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Notes from Jenny
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age: 25
pronouns: She/Her
timezone: Central
contact: mavchampions
mature threads: yes
member group: baymax
posts: 3915
points: 4725
status: Offline
the faves
kim jisoo, im jae bum, jackson wang, adelaide kane, im na yeon, miranda kerr, zac efron, jamie dorian, victoria justic, avan jogia, arriana grande, elizabeth gillies, jared padalecki, tyler posey, dylan o'brien, greg sulkin, demi lovato, nick jonas, joe jonas, louis tomlinson, harry styles, honestly any and all k-pop stars,
the hell nos
justin bieber, american boybands/girlgroups, lilly collins, fifth harmony, 5sos, 1D
the triggers
rape, torture