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nyanca del rio
Notes from nya
VALENTINA! your smile is beautiful! || somehow managed to get busy, so i'm here and taking plots, but things will be rolled out slowly. i am old and forgetful so plz hit me up if we talked about doing things but you're seeing nothing!
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the faves
violet chachki, ashley choi, andreja pejic, im siwan, willam belli, katya zamolodchikova, lee soo hyuk, henrik holm, adore delano, raja gemini, dane dehaan, luke newberry, krystal jung, choi jin ri, caleb landry jones, daniel radcliffe, kim yura, etc.

i was very sleep deprived when i made this list, so i may still have the element of surprise.
the hell nos
i'm pretty chill with what you do as long as i can use my faves one day ❤

actually plz don't make me interact with ed sheeran.
the triggers
none that i can think of. or, well, i have a thin stomach for gore and don't really want to do full on noncon.