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Notes from sonya
i don't even know, buddy
age: 20
pronouns: she / her / hers
timezone: gmt +2
contact: tumblr
mature threads: yes
member group: moana
posts: 14740
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the faves
jeon wonwoo, im jaebum, mark tuan, kim migyu, all of got7/monsta x/shinee lbr, park jeup, moon hyuna, hirai momo, minatozaki sana, yoon bora, kim yubin, kim hyuna, kim yura, jung jaewon, bang yongguk, jay park, moon jongup, brian kang, tbh anyone from shinee, got7, clc, sistar, wonder girls, 9muses, aoa, monsta x, 4minute, bap and most kmodels/actors
the hell nos
nickelodeon faces, one direction, taylor swift and her possy, scarlett johansson, zac eforn and the likes :)
the triggers
rape, incest