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sunshine sierra
Notes from sierra
5/21: COSL - I am officially back and free to write all the things so throw them at me!
age: 25
pronouns: she/her
timezone: Eastern
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the faves
grant gustin, jamie bell, sebastian stan, daniel sharman, graham rogers, aaron tveit, chris wood, nico tortorella, jack falahee, rami malek, robert sheehan, max thieriot, max irons, sam claflin, evan peters, felicity jones, eddie redmayne, jessica stroup, sophie turner, ryan gosling, emma stone, rachel mcadams, nat wolff, liana liberato, britt robertson, dylan o'brien, sophia bush, shelley hennig, andrew garfield, teresa farmiga, evan peters, johanna brady, teresa palmer, katie cassidy, many more and any of the list above as well and more not listed.
the hell nos
emma roberts, amanda seyfried, matt smith, singers/band members, kardashians.
the triggers
rape, incest, molestation. heavy graphic descriptions of abuse of any kind.