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Notes from lizlilz
4/24 - guys, i'm a trashcan, throw your trashiest stuff at me.
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the faves
I have a super eclectic style, and I like alt faces more than any other faces, but I also have some real mainstream loves. This list is gonna waaaaaaaay outweigh the other one, I'm pretty open:

soo joo park, anya taylor-joy, jimmy q, ash stymest, inna modja, halsey, ivy levan, suicide girls in general, alexis ren, felice fawn, taylor marie hill, zhenya katava, miles langford, josh beech, michael fassbender, mads mikkelsen, adam levine, harry styles
the hell nos
so there's very few faces I am 10000% against, but these are a few, just for various reasons. but that said, I'm willing to be flexible:

twd cast members, disney channel faces, little mix faces, glee cast members, zayn malik
the triggers
rape, violence against children/animals/elderly, eating disorders, suicide, torture, miscarriages/abortions