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 another eternity, fxf vampire lovers
winter soul
september 3 — onward. been having issues with my computer.
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okay, so i’ve had this idea in mind for a really long time and have been dying to rp with someone who will love it and the characters as much as i do and will be there for the long haul (cause i’ve got tons of headcanons and will fangirl over this ship xD). WARNING: this is long.

so the plot i had in mind is about two female vampires who have been dating for centuries. freyja lassen who is a 2,000+ year old original hybrid (the species that created the original vampires and werewolves) and kari olsen who is 1,000+ years old and the only original vampire (the species that created regular vampires) created by freyja. they first met in the 7th century in scandinavia where kari was taken as a slave from a neighboring village to the one that freyja was residing in at the time. she was instantly attracted to kari and her unusual looks when she first laid eyes on her, so freyja decided to purchase her and kept kari for herself. she never treated kari like a slave though. freyja was always kind to her and treated her more like a friend despite the very low rank slaves held in norse society.

but it wasn’t until freyja spent an entire year of attempting to steal kari’s heart that they finally became lovers and freyja told her girlfriend what she really was. then, after waiting five years until kari was old enough to make the difficult decision, freyja turned kari on her 25th birthday. from there on, they spent 800+ years traveling the world together until freyja suggested that kari spend some time on her own to experience freedom. the plot would begin in the present where kari and freyja would be reunited in some city after over 300 years of no communication or seeing each other.

as for the faces of the vampires, i had claire holt for freyja, who i’ll be playing, and phoebe tonkin for kari in mind. although it would be set in the present, we can most definitely rp them in other eras of history. so if you’d like to learn more about the universe i’ve imagined it would be set in, the supernatural mythology, kari, and the other subplots i’d like to add in the future, just let me know. anyway, bless you for reading this long mess and feel free to leave a message down below or in my pm if you’re interested in the plot. thanks!

SIDE NOTE: as i am a lover of smut, and this will most likely include it, i'd prefer if my partner were comfortable with it as well. : )



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