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taylor swift.
Notes from taylor
04/30 - moved in, won't have internet until 5/8, and it's "be an asshole" week apparently.

02/05 - hi, taylor looked straight at me and did a nose wrinkle. that's all.

age: twenty
pronouns: he/zir
timezone: eastern
contact: ask for discord
mature threads: yes
member group: moana
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the faves
i'll be entirely honest and say that i prefer to use established characters right now, and a pretty big percent of those use taylor swift as the face. those tend to be the ones i have the most muse for & the most developed, so those are the ones i usually gravitate towards naturally in general.

however, if that's not your cup of tea, other faces i have established characters for include jourdan dunn, harry styles, milo ventimiglia, carolinne prates, devery jacobs, zayn malik, hyuna moon, cher lloyd, caitlin stasey, bryden jenkins, martha hunt, ruby rose and a few others (feel free to inquire).
the hell nos
i have a long list in my crackship but honestly if you're not an asshole for no reason or unnecessarily rude we'll probably be able to work something out.
the triggers
pregnancy, cunnilingus, anything too domestic / fluffy. may make exceptions on all of the above if i'm fully comfortable with you. however, i will not do anything involving fifty shades of grey & if you're rude or whatever you can forget it.