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Jan 8 2017, 01:35 AM
Liam knew that he was probably being an insufferable twat right now, but that's how he got whenever he was put into situations that made him just a little too uncomfortable. Granted, they were really just sleeping outside for a few days and living off the land or whatever the fuck, which he could probably do without dying, but all he could think about was how much he missed his bed. "Yeah yeah. I'm sure we'll both have finished the bottle before the night is even over." At least he managed to put the rest of the stick things together without much more complaining. Liam wasn't really trying to make this a miserable experience for the both of them so it wouldn't be fair for him to make Casey suffer by whining at her the whole time. "Actually I kind of hate it so I might just toss it and start something new. I have a few people who want me to do portraits too so maybe I'll work on commission pieces for a while." He shrugged and went over to the car, pulling open the trunk so he could riffle through their supplies until he found the booze. Whatever bottle he first put his hands on was the one he opened up and took a long drink from it because they were living like savages now and cups weren't necessary.
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