color, please tell us your alias and the hex code you want. if you are requesting graphics then please link us to the hq images and the video/gifs you want to match the set. if you want something pinned, link us to the request. if you want something coded, let us know what you're wanting and the top three people you want to do it in order. keep in mind that sometimes it is based on availability and what they code! if you're redeeming for spotlighted member, let us know your fave celeb and link us to your crackship or a request you'll have up for a while.[/post]

cassie - #69D0B3
carly - #9f86ff
ro - #85c78b
kristen - #eeaedb
becca - #b98af0
ree - #C6878F
melissa - #d9b5e8
petra - #ff7ea7
channy - #0078D7
andrea - #13752A
aleina - #59afb7
hawk - #00cdcd

steffuny - #ff6699 [ 02/28 - 03/28 ]
mads - #4d94ff [ 02/28 - 04/28 ]
lilah - #b2cbd9 [ 02/28 - 04/28 ]
rockett - #B30B9F [ 03/02 - 04/02 ]
rileyy - #cf664d [ 03/05 - 04/05 ]
astoria - #DB7093 [ 03/05 - 04/05 ]
em - #E21A28 [ 03/05 - 04/05 ]
panda - #ff9b6f [ 03/05 - 04/05 ]
kalie - #D87093 [ 03/07 - 04/07 ]
skylar - #CFAAB2 [ 03/18 - 04/18 ]
ally - #3ea053 [ 01/28 - 04/28 ]
sin - #E07C52 [ 03/03 - 05/03 ]
katie - #dd25a3 [ 03/11 - 05/11 ]
lux - #C39BD3 [ 03/13 - 05/13 ]
phi - #9bb1f8 [ 03/14 - 05/14 ]
doe - #852c5a [ 02/17 - 06/17 ]
riley - #1CF5B3 [ 03/18 - 05/18 ]

22 years old
posts: 1368
points: 64855
mature threads? yes
status: Offline
4/3 So I'm heading to the hot springs for the weekend with my family. If I can get on and post I'll try but I also got pink eye(i know just my luck) so looking at the laptop doesn't feel so well. 25/2 I'll be a little slow at posting someone i know got into a car accident and passed away so I've been dealing with that and spending time with his kid. I will be in and out of posting because it's a nice thing to get my mind off everything going on. 20/2 Been super MIA, life got a little busy with work and just needed a break. Starting new things and I'll be getting a request up soon.
current points: 118555 points redeeming: 55,000redeeming for: doing the code set so hopefully I did this right. Interested in Development, Thread and Comm. For the thread I'd prefer it not to scroll and the gif to be wide instead of squared. When it comes to font for all of them I'm not super picky, mostly because I don't know any of them. Comm just like the ones you'd normally make and for development interested in using it for ships, so pictures, quotes, ect.(also for the development code not sure how it works if you just give one code to work for it all or a few) When it comes to who makes the codes not picky, completely open!

ro edit: mine!
29 years old
PM is best I
posts: 3125
points: 81150
mature threads? yes
status: Offline
3-9-17 || Needing all the smuts and mafia stuff. Finally got a new laptop so I'm back online. Gimme things. But remember I work full time so I can't always post every day.
current points:62140
points redeeming: 60000
redeeming for: a comm code (text message) and a thread code. i'm not picky over who codes because y'all are all great and i am shit at that stuff.

for the comm code i want something simple and easy to navigate since i post a lot of my text threads via mobile. i prefer something that looks iphone-ish. i wouldn't mind a small gif for the text thread- but preferably just one to use for my own character. if at all possible i'd love it set up where the <p> tag makes a new text bubble. and i like font at 12px and be dark on a light background.

for the thread i want something simple! a rectangular gif/image is preferred. i want bolded text to be able to change color so that dialogue stands out. i don't like threads that scroll. font of 12px would be great. for fonts i prefer something sans serif. god i'm the worst at describing what i want. simple, clean coding is my favorite. i don't need all the bells and whistles. preferably no hovering. again i prefer dark font over light backgrounds.

if this isn't remotely helpful please shoot me a PM and let me know.

note from cassie: i've got the thread code. waiting to see who can code the comm <3
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