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 dizzy, drunk, and beautiful *, all the comms plz
alias: MEGHAN
age: 25
pronouns: SHE/HER
05/25: i'm going out of town until wednesday, 5/31, so replies will be few and far between until then!
timezone: MOUNTAIN
mature: yes
contact: pm for discord
member group: dory
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May 18 2017, 11:24 PM
- gold up in my teeth taste like money when I speak -
so i want all the myoas. i'm going to limit these to 2-4 a person, because i always end up with a million of these. as for faces i tend to use, i'm really open to pretty much anything. i'm down for mxf, mxm, or fxf but if we do mxf i like to keep the ratios even and i'm kinda picky about fxf ships (i need some contrast -- like i can't do two blondes idk). you can refer to my crackship for faces i really like and don't like, or my profile, but i'm open to other faces. just run it by me! i'm cool with pretty much all ages, especially since i loooove me some age gap plots.

speaking of plots, i love triggery things? all the incest, age gaps, affairs, pregnancy, prostitutes/escorts, drugs, secret relationships, sleeping with the landlord, and so much more that i'm forgetting at the moment. really the only trigger i do not want is abuse. i'd be down with a plot with someone who has been/is being abused and is trying to get out of it or deal with the aftermath, but i can't do the actual abusive relationship itself, you know? every other trigger is fair game, though. also of course, if you don't want triggery things, i'm down for everything else too. we can go into this with no plot, of course, in which case i'll probably just get starters from textsfromlastnight or tumblr lol.

i really prefer to start with comms. i like to get things rolling that way and see what kind of chemistry the plot has, and then if we're both feeling it we can move on to rapidfire threads. i'm really not into super long threads like, ever, so. yeah. just let me know what you want and let's get some things going!
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