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fav pals
see my crackship.
no thanks
band faces, cw faces, glee cast, reality tv stars, riverdale cast, youtubers, bella thorne, justin bieber, jennifer lawrence, miles teller. there's a few more names that i've probably forgotten but i'll probably say no if i come across them.
please don't
incest, suicide, terminal illnesses, animal cruelty, explicit rape and abusive situations
hey there snowflakes
11/1 - ok so work ended up overtaking my life. i'll try replying to things now - and i totally understand if people who had plots with me have dropped it during my mini disappearance. sorry guys!

notes ✧ my list may seem exclusively kpop but i'm open to different faces and plots! just suggest whoever you want, as i've most likely forgotten to mention a few names and ideas.

and the winner is



plot dump


fxf request