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 epic plot dump, every idea carly's ever had, poss. tw
epic plot dump

so this is just going to be an epic dump of all sorts of plots. this is not a request. usually when i make a request like a pairing request, i link to my old crackship which had a ton, a ton of ideas. so i decided i was going to make a huge, organized dump of plots right here that i'll link to from my requests from now on. it's pretty organized by type and has ideas from the vaguest to most specific i can think of. feel free to use this if you need ideas for your own plots. this was made through combing through many people's crackships, requests, tumblr and such, gathering ideas. i came up with some but most i did not.

this will forever be a work in progress and as i think of and discover new ideas, they will be added here.

a lot of these ideas have like, "girl" and "boy," just because i think it's easier and less confusing than "person a" and "person b," but i'm pretty sure all the plots here minus the pregnancy ones could be mxm or mxf. and i love both, so i'm down for both. any plots involving blood related siblings will not be romantic as i don't do incest, though i'm fine with step siblings who weren't raised together, foster siblings, etc.

the only other things i will not do: rape/abuse among our characters, though i'm okay with either being involved in the plot, as long as an outside character is the abuser. smut is cool, though it should never be the sole focus and has to be part of a larger plot. just as a warning, there may be a few triggers in here, so keep that in mind.

generic real life

celebrity x celebrity, costars, celebrity x non-famous, celebrity x fan, celebrity x non-fan, celebrity x old high school flame, celebrity x assistant, celebrity x journalist, musician x backup dancer, actor/actress/any celeb x agent, actress x director, jealousy among costars, band mate x band mate, band mate x other band member, band member x groupie, band member x techie, record producers, models, model x photographer, pr relationships


sorority/fraternity (think greek from abc family), having a high school boyfriend/girlfriend back home/another school and falling for someone else, foreign exchange students, studying abroad, med school students, lab partners, internships, nude model x art student


rival gangs, gangs in general, adult inmates, kids in juvie, meeting in court ordered community service, ex con x someone who doesn't know, couple getting back together after one was in jail/juvie, blackmail, cops, detectives, criminals, con artists, bank robbers, con artist x victim, spies, hostages, vigilantes


newlyweds, affairs, failing marriage, roommates, long distance, long lost lovers, high school sweethearts reunited, miscarriage, trying for a baby, having a baby, adoption, jealousy, blind dating, online dating, online relationships, single parent x single parent, accidental pregnancy between friends, enemies, one night stand, enemies/annoyance turned relationship, neighbors, fake relationships, fake dating


step siblings, foster families, foster child x foster child, foster child x biological child, best friends turned relationship, best friends losing their virginity to each other, sibling rivalries, best friend x best friend's sibling, best friend x best friend's significant other, best friend x best friend's former significant other, sibling x sibling's significant other, sibling x sibling's former significant other, childhood friends reunited, switched at birth, friends with benefits, babysitter x parent, nanny x parent

forbidden/opposites attract

pastor's son x any other boy, church girl x bad boy, closeted x closeted, closeted x out, romeo and juliet esque, any sort of rivals (gangs, families, schools, etc.), secret relationships, royalty x non-royalty, different social classes, different cultures, experienced x inexperienced

high school

popular x geek, cheerleader x nerd, cheerleader x football player, jock x nerd, good girl x bad boy, bad girl x good guy, outcasts, art geeks, all the secret high school relationships, school journalism, lab partners, rival schools, rival athletes, teammates, teen parents, bully x victim, former bully x former victim, boarding school, performing arts school, playing parts in a play/musical, new student, single dad x child's teacher, female teacher x male student, teacher x teacher


medieval, renaissance, revolutionary america, civil war, ancient greece, ancient rome, gladiators !!!, master x slave, world war i, world war ii, arranged marriage, great depression, roaring twenties/prohibition/speakeasies, pirates


youtube famous, running a youtube channel together, vidcon, youtubers collaborating, vine/instagram/etc. famous, online dating, online relationships, meeting in online communities, (anything really, though i'm not a huge fan of catfishing)


president's daughter x secret service, president's daughter x undercover secret service, president's child x average citizen, rival politician's child x rival politician's child, president's child x vice president's child, politician x prostitute, politician x reporter, politician x campaign volunteer, politician's child x campaign volunteer

reality tv

real world, the challenge, teen mom, 16 and pregnant, jersey shore, the bachelor, dating shows, survivor, american idol, x-factor, america's/britain's got talent, families on reality shows (keeping up with the kardasians, the osbournes), anything really


can be modern, future, historical, whatever. prince x princess, king x queen, arranged marriage, the selection based (basically the bachelor where the bachelor is the prince), royalty x servant (maid, kitchen worker, gardener, anything!), royalty x mistress/lover, servant in castle x servant, etc.

sports related

street racing, olympics (summer or winter), famous athlete x average person, closeted athlete x average person, closeted athletes, athlete x agent, athlete x cheerleader, teammates (mxm with soccer, football, basketball, etc. and mxf with track, swimming, footballer x female kicker, etc.), figure skater x ice hockey player, athlete x reporter, rival teams

summer/winter themed

summer romance, beach resort, summer camp, camp counselor x camp counselor, camper x camper, camper x counselor, ski resort, snowed in, cabin in the woods


abuse (outside of the ship, like guy x girl abused by significant other, girl x boy abused by dad, running from an abusive boyfriend/husband, etc.), rape (again, outside the ship, like girl is attacked by serial rapist and is having a hard time recovering, having sex with her boyfriend, etc.), deteriorating health, cancer, patient x patient, patient x doctor. alcoholism, drug recovery, pressured into sex, prostitution, someone hiding the fact that they're a prostitute, runaways, kidnapped victim being returned to family/loved ones


bride x groom, groom x bridesmaid/maid of honor, bride x best man/groomsman, best man x maid of honor, bride x groom's brother, young bride x older groom's son, groom x bride's sister, newlyweds, honeymooning, vegas wedding, runaway bride

work setting

doctors, doctor x nurse, theatre based, dancers, employee x boss's daughter/son, restaurant based, coffee shop based, office romance, coworkers, boss x secretary, newsroom


first time having sex, first time getting drunk/high, rich kids, new in town, reluctantly moving to town, new neighbors, world traveling, anything okay?

hunter x vampire, hunter x werewolf, vampire x slayer, vampire x vampire, werewolf x werewolf, vampire x werewolf, hunter x hunter, rival wolf packs (alpha's daughter in a large wolf pack x alpha of a smaller rival pack pls), zombie apocalypse, incubus x human, succubus x human, witches, covens, any creature x human, any creature x any creature, angel x human, guardian angel x human, angels, fallen angels, demons


powers/abilities (think x-men), thor inspired, superheroes, superheroes in training, superhero high school (sky high anyone?), soulmates, greek gods/goddesses, futuristic space (think zenon), pirates (with fantasy elements, curses, magic, etc.), fairy tales, fairies, basically anything with a fantasy element

for a lot of these, especially the disney related ones, they can be the actual characters themselves in their universe, it could be spirits, it could be inspired by, etc.

the 100

(fair warning, i've never seen the show. i just know about it, and i read the book.) grounder x grounder, 100 member x 100 member, grounder x 100 member

disney personified

rapunzel x flynn, anna x kristoff, tiana x naveen, nala x simba, aladdin x jasmine, lady x tramp, pocahontas x john smith, meg x hercules. also throwing in elsa x jack frost and anya x dimitri even though they're not all disney.

harry potter

marauder's era: james potter x lily evans, sirius black x oc, remus lupin x oc, remus lupin x sirius black, frank longbottom x alice longbottom, order member x order member, order member x death eater; trio era: oliver wood x ravenclaw quidditch captain, oliver wood x female teammate, charlie weasley x female dragon trainer, charlie weasley x fleur delacour, charlie weasley x anyone, ginny weasley x blaise zabini, zacharias smith x susan bones, zacharias smith x any hufflepuff; next gen: albus potter x cho chang daughter, albus potter x scorpius malfoy, teddy lupin x victoire weasley, teddy lupin x dominique weasley, rose weasley x scorpius malfoy, louis weasley x any girl, fred weasley ii x any girl, james sirius potter x longbottom daughter, james sirius potter x wood daughter, molly weasley ii x longbottom son, any oc x any oc

the hunger games

au where cato and clove won the 74th hunger games, cato x clove in the arena, cato x clove before the arena, tribute x tribute, career x tribute, career x career, district citizen x district citizen, victor x district citizen, victor x victor, victor x capitol citizen, capitol citizen x capitol citizen, victor x stylist, victor x president's child

jurassic park/world

jurassic park/world employee x jurassic park/world employee, employee x guest, guest x guest. anything

les miserables

marius x cosette, marius x eponine, enjolras x eponine, enjolras x grantaire, valjean x fantine


any oc x any oc, spot conlon x anyone, jack kelly x katherine plumber (i'd kill for a college au tbh), male newsie x female newsie, etc

the selection

america x maxon, daphne x maxon, kriss x maxon, lucy x aspen, marlee x carter, oc x oc

star wars

any setting (prequel trilogy, original trilogy, old trilogy), dark jedi x light jedi, light jedi x light jedi, storm troopers, opposite sides (one supporting the empire, one not; one supporting the first order, one not;), any ocs living anywhere at any point in time basically.


pretty much anything in this universe. like xavier institute student x xavier institute student. or maybe before that was established, two mutants who are keeping their powers a secret. mutants who think they're the only mutants. anything.


clint barton x natasha romanoff (the avengers), elizabeth x darcy (pride & prejudice, the lizzie bennet diaries), emma x knightley (emma, emma approved)

movie, song, book, etc.

here are just some movies i think would make a good plots. some follow the movie pretty much exactly. some are just inspired by parts of the movie.

13 going on 30: girl and guy were best friends growing up, but had a falling out when she got in with the popular crowd. now, 15ish years later, girl a) has amnesia and thinks they're still best friends, or b) is just reevaluating her life and wants to get back in touch.

can't buy me love: when the most popular girl in school damages her parents car, she brings it to a garage hoping to have it fixed before her parents get home the following night. boy, who works there and is tired of being invisible, agrees to fix her car for free by the next day if she agrees to fake date him for a month to make him popular, but things get complicated when girl falls for boy and the popularity goes to his head.

catch and release: when girl's fiance dies suddenly, she finds comfort in her fiance's friends. most surprisingly is guy, who she always pegged as a loser, playboy slacker. guy wants nothing more than for girl to keep believing her fiance was the perfect guy, but as she struggles to rebuild after his death, she uncovers secrets she never thought possible and finds herself falling for the last guy in the world she ever thought she would.

clueless: boy and girl's parents got married and divorced years ago. but girl's dad is boy's favorite of his six ex-step-father's, so he loves to spend time hanging around girl's place, much to her annoyance.

drive me crazy: the overachieving class president begs her much less popular neighbor (and former friend) to fake date her when her prom date dumps her for another girl to get him back (and to help her neighbor win back his ex).

geek charming: a film geek decides to make a documentary on the most popular (and spoiled) girl in school, causing them to spend a lot of time together.

the girl next door: boy falls in love at first sight with the beautiful girl next door, only to later find out from his best friend that she is an ex-porn star.

how to lose a guy in ten days: girl is a magazine writer who pitches an idea to her editor—how to get a guy to leave you in ten days. guy makes a bet with his friends that he can make any girl fall in love with him in ten days. but when the two meet, their plans backfire.

life as we know it: boy's best friend and girl's best friend die in an accident, leaving their infant daughter in the care of boy and girl who have never gotten along.

mrs. winterbourne: after getting pregnant and dumped by her deadbeat boyfriend, a woman has nowhere to go when she meets a newlywed couple on the train, who are on their way to the husband's family home so she can meet her in-laws for the first time. mrs. winterbourne is also pregnant, and allows girl to try on her wedding ring while in their private compartment. after an accident, the couple is killed and girl survives, mistaken at the hospital for mrs. winterbourne because of the ring. having nowhere to go with her newborn baby, girl assumes mrs. winterbourne's identity and goes to live with the family. she is welcomed with open arms by the mother, but guy, mr. winterbourne's brother, is suspicious of his brother's widow.

the prince and me: boy is a spoiled brat prince of whatever country and comes to america for his freshman year of college. he gets paired in chem lab with girl, who has had to work for every last thing in her life. they don't get along at first, but they eventually form an unlikely friendship and relationship, and then boy is terrified to tell girl the truth. (personally, i'd prefer to do this genderswapped where it's a princess instead of a prince, but whatevs.)

the proposal: boss blackmails their employee into marrying them so they can stay in the country.

she's all that: popular boy bets his friend he can turn the geekiest girl in school into a prom queen, but things get complicated when he falls for her.

sweet home alabama: boy and girl were childhood sweethearts, married right out of high school. girl ran away seven years ago, and now is back to get her divorce because she's engaged to another man.

ten things i hate about you: guy gets paid to date a curmudgeon, so a geek can date her younger sister. // guy pays a guy to date the object of his affection's older sister so she'll be allowed to date.

titanic: two passengers on the ill fated boat. can be rose x jack inspired or otherwise.

the town: guy and his three friends rob a bank. they hold a female bank teller hostage, but let her go unharmed. afterward, guy finds out she lives in their town and he follows her to find out what she told the cops and to keep one of his friends from eliminating her as a witness. he eventually meets her, and as they grow close, he struggles with telling her the truth.

trainwreck: girl is basically a commitment phobe and just dates and sleeps with guys she really has no chance of ever liking. when she meets guy, her plan is a usual one night stand, but then she finds he's a nice guy and gasp! she actually likes him and it kind of freaks her out especially because she doesn't think she actually deserves someone nice.

the vow: after a car accident, a woman has memory loss and forgets the man she just married, thinking she's still engaged to her ex-fiance. the man then sets out to make her fall in love with him again.

you've got mail: two coworkers who hate each other stumble across each other in an online chatroom and form a relationship, not knowing who the other is in real life.

the wedding date: a woman hires an escort to be her date to her younger sister's wedding. as he begins to charm her entire family, she actually starts to fall for him... and he actually starts to fall for her, too.

what's your number?: girl agrees to let her neighbor across the hall hide out from his one night stands (and mother) in her apartment if he agrees to help her woo a fellow neighbor.


same goes for the movies. some follow the song pretty much exactly. some are just inspired by the song.

bruises by train feat. ashley moore: two old friends from high school/their younger years run into each other ten years later. there are definitely sparks, especially as their reminisce about their failed relationships.

clarity by zedd feat. foxes: guy and girl's relationship seems toxic/doomed/strange/wrong but somehow everything seems right when they're together.

c'mon c'mon by one direction: guy goes to a club with his girlfriend. his girlfriend leaves early, and soon he becomes enthralled with another girl dancing at the club who seems to have her eyes on him, too.

the farmer's daughter by rodney atkins: guy gets a job working on a ranch. the job is hard work and just when he thinks about quitting, he meets the farmer's daughter, who he's supposed to stay away from at all costs at her father's request. but she needs some excitement in her life... and that's where guy comes in.

good girls are bad girls by 5 seconds of summer: everyone thinks girl is a perfect angel who never does anything wrong, but boy quickly discovers she has a wild side.

our deal by best coast: also inspired by west side story. guy and girl are members of rival gangs, but they meet and it's love at first sight. in my mind, guy is the former leader of his gang, but he stepped down because he wants to start anew and girl is the younger sister of the rival gangs leader.

you belong with me by taylor swift: girl is dating a guy who is awful and treats her wrong. guy is always there for her and has basically been in love with her forever but doesn't know how to tell her.

you're not alone by big time rush: guy has always been there for girl through everything and is always there to pick up the pieces when someone else breaks her heart.

tv shows
same goes for the movies/songs. some follow the show pretty much exactly. some are just inspired by the show.

baby daddy: an irresponsible twenty something has his life turned upside down when a one night stand leaves the child she never told him about on his front step, and he enlists the help of his best friend to get him through it.

finding carter: a girl/boy is returned to his/her biological family after finding out they were kidnapped at a young age and the person raising them for the last 10-15 years isn't their mom/dad but their kidnapper.


same old same old. some the same, some inspired.

all american girl by meg cabot: girl is nothing but average, and she likes it that way. when she blows off school one day, and the last thing she expects is what happens: she jumps on the back of a would-be presidential assassin and is thrown into the spotlight, she doesn't know what to do with it. dinners with the president, her face all over the news? it's the last thing she wants. throw in the president's charming son who just can't seem to leave her alone, and the average life she loves is out the window.

aurelia by anne osterlund: girl is the next in line for her throne, though she longs for a normal life. her parents want her to marry for a political alliance, she wants to marry for love. but trouble arises when constant attempts are made on her life. boy is the son of the king's former royal spy and one of girl's oldest friends. he's sent in to protect the princess, and as the two work together to discover who wants her dead, they grow closer and realize there's more than friendship between them.

can you keep a secret? by sophie kinsella: girl is absolutely terrified of flying and is forced to fly to and from a business trip. on the way home, the plane hits turbulence and she's convinced she's going to die, so she decides to spill all her secrets to the handsome guy sitting next to her. when she shows up at work the next day, she can't believe who her knew boss is: the guy from the plane.

every boy's got one by meg cabot: girl is the maid of honor for her best friend's wedding and a hopeless romantic. guy is the best man but rather cynical about love and marriage in general. but when the four of them take off to europe for the couple to "elope" and there's problems with with paperwork and the wedding might not happen, it's up to guy and girl to put aside their difference and save the day. and learn a little something about themselves as well.

i've got your number by sophie kinsella: girl lost her phone a week or so ago and hasn't bothered to replace it, always too busy. one night while out at a bar, she finds a phone and holds onto it, planning to find the owner. until she meets a guy she's convinced is the guy of her dreams, and she has to give him a number, so she gives him the number of the phone she found. things get interesting when the owner of the phone calls and she refuses to give it back until the guy from the bar calls.

kissed in paris by juliet sobanet: girl wakes up in her hotel room in nothing but her underwear, realizing she was drugged and robbed by a man she met at the bar the night before. desperate to get her engagement ring back, she teams up with an fbi agent and goes on a wild chase across france to recover her things from the con artist.

leaving paradise by simone elkeles: boy spent the last year in juvie for driving drunk driving. after leaving a party, he hit girl, leaving her on the side of the road. a year later, she still walks with a slight limp. when he gets out, he's partnered with girl on a community service project, where they get to know each other, and girl shows little resentment toward him. everyone says it's a bad idea, but they fall for each other, and boy struggles, wondering if he should tell her the truth: he hadn't been driving that night, he'd just taken the fall for his younger sister.

perfect chemistry by simone elkeles: guy and girl are complete opposites: girl the most popular girl in school, rich, seems to have everything together. guy is from the south side of town, involved in gang activity to protect his family. and when this unlikely pair is partnered in chemistry class, they realize they're not as different as they thought.

the season by sarah maclean: girl is strong and fiercely independent—she has to be in a house full of older brothers. her mom's desperate to marry her off to some rich duke, but she's always getting into trouble trying to play with the boys. but when the earl of wherever is mysteriously murdered, she decides to help his brooding and handsome son discover the truth. with all the excitement and danger, who has time to find a husband?

the selection by kiera cass: set in the future after the united states is gone and a new country with a monarchy is in its place. once the prince has turned of age, girls between the ages of 16 and 21 can enter to be chosen for the selection. a group of 35 girls are chosen at "random" to move to the palace to compete to marry the prince. (imagine it's set in the world of the hunger games, only instead of people being chosen to fight in the hunger games every year, girls are chosen to be on the bachelor, where the bachelor is the prince of the country.)

something blue by emily giffin: girl is used to a charmed life. she always got everything she ever wanted. but after girl's fiance dumps her for her best friend and she's left pregnant and alone (can be with her ex-fiance's child or a one night stand she cheated with), she leaves town embarrassed and moves in with her childhood best friend. then either he's the very reluctant friend who is kind of over her bratty, dramatic attitude. and she takes advantage of him and he's too nice. blah blah. orrrrr he was always in love with her and would do anything for her.

whither thou goest by richard selzer: a woman's fiance dies after being shot in the head, and his organs are donated, saving the lives of seven people. distraught for months, she decides to seek out the person who now has the heart of her fiance, hoping it will bring closure.


here are just some random prompts. we can use them for myoas, we can use them to come up with a plot, we can use them for myoas. whatever we want.

tumblr "aus"

i'm sorry to bug you but i was abandoned by my ride in a scary part of town and i need you to pick me up... wait, did you pick up the phone even though you're with a girl rn?

i keep setting my kitchen stove on fire and you’re the long suffering firefighter on call

you got stood up on a date at the coffee shop i work in here let me get you a drink on the house

the walls are really thin and i can hear everything you’re saying could you please shut the fuck up new neighbor

you write me a bad restaurant review and i force myself into your kitchen so i can cook you my food until you admit it’s good

we’re the only single people at this wedding table lets get drunk and bitch about everyone

i am actually good at math but the math tutor is really hot so i’m pretending to be dumb

i purposely get your coffee order wrong just so you’ll talk to me again

we’re both ‘team leaders’ at a summer camp for little people and you may be hot but goddammit my collection of twelve-year-olds are going to beat yours into the dust

did you actually just blue shell me on our date you fucker

we’re always making stupid bets like ‘bet you can’t drink this whole bottle of BBQ sauce’ but then you did and now you’re sick and I feel really bad here let me look after you

i found you sleeping on my balcony when i went out to water my plants why are you here and more importantly how did you get here we're eighteen floors up

you broke into my apartment drunk thinking it was your friend’s house and i should call the cops but my cat kinda likes you so we’re good

high school party with spin the bottle

awkward teenage seven-minutes-in-heaven

supermarket au and ‘you took the last box of my favorite cereal’

neighbors where the power goes out and person a goes over to person b to play cards and board games (optional: it starts getting very competitive)

you work at a pet store and i came in to look at the tarantulas, but somehow we lost the biggest one and its loose somewhere in the store and it really doesn’t help that you’re terrified of spiders and keep sporadically screeching when you think you saw it

pls chill out it's only gym, it's not the olympics

i'm in the library researching for this giant assignment that's 90% of my grade i haven't slept or gotten anything beside coffee in two days i am going to explode in rage if you don't shut the fuck up this SECOND

awkwardly walked in on someone crying in the bathroom

we hooked up randomly at a party once and it turns out you’re friends with my brother

my mum knows your mum and they’re trying to set us up but all i can remember of you is that time you stuck gum in my hair when we were seven so i automatically don’t like you

there’s a really cute new intern at your place of work and your friends bully you into talking to them


  "do you really think three in the morning is an appropriate time to discuss this?"
  "don't you walk away from me."
  "he/she will never love you like i do."
imagine your otp

Imagine your OTP having a long distance relationship, but neither know they live in alternate universes until they decide to meet for the first time and they aren’t there at each other’s airports.


citywide blackout, trapped because of weather, trapped in an elevator, power, etc., handcuffed together, stranger accidentally and drunkenly breaks into someone's apartment thinking it's their friend's apartment - the owner of the apartment is very confused, accidentally switching phones, road trip, accidental sexting, accidental texting/snapchatting/facebooking, party that gets out of control, switching apartments internationally, accidentally falling asleep together, one character taking care of another when they're sick, prank war, playing twister and getting touchy feely, one person rear ending the other with their car
random specific

real life
after a drunken night in vegas, boy and girl end up married. boy is desperate to cover it up, get an annulment, get out of it in any way he can. but when girl finds out he’s rich beyond belief, she exploits him for every penny that he’s worth. she’s agreed not to tell anyone and ruin his reputation, as long as he lets her stay with him and buy everything she could ever want. but when a credit card gets declined, she shows up at his office, charming everyone there. and now he has to figure out how to keep everything together even as his life crumbles around him... or so he thinks.

girl's rich, popular, pretty. she's top of her class, has a great boyfriend. she's got everything anyone could ever want. at least, that's what everyone thinks. she'd prefer people didn't know that her dad sleeps with every woman in his office, and she falls asleep listening to her parents fight every night. boy's from the other side of the tracks. his dad died when he was young and he works two jobs to help his mom pay the rent. girl thinks he's a mega loser who does nothing with his time but smoke outside the gates during lunch. boy thinks she's a stuck up brat with a perfect life and not a care in the world. but when they end up together in saturday detention, they get to know each other, breakfast club style.

boy, girl, and girl's boyfriend are all best friends since childhood. girl's boyfriend dies in a car accident, and boy and girl are devastated, leaning on each other for support, basically becoming codependent. when they start to fall for each other, they don't know if it's because it's real or because they really need each other, but they both feel incredibly guilty about it.

when girl's father announces they're moving to china for business, she outright refuses. her only option is to live with their family friends. she'd never gotten along with their son, who couldn't be more opposite of girl. while she's an abrasive partier, he's a shy bookworm. but when they're stuck under the same roof, things change.

no two people hate each other more than boy and girl. they always have. but there’s always been an undeniable attraction. and when the two end up rather drunk and a one night stand leads to girl getting pregnant, these two people who hate each other have to learn to live with one another.

boy is the face of the local news. girl is just a quiet girl who works at the station, and she also happens to be quite smitten with boy. the problem? he's completely nuts for the town's newest superhero vigilante. little does he know, his vigilante crush might just be under his nose in the form of a cute but quiet assistant.

having barely scraped by the last few months, possibly turning to a little bit of crime to do so, girl is desperate to get across the country and get as far away from her abusive father/stepfather/boyfriend/whoever. boy is desperate for someone to pretend to be the girlfriend he made up to take to his little brother's wedding as not to embarrass himself in front of his family and ex. when they meet by chance in a diner, they realize they can help each other out. of course, guy thinks it's weird she won't tell him her real name, opting to have him call her by the name he made up, or why she's so desperate to leave. but he's not questioning it. after an adventurous road trip, they make it to florida for the long weekend where she remembers how nice it can be to have a loving family. girl finds herself falling hard for boy, despite the short amount of time they've known each other, but one word from his jealous ex who dug up some dirt about her history might be enough to scare her away forever.

guy and girl were best friends growing up. hers was the perfect suburban life. his? not so much. he started drinking when he was thirteen, and by the time they were seventeen, he was drinking every day. when girl confronted him about it, he denied he had a problem and pushed her during the fight. and when he realized he'd turned into his worst nightmare, his father, he disappeared without a trace and now, two years later, he's sober and back in town, hoping to make amends for what he did to her.

when girl got pregnant, she was determined to tell boy, despite the fact that his parents told her not to ruin his future. but when girl sees the excitement on his face when he tells her he got into harvard, his dream for as long as she can remember, she decides to keep it a secret and break up with him. after years apart, boy's back in town for the holidays, engaged to his parents' ideal girl. but when he sees girl again with a child, she can't keep her secret any longer.

boy's father is a local politician, he's been mayor for years and has his eye on the governorship. he's got an ideal reputation, and everyone admires the way he's raised his son on his own since his wife died ten years ago. girl's mother works for guy's father's political campaign, and she's less than impressed with his sour attitude, drinking, and constant fights. at least, she and everyone else thinks his occasional black eye comes from fighting at his prep school. but when girl witnesses a heated moment between boy and his father, she thinks there might be more to those bruises.

boy was raised by his grandpa after his parents died in an accident. he's always had a hard time getting close to people and prefers to be on his own. after he finishes high school and his grandfather dies, leaving boy his fortune, boy sets off to travel the world, which he's been doing the last few years, never wanting to spend more than a week in the same city. in [whatever city], boy meets girl who is studying abroad there for a few months. when he meets her, it's love at first sight, and they enter in a whirlwind romance, and he finally stays in the same city for more than a week. he wants to settle down with her, stay with her forever, marry her. but he eventually gets so scared of his feelings that he disappears without a trace, leaving girl confused and heartbroken. he's never forgotten girl, and now, years later, he runs into her in whatever place, thinking god has given him a second chance to be with the love of his life, but when they meet, she's thrilled to see him, but he's heartbroken when he finds out she's engaged.

boy and girl are best friends. girl begs boy to pretend to be her boyfriend so her parents don't get suspicious about her real boyfriend. boy agrees, but things are complicated because boy has feelings for girl.

boy and girl are in an arranged married neither want. but they get close as they plot to bring the marriage down.

boy and girl have been secretly dating for about a year. little do they know, their parents have also been secretly dating, and they get engaged and married. now boy and girl are step-siblings, living under the same roof, and they have to continue to hide their relationship.

boy and girl have been corresponding for about a year after girl began writing boy through a penpal service where people write to kids in juvie. boy is going to be released soon, and he really wants to tell girl and meet her when he gets out, but he's afraid she won't want to.

girl is dumped in boy's small town by her asshole boyfriend who runs off with some other girl. she has no money and no way to leave town and boy's parents offer to let her stay with them until she gets on her feet, but boy doesn't believe her intentions are honorable and watches her every move.

girl's a very dedicated ice skater hoping to get to the olympics. boy's a hockey player who skates in the same arena. he just wants to show her there's more to life than skating.


a select few greek gods have been wreaking havoc on earth, using their human forms to cause mischief and mayhem. but destruction is not far off. on mount olympus, several of the gods have agree to work with the humans, specifically the agents of shield, to stop the threat. poseidon is meant to work closely with girl, a top agent at shield, and a woman terrified of water after a near drowning experience as a child. little does she know, her life was saved by the very god before her now.

boy comes from a long line of werewolf hunters. ever since a great, great, great (he can't even keep track anymore) grandparent was killed by one, the family has sworn to rid the world of them. he meets girl, a new girl in town whose father just bought a local convenience store. they hit it off right away, neither ever suspecting anything about the other. when boy and his family are out on a hunting mission, he shoots and weakens girl, who would have been his first kill, but he can't bring himself to kill her, and he can't rationally figure out why. of course, now girl knows his secret, but she doesn't know if she can ever tell hers, even if he did spare her life.

boy is a werewolf. girl appears in boy's city because she is a werewolf hunter. bonus: boy saves girl’s life and now girl doesn’t know what to do. bonus 2: when boy saved girl, boy knew girl is a hunter.

wesley x illyria au: an ancient goddess who died thousands of years ago is reincarnated in the body of an average woman, killing the woman to do it. now on earth, and more powerful than anyone or anything else on it, she finds her world is nothing like she left it. lost, alone, and confused, she finds solace in boy, the lover of the woman whose body she now inhabits. though boy hates her for killing his love, he can’t seem to stay away because she looks like his lost love.

the hunger games

boy is from district 9, received a four as his training score, and won the hunger games by sheer dumb luck. the last person he killed was a career from district 2. after being swept to the capitol, he meets girl, who hates his guts. she's one of the few not kissing his ass, and he's grateful for it, because he wants his life to go back to normal. of course, he doesn't realize girl hates him because boy killed her boyfriend, the last tribute, in the games.

boy is a career tribute. girl is from district 12. he has no interest in joining the career pack and forms an unlikely alliance with girl instead.

boy is from a career district and easily won the hunger games. the original capitol playboy, he's beloved by all and he puts on the show everyone wants. no one knows how miserable he is on the inside.

after winning the hunger games four years ago, boy thought he'd go back to district 2 and live a life of luxury with his family. but the capitol had different plans for him. he now lives in the capitol and is constantly pimped out to the highest bidder. it's turned him into quite a bitter man, but it's all about image in the capitol. everyone just assumes he's a cocky ass, but they all love him anyway. things change when his next high-profile client happens to be the president's daughter. and despite how dangerous he knows it is to get close to her, he can't help himself. being the president's daughter made life very easy in the capitol for her. she's admired, loved, and envied. everyone knows her name and as long as she's happy, so is everyone else. but this surprisingly doesn't make her the stuck up capitol girl you would expect. she's rather down to earth but a bit naive about what goes on in the districts. when her friends hire her a victor for her birthday, she realizes not everything is so carefree.

july 7th i will be in new hampshire until july 14th. not sure what the wifi situation will be up there, but i'm sure i'll have internet and i'll be around a little. but everyone has gotten a post, so don't mind me being a little slow this week!
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