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bellamy blake
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check my crackship please
no thanks
bella thorne, imogen poots, benedict cumberbatch, taylor swift, lena dunham, amy schumer, ansel elgort, jennifer morrison, j-law, lea michelle, melissa benoist, miley cyrus, most of the ouat main cast (except lana & colin). any deceased actors/actresses, anyone who doesn’t want to be used.
please don't
hey there snowflakes
[ dec 11 ] Look, I really didn't plan on getting sick but I've been getting progressively worse. If you're not interested in waiting around for me, that's fine--feel free to archive. I'm just going to stick to writing with the more understanding people on the site. RP is my hobby and I put a lot of time in it, but my health and wellbeing are far more important to me.
and the winner is




plot dump & adoptables

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