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coco chanel
Notes from COCO
(December 25th) - So work is slowing down (hopefully), and I should be able to bang out more replies and catch up. If I haven't replied to our thread(s), please just send me a reminder!
age: 25
pronouns: SHE | HER
timezone: EST
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mature threads: yes
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the faves
alicia vikander, elizabeth olsen, emma roberts, hilary duff, karla souza, rachel mcadams, sophia bush, torrey devitto, vanessa hudgens. aaron tveit, alfred enoch, chris evans, chris pratt, daniel sharman, dylan o'brien, eddie redmayne, glen powell, iwan rheon, jason momoa, nico tortorella, ryan reynolds, sam claflin, sebastian stan, stephen amell, theo james.
the hell nos
kpop faces.
the triggers
rape and incest. everything else is fair game.